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7 Best Water Ionizers For The Beginning Of Healthier Life In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

This machine will help you to improve the quality of what you drink. We went through a dozen of reviews to find the top 7 products. In the chart below we show you our picks for 7 best water ionizer 2020.

Handy Home Master created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Top 7 Best Water Ionizers: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Lifetime Warranty - Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer
97 Reviews
Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer

With Bawel Water Ionizer Machine, everything is efficient and easy. Installation is effortless, and it lasts no more than 5 minutes. You should attach hoses to your faucet. Press that colored button on the machine, and you can choose the type of aqua. LCD shows exact values: pH value, ORP value, and temperature. PH value goes from acidic 3.2 to alkaline 10. Every time you press the button for acidic liquid, the machine makes a sound as a warning. This is a very child-friendly feature. With this machine, children can easily learn that acidic liquid is not drinkable. When it is acidic, it is good for washing fruits and vegetables. It can destroy pesticides which are, unfortunately, widespread in agriculture nowadays.

This best ionizer water machine has 5 plates and 3 alkaline levels for the best results. Over the plates is solid titanium platinum material which guarantees durability and quality; this product comes with a filter that lasts for one year. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential and goes to -420. This shows excellent antioxidant value; furthermore, you get a 2-way faucet adapter that can fit spray and pull out faucet style. Drinking the most alkaline aqua (10) will make you feel very energized in just a couple of days. Plastic components have FDA and BPA approval. This machine has a built-in compartment for adding minerals and vitamins. Bawel Company gives a lifetime warranty, which shows the confidence in their materials.

Why We Like It?

  • Excellent liquid antioxidant
  • FDA and BPA approval
  • Lifetime warranty
  • LCD

For Health Care Professionals: Clinical Grade - Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Review

Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11
65 Reviews
Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11

Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 has 11 high-efficiency grid plates that are the most important part of the whole machine. This is the place where liquid becomes alkaline. PH level goes up to incredible 12 alkaline, and ORP values can go up to negative 860. With its efficient filtration system, you can eliminate different types of toxins; UV light maximizes protection and stops infections, bacteria, and viruses. Laser energy technology is also available. The size and elegant design of this product can match any kitchen, and you can decide whether you want to put it on or under the sink unit. This powerful machine is the best option for health care professionals. Ph value ranges from 2 to 12. At first, it was only available for clinics, but now, because of high demand, it is available for home use. It comes with three filters that will purify aqua. One-touch controls make it easy to use.

Why We Like It?

  • UV light
  • Good for health care professionals
  • Three filters

Amazing Filter System: Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer
225 Reviews
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer

Bawell Platinium has an efficient switch mode power supply system. You can connect it with kitchen faucet directly or underneath it. Plastic components are BPA-free, and FDA approved. The display is a dynamic touch screen with voice sign. It can warn you when your beverage is acidic and when you should change its filters. With the installation video, you can install the product in less than 30 minutes. This Bawell platinum water ionizer is only for the countertop. With this best home ionizer, you will get an optional three-stage filtration system. Also, you will have two internal filtrations for the greatest purification, which makes it one of the best alkaline water machines.

Why We Like It?

  • 7 plates
  • 3 system filtration
  • Installation video

For Budget: Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Review

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe
217 Reviews
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe

You can choose 7 different levels of liquid: from acidic PH 5 to alkaline PH 11. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe has platinum-coated titanium components, easy to install, and designed for countertops as well. Because of compact construction, it can even hang on the wall; its self-cleaning system keeps the machine in perfectly clean condition. This is the best water ionizer on the market you can buy for this amount of money, as it can boost antioxidant potential with negative 600 ORP. The internal active carbon aqua filter can clean up to 4000 liters; it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Platinum-coated titanium units
  • Carbon liquid filter
  • Self-cleaning system


  • Doesn’t fit all faucets

Self Cleaning System: IntelGadgetsIONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

IntelGadgetsIONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer
37 Reviews
IntelGadgetsIONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer

IntelGadgetsIT-757 has 7 different PH levels of aqua: 4 alkaline, two acidic, and one purified. This model can be the perfect solution if you don't have time to clean the machine. It has two self-cleaning systems. One starts to clean automatically after use. The second one is 2 minutes of effective electrolysis cleaning the chamber. Press its button, and full self-cleaning will start. An extra-large LCD shows important information: pH value, ORP level, liquid flow rate, remaining filter life. This product has ISO, CE, and SGS certifications. An elegant and stylish design will match every kitchen.


  • 7 different pH levels
  • Self-cleaning
  • ISO, CE, SGS certification


  • Not so easy to install

Easy to Use: Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Review

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0
306 Reviews
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 produces 12 pH levels from 4.0 acidic to 11.5 alkaline liquid. It has 7 titanium and platinum dipped plates, comes with a 5-year warranty. Each inner carbon filter treats and cleans 4000 liters of liquid; an LCD is multi-color, which simplifies the usage of this item. Every button has a picture that shows the purpose of using this type of pH value; it's so simple that even children can guess its purpose. After each use, the automatic self-cleaning system will be on for 10 seconds. It can be your choice for the best ionizer for home, especially if you have a small kitchen. This air-water life model of ionizers has ETL, FDA, CE, ISO certifications, and is 100% lead-free.


  • Self-cleaning
  • 100% lead-free
  • 5 years warranty


  • You can use it only with cold aqua

Good Performance: KangenLeveluk SD501 Water Ionizer Review

KangenLeveluk SD501 Water Ionizer
8 Reviews
KangenLeveluk SD501 Water Ionizer

This Kangen water ionizer has a pH variability from 2.5 to 11. It has 7 plates and 3 types of alkaline water, one purified and two acidic. A maximum ORP is negative 860 mV ions. It comes with a five-year warranty. With a compartment on the side, you can have a solution for electrolysis and pH buffering. It can successfully be on for about 30 minutes of continuous use. It has a flow rate of 0.2 with an impressive 11 pH value. With the filtration system, you can remove almost 95% of pollution. You can boost performances by adding acidic calcium or an electrolysis enhancer. The ORP value reaches a maximum – 850 level. It means that liquid is highly antioxidant. When we sort out all Kangen water machine reviews, this model is the best Kangen water machine. It’s a pricey one, but it’s worth every cent.


  • Highly antioxidant
  • 0.2 flow rate
  • Good filtration system


  • It doesn't have a self-cleaning system

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About Water Ionizer Machine

We collected many water ionizer reviews and sorted them to make easier for you to decide. We will present our recommendation for the best ionizer water machine. Before that, we have some extra information. After this, you will be for sure ready to answer the question which alkaline water machine is best for you.

How to Choose the Best Water Ionizer

How to Choose the Best Ionizer

Until now, you may feel overwhelmed with information. We ask a little more patience because we will present a basic feature that you consider before buying it. We also took into account our water ionizer reviews.


The filter system can vary in different ionizer products. Also, you should check for how long internal filters will last. Replacement of a filter is expensive, so you better choose the more powerful filter.


What you should look at considering the plates are the number of them and their material. Plates come directly in contact with water, so you should pay special attention to them. The bigger number of plates indicates a more powerful machine. Grid plates, according to water ionizer reviews are the best. Slotted plates have the lowest quality, and you should avoid them.

ORP Range

ORP number stands for antioxidant potential and shows antioxidant capacity. For example, antioxidant-enriched water ranges from -150 to -450.

PH Level

Potential hydrogen or pH value can vary from 0 to 14. Depending on why you need this ionizer device, you will choose a pH range. Liquid with low pH is not drinkable but good for disinfection. Mild alkaline is good for drinking, and much alkaline — for cooking. When you know all this, you can choose what suits you.

Water Ionizer Machine Types

Going through many best water ionizer reviews, we also realize that it is good to know that there are different types of these devices.


Types By Placement

We differ convertible, under counter or countertop water ionizer machines. A convertible type is a win-win option because you can choose where to install it.

Transformer Power System

A transformer power system is an older version of the power system. It’s actually a wire which goes around a metal core. It’s not an efficient solution because it can warm up and then you have to replace it.

SMPS Power System

SMPS stands for Switched Mode Power Supply, and it is a new design of power systems made to last longer. The greatest product is for sure, with the SMPS system because it’s proven that it can last more than 30 years. This system allows manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty for their products.

Best Water Ionizer FAQ

In the text below, we provide answers to some questions about the best water ionizer for home. After these explanations, you will know the most important facts about some best water ionizers for home.

What is Alkaline Water Ionizer?

What is Alkaline Water Ionizer?

It is a machine that we use to provide ourselves with a certain type of healthy purified liquid. Tap water is transferred to an ionizer machine. Then different plates split the molecule of water into ions. The machine produces alkaline, neutral, or acid liquid, depending on the parameters we choose. We hope that we answered this question of what is alkaline water ionizer.

What Does Water Ionizer Do

If you want to understand what water ionizer does, you don’t have to know the chemistry. Just read our simple explanation, and you will know the basic information of how it functions. Ionizers use an electrolysis process that actually decomposes a molecule of water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen. Ionizers most often have two chambers and a membrane in the middle that separates them. There is a negative electrode in one chamber, and in another one is a positive ion. When we add electricity, positive ions go to the negative electrode. Also, negative ions will go to the positive electrode. In this way, we can control the pH of a liquid.

Is ionized Water Really Better for You?

Is ionized Water Really Better for You

We want to remind you about some facts that we all learned during biology classes, but we often forget about them. 70% Percent of our body consists of water. That means that drinking is crucial for the proper functioning of the human organism. For the best hydration, we should daily intake 8 glasses. Freshwater is an essential need for survival. Humans can survive only two days without it.

Even with all these facts, you can ask yourself: “What are the benefits of ionized water?” To answer this question, we first have to raise awareness of the standard quality of tap water. Most cities supplied water contains added acid minerals to kill leaving microorganisms. In this way, it becomes too acidic, and because of this, it’s necessary to add alkaline minerals. In the end, tap water may not be alkaline, but this procedure neutralizes the acidity.

Basically, you need this device if you want to drink healthy alkaline aqua. It has a higher pH value than regular tap water. Tap one, however, has often 7 pH values, which is neutral and alkaline water has 8 to 10 pH values. Some best alkaline machines will even produce 12pH alkaline water that can neutralize the acid level in your body; you may find many benefits of it. We will single out six things that you will notice after consuming alkaline water from your best alkaline water ionizer machine.

Drinking alkaline water can:

  • Boost your immune system
    Many best alkaline water machine will have excellent ORP value- Oxidation-Reduction Potential. This means that it will have good antioxidant capacity. It can help your body to fight disease and viruses and a faster healing process. Alkaline water can neutralize damaging free radicals and convert them into oxygen. This oxygen will boost tissue oxygenation.
  • Promote better digestion
    Acidity in the body interferes with digestion and causing stomach aches. With alkaline water and food in your diet, you can support your digestion system.
  • How to Choose the Best Ionizer
  • Improve energy level
    You may have already noticed that when you don’t drink enough during the day, you have fatigues. Dehydration is the main cause of it. When you consume enough liquid, your energy level is high. Alkaline water delivers nutrients to the body more efficiently than a regular tap one, if you drink it, you will feel hydrated and have more energy throughout a day. Immediately after drinking it you will notice a difference.
  • Slows the aging process
    Because of antioxidant nature alkaline water can reduce free radicals which cause DNA and tissue damage. With it, you will minimize the activity of free radicals. Nothing can stop the aging process, but you can definitely make it slower.
  • Improves appearance
    When your body is faster hydrated, you will illuminate new energy. If you don’t notice the change, many people around you will notice that for sure. They will tell you that your face changed or that you look healthier because this will be the truth.
  • Support weight loss
    Reducing acidity in a body can prevent storing fat. Those who drink alkaline water and have an alkaline diet often experience weight loss.

Are Water Ionizer Worth it?

The best water ionizer can be pricey, but when you know the benefits you have from alkaline water, you won’t hesitate. You and your family members’ health have no cost. You can choose the best water alkalizer and ionizer machine according to your budget. If you buy any product from our list, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Can You Drink Alkaline Water Every Day?

Doctors advise drinking 8 glasses of water per day. If you are not used to this quantity, start with drinking 3 or 4 glasses per day, this is close to 1 liter. Gradually increase your liquid intake until you start to drink 8-12 glasses maximum; this is approximately 2-3 liters.

Can Drinking Alkaline Water Repair Kidneys?

Can Drinking Alkaline Water Repair Kidneys

Amongst different functions, kidneys are organs that regulate the pH of the blood. Kidneys produce bicarbonate which neutralizes the acid in a human body. A high alkaline diet may be beneficial for people with kidney diseases. After 30ies, your kidneys will start showing a decline in functioning. If you have a problem with weight loss, then you should do the test for chronic metabolic acidosis. This kidney disorder is a temporary condition. Doctors treat this disorder by decreasing the pH value of blood. In this case, alkaline liquid with a diet can improve your condition. For sure, if you have chronic kidney disease, you should first consult your doctor.

Verdict Our Recommendation for 2022

the best water ionizer 2022

Thank you for staying with us and for your patience — we soak you with different information so that you can choose what is suitable for you. Now we will present our final decision for the best water ionizer 2022 – Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer that is of the highest efficiency, and its ORP or antioxidant performances go up to amazing negative 420. This powerful machine deserves all your attention. It’s practical, easy to use, and has a multipurpose function. Thank you for reading this article; we hope that you get a lot of useful information. Are you interested in topics like the best shower systems, best handheld shower heads, or best humidifier for plants? If your answer is positive, you can find more info at HandyHomeMaster.com.

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