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Finding The Best Vacuum For Your Stairs In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Housekeeping can be your favorite type of work, but once in a while or maybe way too often, redundancy can hit you and very hard! It is one of those things that you need to keep every day, each day, and forever!!

Do you know what the single most challenging chore for people is? According to a recent survey by the Good Housekeeping Tabloid, it is ‘vacuuming stairs’! Imagine having to carry an old and enormous dinosaur-like massive-sized vacuum cleaner all the way up the stairs and then bring it down to clean difficult to reach nooks and corners! Even the thought can make someone so tired.

If you are someone that has given up on vacuuming the stairs because you can no longer carry the bulky device or that it is not efficient at all at cleaning, let us advise you to cut the grind and get home the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. Believe us, you will thank yourself often for taking the call. Here is a carefully curated list of best vacuum for stairs. All you need to do is read through and check to see if it matches your parameters.

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Сorded or Cordless Stair Vacuum — Which Is Better

TOP 10 Best Vacuum For stairs: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Perfect For Carpets - Shark HV292 Review

Shark HV292

Our main motive to bring you the best vacuum for stairs 2021 is to help you to make an informed decision. If there is one vac that has impressed us beyond words in the entire vacuum for stairs reviews, then it has to be the Shark HV292. This ultra-light rocket handheld vacuum weighs only 4 pounds!

At $99, we could not find anything else that came close to it in its suction power. It is a great addition to your home, especially for the dusty, grimy stairs and cars.

The vac is eco-friendly because there are no bags to replace. Once the dust cup is full, you can empty it at the touch of a button!

Why We Like It

  • Portable
  • Very economic
  • Comes with a 15 feet long cord

Top Versatile Vac: Great Suction & Power - Dyson D11 Review

Dyson D11

Have you ever been frustrated when you still find dust sitting on the surfaces that you finished vacuuming? Déjà vu! Sometimes, dirt can defeat your best housekeeping intentions, frump.

But here is one cordless vac that uses the power that is similar to 10 cyclones to fling the micro dust particles into the dust bin! And if that is not enough, the filtration cap is capable of removing 99.97% of microscopic dust particles even as small as .3 microns!! Truly a Superhero of vacuums!!

The point and shoot hygiene dirt eject is a star feature. The convenient docking station takes so little space that you don’t have to even worry about it.

Why We Like It

  • Twice the suction power of vacs in its category
  • Works for 60 minutes on a full charge
  • Can be transformed into a handheld machine
Bissell 33A1

If you have furry children in the home and well pampered, you may be overworking yourself, cleaning all the mess that they leave behind them. This Vacuum is a boon for people who have tried everything to erase pet hair and have come around to accepting that they cannot do anything in the world about it.

Take heart here! The handheld but corded vacuum guarantees to erase all traces of hair and promises to give you efficient cleaning with the least amount of effort.

The vacuum uses a cyclonic cleaning system and has a big dust cup with a capacity of .78 liters. A clean and presentable home now in a jiffy!

Why We Like It

  • Very economical
  • 16 feet cord
  • Power rating is impressive at 4 amperes

High-efficient Filtration System: MoosooM XL618A Review

MoosooM XL618A

Hold your breath, people! This powerful stick handheld but cordless vacuum could well be your best investment to date. A lot of customers think that a lot of the stair cleaning problem is finally solved because a lightweight machine that can deliver a 120-watt powerful suction and a high-density HEPA to remove 99.99% of microscopic dust particles from the surface, as well as air, is no mean task!

It cleans debris, dust, crumbs, and pet hair as well as reaches surfaces below low-lying furniture. The Bin is even washable and replaceable.

The handle is ergonomic and weighs only 3.3 pounds. Don’t wait too long! This is worth every penny.


  • Cordless
  • 10 Kpa powerful suction
  • It is only 3.3 pounds in weight


  • Takes 5 hours to charge fully

Great Handheld Option: BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Review

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Yes, you have always preferred a cordless vacuum, but you realize that the downside of the best cordless vacuum for stairs is that the battery runs out in minutes. How do you fix this now!

With a powerful lithium ion battery, of course!

This cordless handheld vacuum in royal purple color will remove all the dirt and grime that has embedded in your upholstery as well as on the hard floor. The vac can tackle stairs like a pro! Try it, and we will promise that you won’t be disappointed at all.

The company has started a sterling pet save project where it donates $5 from your purchase towards projects to save animals. Kudos!


  • Cordless
  • 14V lithium ion battery
  • The large capacity dust cup


  • Comes only in purple color

No Dead Angles: Homasy 8Kpa Portable Handheld Vacuum Review

Homasy 8Kpa Portable Handheld Vacuum

This portable handheld vacuum cleaner is one that can be easily classified as the housekeeper’s dream come true. If you are compulsive about cleanliness, we highly recommend that you make sure this one is right inside your kitchen. It can suck up a 100ml liquid in one time! Fascinating no!

The quick charge technology helps to charge the cleaner in as little as 3 and a half hours and can rev up and fight dust and debris for neat 30 minutes! 100% all-round cleaning and how!!

The dust bin is big enough to collect a week’s collection before you can clean it. The three attachments that come with can reach the tiniest of crevices too.


  • Powerful cyclonic suction technology
  • 14.8 volt lithium battery
  • Wet and dry vacuum


  • There is nothing to whine about at all

Best Canister Vacuum For Carpeted Stairs: Shark NV 360 Review

Shark NV 360

Have you been worried that you cannot reach all the high dirt and grime areas on the stairs? With Shark at your disposal, there is hardly to worry!

The lift-away technology allows lifting away the canister at the press of a button so that it reaches the most difficult spot and crevices too! The anti-allergen complete seal technology traps 99. 99 percent of dust and allergens and does not allow them to escape back. The swivel steering technology allows excellent control for maneuvering the cleaner.

The upholstery tool and the 5.5 inches crevices tool can bust the worst of grime filled areas. It comes in a royal blue color.


  • Only 12.5 pounds in weight
  • Dust cup capacity of 12 dry quarts
  • Easy to empty dust cup


  • Not too pocket-friendly

OnePass Technology: Bissell 1831 Review

Bissell 1831

What if we told you that there is an upright vacuum cleaner that can remove 99% of dirt, debris, and grime in the first pass itself! Would you believe us!!

With the multi-cyclonic suction system and suction power of 8 amps, there is hardly a doubt that the dirt and grime have any chance at all. It sucks it all up and lets it stay where it has to. Multi-level filtration means that there is no chance that any dust can escape from it. The filter is washable.

The superman of a vac has a 25 feet cord and a 6-foot extension rod. With 13.5 inches of cleaning extent and a two-liter dust cup capacity, its death knell for all the dirt in your home.


  • Lightweight
  • Auto rewind of cord
  • Can be used on any surface


  • Slightly costly but worth every penny

Top-selling Small Vacuum For Stairs: Eureka NES 210 Review

Eureka NES 210

There is a high chance that if you are reading up to here in our vacuum for stairs reviews, you are desperately looking for the best vacuum for stairs and edges. Thankfully, your search ends here!

A stick vac that is so lightweight and portable that you can take it with you anywhere! The price is so economical that you will not spare a thought considering that this handsome vac is only 4 pounds in weight but boasts of a 2 amp powerful suction motor!! The capture nozzle can move over any surface, unlike other vacs in its category.

We have no qualms at all in proclaiming this as the best portable vacuum for stairs. Extra-large dust cup capacity and a washable filter is the company’s dedication towards being eco-friendly.


  • Very economical
  • Comes in two colors
  • Allows to customize


  • Nothing! Nothing at all. It is a wonder tool!

Wet/Dry Unit: HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You have been told that a vacuum with a removable canister for stairs is the best one that you can find for the accumulated grime on your stairs, but you have no budget for it! Take heart, Holife handheld cordless vac is most definitely the answer to all that troubles you.

This black beauty is quick charging and is equipped with cyclonic suction that allows free maneuverability from one room to another. Imagine all you have to do is to hold lightweight equipment that busts the dust than bringing down a massive sized heavy device that is also probably as effective only! Which do you think will make you happier!

This handheld vacuum comes with a one-year warranty and an awesome after-sales service. We don’t think you may even need to worry about the warranty because you will have no issues with it at all.


  • Quick charging
  • 45 days return policy
  • Amphibious


  • Lithium ion battery may need to be rested after continuous usage

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About The Best Vacuum For Stairs

How To Vacuum Stairs

How To Vacuum Stairs

There are as many great ways of vacuuming the stairs as there are people. The best approach, however, is to start from the top of the stairs. A stair vacuum has to be lightweight with two attachments; one for the plain and the one for the nooks and corners. Begin from the top and bring the vacuum done as you negotiate cleaning each step. Some people keep two vacs; one vacuum for stairs kept on the top to the upper steps, and the ground one does the remaining staircase.

Сorded or Cordless Stair Vacuum — Which Is Better?

If you have a split-level home or a multi-floor one which has flights of stairs to vacuum, we would highly recommend that you go for a cordless stair vacuum. Lugging around cords can be oh so annoying when you have more surface area to clean. Besides, longer cords that you can carry right up the stairs may not stay properly looped around the vac’s back, making it even more cumbersome to use.

Check out our latest offering: An intensive research on Dyson vacuum cleaner, the most powerful cordless vacuum.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Stairs?


Сorded or Cordless Stair Vacuum — Which Is Better

An ideal vacuum cleaner for stairs weighs about 25 pounds. While considering vas, you must opt for the lightest one in the category that you choose. A bulky one can be very difficult to transport all the way to the top of the stairs and then bring it right down while cleaning.


A vacuum for stairs carpet cleaner, in particular, requires 250 to 480 watts of power. The maximum wattage helps in careful cleaning. The first thing you want to check in a vacuum is if it has a powerful suction.


Cordless vacuums are better than corded ones when you are considering the best vacuum for stairs and hardwood floors. If you have to go for a corded carpet cleaner for stairs, then make sure that they come with long cords that you don’t have to be constantly hassled about removing and replugging it.


If you are opting for a rechargeable vac as a stair carpet cleaner, make sure that it comes equipped with a good battery. Charging docks are an additional.

Charging time

Charging time

It is a great idea to charge the vacuum overnight. If you are someone who runs out of patience, set aside 5 hours for charging the vacuum if it works on a battery.


All battery vacs work for 20 minutes or slightly more! The higher-end models may go up to 40 minutes.

Suction Power

The suction of the vacuum is a great attribute to consider when you are purchasing a vacuum with stair attachment. The power of the vac is directly proportional to the amount of work and the level of efficiency.

Cleaning Path

The cleaning path is a significant timesaver. The wider the cleaning path is, the better it will clean, and it will need lesser passes on the same surface. The best vacuums have a cleaning path of 28 inches.

Dust Capacity

The dust capacity largely depends on the size of the dust bin. Some of the latest vacs have an indicator button for you to know that its dust filter is blocked or its dust bag needs a replacement.


A vacuum cleaner can cost you anywhere from $50 to $1000 and upwards for the latest ones. Most vacs for stairs are in the average range except the canister vacuums.

Just in! Read here why more and more people are investing in a shark vacuum?!

Best Vacuum For Stairs Types

Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums

They are great for the hard to reach crevices like stairs and the car seats. They can be easily held with one hand. Versatile and powerful suction makes them a great option for cleaning smaller spaces.

Upright vacs

The most popular with most people. They are capable of efficient cleaning and have easy to understand functions and accessories. However, for the stairs, they are good only if they are lightweight and easy to lift and maneuver.

Canister vacuums

They are often considered the middle path between an upright and stick vacuum. They have a slender frame and a stick that is attached to a separate canister. They are very powerful at suction, but the only downside is that they are costlier than the rest.

Stick vacuums

They are the least powerful, but that does not stop them from being the most popular choice for staircases as they can get into narrower spaces between the crevices of the stairs. Its slender construction makes it easy to store after use. Great even on the hard floor, tiles, or carpets.

Want to tackle spaces and stairs that are its grimiest best because your furry children will not listen? Get a recommendation here for the best pet hair vacuum here.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

With this, we finally come to the end of our feature on the best vacuum for stairs 2021. As is customary, we will leave you with one product that has impressed us. Shark HV292, the only 4-pound handheld vacuum, is not just portable but a great investment too! The crevice tools, including the dusting brush, motorized brush, and stretch hose, combine to give the most efficient cleaning right from the start to the end.

What’s more, there is only a dust cup that can be emptied with the touch of a button. Bye to replacing bags! The Truepet Motorised brush is a great tool for cleaning up pet hair and food mess that your furry children are bound to make!!

How would you rate our feature on the best vacuum for stairs 2021? Do write in and tell us if you own any one of them and would like to share your experience at HomeMakerGuide. Ciao!

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You wish! The reality is that robotic vacuums are not programed for taking over the stairs. When their sensors detect a fall or a drop or a bump, it stops immediately or turns around. In a matter of a few seconds, it will steady itself and begin continuing the rest of its floor cleaning.

Anyone who has a carpet or a runner on their stairs will know how often it needs vacuuming and attention to get it back to its former glory.

  • Use a stiff brush and loosen all the debris and dirt from the carpet
  • Next, use a cordless but powerful vacuum to suck up all the loosened dirt
  • If you have a carpet shampoo, give it a good scrub with the shampoo until clean. Pat dry excess water with a towel
  • Vacuum the stairs again when they are dry.

The result is right there in front of your eyes!!

Stairs are the trickiest when it comes to cleaning them. It does not help that they are the area that receives the most traffic. Housekeepers generally have a tendency to procrastinate stair cleaning because it is inconvenient, tough, and very tedious.

Do not invest in a heavy vac. Staircases are always cleaning from up to down, which means you will have to carry it all the way to the second floor first. A corded one is a no-no. You don’t want to run up and down switching plugs. Do not go for anything that does not have powerful suction and attachments to negotiate difficult crevices in the stairs.

Most of the stair cleaner vacuums have dust bags inside that can be disposed of and refilled with a new one. However, it is not uncommon to find vacs with a filter that needs to be manually cleaned regularly. How the vacuum for stairs is cleaned does not in any way affect the ability to clean the stairs efficiently. Check out what experts have to say about bagged vacuum here.
How We Tested
We took a lot longer on this project than what we initially estimated. We have strived earnestly to bring you only the top of the market models of vacuum for stairs and pets amidst the scores of them that we individually tested and tried. The vacuums were judged on the parameters of their weight, their portability, and the ease with which they could remove grime from out of difficult corners. Check them out.
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