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Best TV Wall Mounts For Your Comfort

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

You have got the best tv that you could have managed to buy. But now you are stuck because you do not want to place it over a cabinet or a table. The best decision is to put it on the wall.

However, mounting a TV on the wall can ensure a hundred queries. Is this the right place? Am I choosing the right one? Will the drywall be able to take the weight of it? Will it come crashing down in case of vibrations? We understand what is running behind in your mind, and that is precisely why we have come out with this guide.

We understand that it can get overwhelming for all of us to put a tv on the wall and especially when you are unsure about what is available on the market. This post will hopefully clear all your doubts and also give you the lowdown on the best tv wall mounts 2020. Read on!

Handy Home Master created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Fixed Tv Wall Mount

8 Best TV Wall Mounts: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Great Quality - VideoSecu ML531BE Review

Best Overall – VideoSecu ML531BE Review
40,063 Reviews
Best Overall – VideoSecu ML531BE Review

This beauty is made in heavy-gauge steel and can support an enormous weight of up to 90 pounds. It is compatible with VESA right from 400 mm * 400 mm right down to 100mm*100mm; that is quite an extensive range! It can be tilted to a maximum angle of 15 degrees give or take away five degrees. It is 180 degrees rotational and comes with everything that you will ever need to install your TV there! We are not even kidding! Down to the screws and bolts, even a level finder and HDMI cable.

If you are looking for articulating one that supports your heavy-duty television, your search perhaps ends here. The box contains everything that you will need to install it, including screwdrivers, nuts, etc.

Why We Like It

  • Compatible for a wide range of televisions from LED LCD Plasma
  • Flat Screen and sizes ranging from 22

Easy To Install: #1 Best Seller In TV Mounts - Mounting Dream MD2268-LK Review

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK
57,523 Reviews
Mounting Dream MD2268-LK

This tilting TV wall mount has a patented T- Mount design. If you have not been impressed already with its stylish appearance, you will be when you find out that it is not just low profile and saving spacing, but it can carry load up to a whopping 132 pounds! This mount is compatible with VESA from 600mm*400mm up to 100mm *100 mm, and that is pretty much all the television sets from 37 inches to 70 inches.

It is only 1.5 inches away from the wall, but its heavy-duty steel body allows it to tilt at 8 degrees!

Sturdy, secure, stylish, and functional – what more can one want! It is the perfect adjustable TV wall mount on the market today. Grab it!

Why We Like It

  • Patented design
  • Versatile for all television sets across the board
  • Easy to install, comes with all hardware needed
  • Friendly customer service

Best Engineered: Perlesmith TV Wall Mounts Review

Perlesmith TV Wall Mounts
6,948 Reviews
Perlesmith TV Wall Mounts

We would rate this as one of the top-rated TV wall mounts on the market today. It is being sold like hotcakes! This mount uses little steel, so it's eco-friendly. The design is universal, and VESA faceplate is compatible with most televisions that measures 23 inches and 55 inches up to 16 inches by 16 inches.

It comes with an exceptional safety feature - a locking mechanism with quick release. The tilt degree is 7 degrees, which is a great deal.

Why We Like It

  • High-quality steel used for construction
  • Can take weight up to 115 pounds/52 kilograms
  • Easy to install and carries all the required hardware
  • Space-saving and a 10-year warranty
  • Can be used on drywall also

Best Extended TV Wall Mount: Mounting Dream MD2377 Review

Mounting Dream MD2377
13,488 Reviews
Mounting Dream MD2377

This is the bracket for perfect center placing. The design is patented and sturdy, well made from excellent quality steel. We have realized that the center placing works best for smaller televisions in the range of 23 to 37 inches LED, LCD, Plasma, and OLED Flat Screens. It has an articulating arm that extends to 19.3 inches. Anti-glare features abound with a tilt of five degrees that go down to 15 degrees. It can be placed on concrete and on wooden studs but not on any drywall.

It is greater for smaller TVs that measure 60 pounds or lesser. The large tv wall mounts from the same company have already been reviewed in the beginning. Click here to go back to the top.


  • Perfect center design
  • Articulating arm extends up to 20 inches and retracts to 3 inches making it space-saving and alive
  • It comes with ten years warranty
  • Pre-ordering and installation blues can be lifted away with very friendly and helpful customer support


  • Cannot be used on drywalls and definitely not for the bigger tv

Heavy Duty: Pipishell TV Wall Mount Review

Pipishell TV Wall Mount
21,038 Reviews
Pipishell TV Wall Mount

This could be the best swivel TV wall mount because both the articulated arms swivel to deliver the perfect angle to make viewing television a treat for you irrespective of where you have parked yourself. The ultra-strong double arms are made of high-grade steel and undoubtedly well-engineered to last long. We have confirmed that the bracket can hold four times the load that is recommended. The stand is stress-treated and has load-bearing compression hinges to eliminate the risk of becoming bent when the arms are fully extended.

If you love to watch your TV from just anywhere in your room, go for this mount. This swing out tv wall mount is everything that you could ever ask for!


  • Extends up to a maximum of 14.9 inches and retracts to 3.2 inches near the wall
  • Tilt is 5 degrees to a downward of 12 degrees
  • Load compression hinges make it safe and accident-free


  • We found it a bit pricey, but the warranty, the after-sales service, and the friendly customer care are all worth the money

Durable Steel Construction: Echogear EGLTI1BK Review

Echogear EGLTI1BK
11,111 Reviews
Echogear EGLTI1BK

You have the best tv bought and a great living room to entertain your guests but hell! You cannot remove that glare off your expensive Plasma television! This rotating TV wall mount is the answer to all your queries. Largely compatible with any television ranging from 32 inches to a generous 70 inches, this high-grade steel tv wall bracket is the best way to say goodbye to glare. It is low profile design that is only 2.5 inches away from the wall in a retracted position saves space and also allows easy access to cables that are connected underneath.

We would call this the best in its category. The pricing is just perfect not to pinch your wallet. And the quality!


  • Tilting at an acute 15 degrees angle
  • It is extremely easy to install
  • Experts at installation are only a call away


  • The 2.5 low profile is a little uncomfortable to drive a screw while mounting. A long screwdriver may do the trick, though

Low Profile: Cheetah TV Mount Review

Cheetah TV Mount
45,409 Reviews
Cheetah TV Mount

This TV wall mount has to articulate dual arms that can be attached to 16 inches studs. It can efficiently take a load of 115 pounds. Suitable for any television from 20 inches to 65 inches, this superstar of a TV mount comes with all the hardware that you will ever need to mount it on your wall, neatly labeled in separate bags. What is more, along with it you also get a ten inches HDMI cable and a magnetic level finder. This fixed TV wall mount can be adjusted for leveling by slightly loosening the screws on the TV plate.

The company is known for its quality products. A lot of customers have found their products highly satisfactory.


  • Suitable for all kinds of TVs
  • Minimum 2.7 inches retraction from the wall and hence space saving
  • 130 degrees swivel and 10-degree tilt make it glare-free


  • The screws are not included in the packet, but if the customer makes a note of the tv model, the company ships them along with the shipping free of cost

Affordable: Perlesmith PSLFK1 Review

Perlesmith PSLFK1
5,107 Reviews
Perlesmith PSLFK1

Apart from being the only quality wall mount suitable also for curved televisions, this is one of the height-adjustable TV wall brackets that is virtually everything that you would want in your Mount for uninterrupted entertainment. It supports a minimum weight of 132 pounds and is compatible with television screens up to 70 inches. The design is universal, with high-grade steel used for its construction. Its dual articulating arms swivel, tilt and level at 12 degrees and 60 degrees respectively.

The product is very competitive in pricing. The attractive good looks make it the most sought-after and best full motion TV wall mount.


  • Attractive and stylish appearance
  • Quality product
  • Easy installation as quick as thirty minutes


  • Even though it is suitable for curved televisions, it may be difficult to find drivers that reach so far behind

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best TV Wall Mounts

Best TV Wall Mounts

To begin with, not everyone can afford spacious houses. Mounting the television on the wall is a great space-saving idea. It also allows for articulated viewing where you can choose to park yourself anywhere in the room and still be in the sweetest spot to watch your eye candy!

Okay, we agree it may sound daunting to DIY your television mounting on the wall. But let us assure you it is not something this frightening like you imagine it to be.

Things to remember before buying a TV wall mount

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you must determine before buying your wall mount.

Your walls

You will need to determine what your walls are made of. If it is drywall or concrete, you may have to shop for extra wall anchors from your hardware shop. The standard hardware in most wall-mount boxes is for drilling them into wooden studs that you will need to determine using a stud finder tool.

Size of the wall mount and the weight allowance

the size of the wall mount and the weight allowance

Almost all the brackets are sold according to the size of the television that they are compatible with. To make it clear, the size of the screen is always measured diagonally. The recommended load capacity for the Mount is mentioned alongside. You will need to determine if your television complies with the weight allowed.

There is one more way to find out if the Mount that you have on your mind is compatible with the telly that is lying on your living room floor. Enter the details of the Mount on the internet website of the mounted company. Most websites specifically list the television models that a particular mount is compatible with.

TV Mount Features

There are three main features that you may want for your television mount. The right amount of tilting can make it anti-glare and give a great viewing experience. A swivel is a great feature because it means that you can rotate the television to watch it from any corner of the room.

An extendable and retractable articulating motion works best when you want to save space. The Mount can bring the telly closer to the viewer with its extending arm and can be retracted towards the wall when not in use.

How To Install A TV Wall Mount?

How To Install A TV Wall Mount

What is television if you cannot put it up on the wall!

Putting up a television may look like a tedious job, especially when you are nervous that the bracket may not hold your expensive telly together or that a small mistake in drilling may give away, and the television could come crashing down on the floor.

Let us first assure you that if you have purchased the right one for yourself in terms of load allowed and if it complies with the VESA pattern on its faceplate, there is nothing that can go wrong.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • To put up television on to the wall, you should determine the VESA pattern on your television. The VESA, in its simplest form, is the difference between the screw holes of the faceplate where it is mounted. If the VESA of your tv is 400mm horizontally and 400mm vertically, your VESA pattern is 400×400, and you will have to look for a wall bracket that is compatible with this pattern.
  • Next, you will need to determine the total weight of your television. You could browse the manual or even physically weigh if possible. Another way is to check online on the company’s site.
  • Remember that a television screen is measured diagonally, so while buying you’re the bracket, always make sure that it is suitable for that size of the telly. A smaller one may not be very convenient to articulate, whereas a bigger one may jut out from the sides spoiling the looks of your wall.
  • Now you need to find studs in the wall to drill your holes. All the condos have studs in a particular fashion. Make sure to not drill holes into drywall or concrete because they may give away or damage the structure. Some of them cater to the drywall. It is good to clarify before buying.
  • If you do not have wooden studs to drill, then it is best to purchase wall anchors from a local hardware shop.
  • Once you have identified the studs to drill into, you will need the required hardware to begin. Using a drill, a hole into the studs. Begin by affixing the bars of the bracket first. Then come to the arms.
  • Finally, you will have to lift the television. Now, this is a two-person job. Take the help of someone who will either hold it for you while you screw it on from behind or vice versa.
  • Tadaa! The television is up there! A lot of mounts come with easy instructions and installation guides and the complete hardware to assemble and knock down. It should not take you more than thirty to forty-five minutes to have your beauty smiling back at you from your favorite wall!

How To Choose The Best TV Wall Mount

Let’s do a quick recap here:

How To Choose The Best TV Wall Mount
  • You need first to measure your television size. Remember again; the screen is always measured diagonally.
  • Next, you will need to determine the VESA pattern on the backplate of your flat or curved screen. It is generally measured x vertically horizontally.
  • Check the load allowance of your television, and if the Mount will take that weight.
  • Drilling holes can be made into wooden studs, or if done on drywalls, you will need to use locally bought wall anchors for additional strength.
  • Check to see if the hardware is in place before you start the project. You don’t want to run midway to purchase a screw that you did not account for!
  • Mount the bracket, place the telly, and crew it from behind on to the Mount.
  • Voila!

The Best TV Wall Mount Types

The best tv mount is one that works for your tv the best. There are literally so many brands on the market and each with an equally mind-blowing range of mounts. It is easy to be confused. Here is a list of the different kinds of wall mount types so that you can make an informed decision on them.

Articulating TV Wall Mount

Articulating Tv Wall Mount

An articulating mount is also commonly referred to as a “full-motion” bracket because it allows the widest range of movements of the mounted television.

It is affixed on an arm or an extension that is usually made of high-grade steel that allows the tv to

  • Pan
  • Tilt and
  • Swivel

One of the companies that have a brilliant collection is Peerless tv wall mount. The company caters to all kinds of television and VESA patterns. Check them out, and you will not be able to take your eyes off the gorgeous things!

Fixed TV Wall Mount

As the very name suggests, a fixed wall mount does just that. It holds up your most exquisite flat screen in place as a wallflower. The Mount does not allow for any tilting or swiveling motions. There may be no articulation in the Mount, but it is big on saving space. With condo sizes shrinking and space becoming an expensive commodity, a fixed mount can do away with the need for a TV shelf or an entertainment bay.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Fixed Tv Wall Mount

A tilting mount glare-free when the telly is mounted much higher than at viewing level. A lot of households like their television up above the mantelpiece. Tilting it allows adjusting the screen at the eye level of people sitting either on the couch or on the floor.

One of the other functions of the tilting Mount is to control glare, especially if the tv is mounted near the window or in a room where there is a lot of natural light filtering in.

Most mounts will have a tilting angle that ranges between 5 degrees and 20 degrees. It is an excellent idea to do some introspection before purchasing the Mount.

Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

We did a small survey on our website recently. We asked eighty people how they would like to view their favorite show. Surprisingly, 77 out of the 80 people said that they enjoyed watching from a wall-mounted flat screen. Only three of them said that they would buy a cabinet for placing it. The verdict is out; wall mounting is not just aesthetic, but it also saves a lot of space!

Floating TV Wall Mount

When you place your television in such a way that it occupies no floor space, it is generally referred to as a floating tv wall mount. It is not just big on saving space, but it also looks classy, sophisticated, minimalist, and modern. It is an excellent advantage if you have smaller children in the house because then they cannot reach the plug points and also not accidentally topple over it.

It can be us only, but we think a flat-screen looks great when mounted!

Hanging tV Wall mount

A hanging tv wall mount is much the same as the fixed wall mount. There is not much of articulation per se, but the tv looks as if it is suspended on some invisible stand. We saw a big collection of Target Tv Wall Mount and each one was better than the other!!

Wood TV Wall Mounts

If you are someone who is a big lover of wood, then without disappointing you, wooden mounts are a reality! They look oh-so classy, and because the wood is strengthened, they are capable of holding up the weight of the telly as well.

Our Recommendation For 2022

Finally, we are here!

Our team of experts from HandyHomeMaster.com considers VideoSecu ML531 BE the best TV wall mount 2022. What we like about it: this TV wall mount has full motion swivel. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of televisions and sizes ranging from 22″ to 55″

If you are looking for an articulating TV wall mount that supports your heavy-duty television, this one is for you! The box contains everything that you will need to install it.

Hopefully, you’ll like our pick. Is there any particular one that you have used and would like to recommend? Do drop in a line! We’d appreciate it!

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You must determine the correct parameters, including the size, shape, and also the load capacity of the wall mount vis a vis your television that you intend to put up. A perfect one is the one that is not shown outside the television and can take at least a few pounds more than the actual weight of the TV.

Before you attempt to purchase, you must determine the VESA pattern on the faceplate of the television. Based on the VESA pattern, only you can buy a compatible bracket.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association. A group of 300 television companies has agreed to have a standard mounting configuration. The idea behind it is to have standard screw-hole positions so that they stand or the bracket is compatible with all the televisions.

The VESA pattern is the distance between the four screw holes on the faceplate of the television in the rear. It is generally measured horizontally and then vertically. If your small television reads 200 mm horizontally and 200 mm vertically, your VESA pattern is 200x200.

To avoid glare on the screen, you must buy a bracket that is capable of tilting to a minimum of 5 to 7 degrees. All the mounts on the market have tilt features. However, you must make sure that you choose the one with the maximum tilt feature.

The first question that pops in your mind while online browsing for television is, can my curved tv is mounted on the wall? We understand because it is not you alone. There is a school of people who believe that a curved television looks awkward when put up.

Curved televisions do follow the VESA patterns, and they can be put up on the wall. A lot of companies that make brackets will advertise specifically if they are also compatible with curved television. When in doubt, it is always better to clarify with the company before placing the order.

We recommend Echogear EGLT1-BK for a full-motion, articulated one for curved tv. If you are looking to reuse an existing mount, then as long as they are compatible with the VESA and support the weight of the telly, it's all good. The required screw size for assembling that bracket for a curved telly is M8 1.25x45mm.

Yes! Thanks to a standard in the video entertainment industry called VESA, most of the tv wall mounts fit all the tv. The standardized screwing pattern on the backplate of the television is what you must determine to find out if the mount supports the VESA pattern that you have in mind. This generic pattern has made it so easy for the consumers to purchase and mount their television.

All the flat panel television can be wall mounted. Whether it is your LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma, or any other flat screen, if it has a VESA pattern on the backplate, it can be safely hanged on the wall.

A lot of experts and connoisseurs are divided on the curved televisions. A section of the people thinks that curved TVs do not look great mounted on the walls while others believe that they look just perfect. It is a matter of personal choice, we say!

For the record, curved TVs can also be mounted as long as they have a VESA pattern on them. The screws and the hardware needed to affix them may be different from the other flat panel ones. You will need to use a long screwdriver and M8 1.25x45mm screws for them. You can pick them up at your local store even.

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