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Best Weed Eater String: All You Need to Know

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

When you want to keep your lawn neat and tidy, you should pick tools that make your work easier. Having the best weed eater string on your collection of tools will speed up the job and also ensure you don’t make mistakes when trimming. You can find different brands, each designed with unique properties that help you achieve specific results.

If you search online, you’ll find many suppliers selling strings. Almost each boasts how their product is the solution you need to keep your lawn in the best shape. How do you distinguish genuine products from those that don’t match the description?

To help you pick a reliable weed trimmer string, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide detailing all the things you should consider. It highlights the unique characteristics of a string that will guarantee a good trimming experience. Get started with these tips to find the perfect tools for your garden.

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Top 10 Best Weed Eater Strings: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Oregon Review

  • High cutting efficiency – Magnum Gatorline allows you to get cleaner, straighter cuts with less effort than traditional trimmer line
  • Durable – High-strength inner core resists breakage which means that the line lasts longer and you spend less time winding spools
  • Square trimmer line – Slices through vegetation with a clean, even pass
  • .095" diameter trimmer line is a good size for cutting heavier weeds in your lawn or performing light commercial work
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including, but not limited to: Echo SRM 235 and SRM 230, Stihl FS 56 RC and FS55 R, Husqvarna 128LD, DeWalt DCST970X1, Ryobi RY253SS and Troy Bilt TB 22

DoubleHelix Cutting Line: WORX Review

  • [HIGH-PERFORMANCE LINE] DNA2 DoubleHelix cutting line has a unique aerodynamic shape for reduced drag and a sharper edge for trimming and edging
  • [PRE-WOUND, READY TO GO] Each spool contains 10 feet of line, comes pre-wound, and installs in seconds
  • [60 FEET OF LINE] Each six pack contains 60 feet of DNA2 DoubleHelix line to keep you stocked up
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last
  • [DESIGNED FOR WORX TRIMMERS] The specially engineered diameter of this line is 0.065” and is specially made for WORX trimmers

Innovative and Powerful: Husqvarna Review

  • Longer life, Better performance, Faster acceleration Made in the USA - Our design is based on cutting edge technology that delivers longer life, better performance, faster acceleration, level flight characteristics
  • High cutting efficiency - Means less work possible with the right choice of materials.
  • Low-noise - The patented design on Husqvarna's low-noise lines reduces the noise level by 50 % which gives a better working environment
  • Includes free line cutter
  • This product is best suited for trimming grass

Highly Recommend: Rotary Review

  • Diameter: .095" (2.41mm)
  • Length: 1140' (347m)
  • 5 lb Spool
  • Premium-Quality Vortex Trimmer Line
  • Made In The U.S.A

Bonus Cutting Tool: A ANLEOLIFE Review

  • Multi-side Cords Slice through heavier weeds and thicker grass quickly and efficiently, Cutting less time
  • Made from tough nylon 66 copolymere, plasticized materials for added impact power & strength
  • Perfect replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers, including: Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Weed Eater, Craftsman, Black and Decker, and most other makes
  • Robust, Efficient and Easy to use, keep your garden looking tidy and neat
  • Includes a bonus cutting tools for convenient and quick line cuts

Affordable + Durable: LIYYOO Review

  • Compatible with spools with cap covers, 30ft 0.065 inches, compatible with original spools models AF-100, AF-100-3ZP, AF-100-BKP, AF-100-2.
  • Compatible with string trimmers: GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, ST6600, ST7000, ST7200, ST7700, ST7701, ST8600, ST9000, CST1000, CST1100, CST1200, CST2000, MTC220, MTE912, NST1018, NST1024, NST1118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, LST120, LST136, LST140, LST201, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST522, LST1018, LSTE523, LSTE525, BESTA510, BESTA512, BESTE620
  • 30-feet replacement line is factory wound for a superior feed,Premium 0.065-Inch diameter wearable line supports fast cutting and longer lifetime,High-quality ABS spool & durable polyamide nylon thread, flexible and long service life. Use centrifugal force and aerodynamics to reduce drag and achieve fast cutting.
  • With Auto Feed System Replacement Spool eases the tedious work of hand-winding spools.
  • 100% satisfactory service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email!We will solve it for you in the first time!

Long-lasting Co-polymer Material: MEMX Review

  • 0.102-inch diameter-by-120-ft 1/2-Pound trimmer line,Round-Shaped Nylon Weed Eater String ideal for landscaping professionals,Orange.
  • Proprietary commercial grade copolymer nylon provides superior strength and durability.
  • High strength in bold resists breaking.Long life, excellent strength.
  • Perfect replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers, including: Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Weed Eater, Craftsman, Black and Decker, and most other makes.
  • Robust, Efficient and Easy to use, keep your garden looking tidy and neat.

Extreme Durability: Weed Warrior Review

Weed Warrior
  • LONG LASTING: Premium quality bi-component weed trimmer line built for durability and the demanding needs of the commercial landscaper using the best quality nylon resins and scientifically engineered for long life
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE CUTTING: This heavy duty line cuts evenly on the first pass and exceeds the high standards of commercial users and performs equally well for trimming, edging, and general yard and outdoor maintenance
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: Twisted design maximizes aerodynamics for reduced line flutter and maximum efficiency resulting in reduced vibration, level cutting, and up to 15% longer runtime
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Compatible with all brands of string trimmers to include Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, Redmax, Ryobi, Black & Decker, Cub Cadet, Weed Eater, Poulan, MTD, and more
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in the USA under tight quality controls

Made From Sturdy Nylon: FEPITO Review

  • .065" diameter RoundCut Trimmer Line
  • Appx. 16 refills, 328ft
  • Made from sturdy nylon and provides consumers with a quality cutting line at an economical price
  • Universal / Fits most gas and electric trimmers, for string trimmers calling for .065-inch diameter line
  • Choice of landscaping professionals. Appropriate price and length, ordinary household use can last a long time

Commercial Grade: Typhon East Review

Typhon East
  • While other trim lines fray quickly our product is the right thickness and designed to last.
  • 2 pack is each 100 full feet long by .095 inches. Our value sized length will ensure that you have enough weed eater string for all of your needs.
  • For all weed eater electric models.
  • Commercial Grade Weed Eater Line. At Typhon East we manufacture the products that we use in our own home. You can trust that you are buying the best and longest lasting trim line available.
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEE -At Typhon east, we believe in old-fashioned service and quality. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way, please reach out to us and we will gladly issue a full refund

Tips for Choosing the Best Weed Eater String

The first step in choosing the best string trimmer line is understanding the characteristic to consider. Here is a complete buyer’s guide with all you need to know to choose the right string trimmer line.

How a Weed Eater String Works?

How a Weed Eater String Works

A trimmer string uses a monofilament line to slice through weeds, woody plants, and grass. It spins at a high speed on a cutting head, which generates centrifugal force to keep it at a horizontal line that makes cutting possible. You can manually adjust the trimmer’s arc and height if you want to cut around walls, trees, rock beds, etc. Additionally, the electric weed eater can be held vertically to allow trimming near sidewalks and driveways.

Many models of weed wacker string trimmers allow you to switch the cutting lines and heads for different line gauges. Make sure to confirm the gauge the cutting head can handle and choose the right option. You can also find trimmer lines in a variety of shapes and thickness.

Pros and Cons of Using a Weed Eater String

Pros and Cons of Using a Weed Eater String

When you choose the best weed eater line, you will get several benefits and downsides as well. Most string trimmers are made from nylon and are perfect for cutting foliage cover. However, as the foliage becomes dense, the string trimmer may struggle, so you would need a bladed trimmer instead.

You can use string trimmers around rocks, trees, and other objects. This flexibility allows you to clear weeds and grass without damaging the tool. A weed eater string trimmer is also efficient for use in areas where a lawnmower cannot fit. The downside is that you’ll need a bladed tool for dense shrubbery. The string also tends to wear quickly, but you can easily replace it as the strings are sold in hardware stores.

How to Choose the Best Weed Eater String

One reason you might want to read weed eater string reviews is to know how to pick the best string from the many on the market. Here are the things you should consider for the best product.

Type of Shape

There are several string shapes you can choose for your trimmer. Here are the most popular and how each works.

Type of Shape
  • Round: This is one of the best trimmer lines because it’s all-purpose. It can work for the entire season. You can buy one string and stop worrying about changing each new season.
  • Square: The square-shaped string is medium to heavy-duty. It’s ideal for cutting through thicker weeds. It can handle heavier cuts, but its downside is that it could damage sensitive items such as trees and shrubs.
  • Multi-Sides: It works similar to the square line but is ideal for more substantial jobs. It’s stronger and works on thick weeds. The downside is that this type of line is fragile and breaks easily if it comes in contact with a curb or the driveway.
  • Twisted: A twisted line provides more cutting strengths. This can be more expensive, but it comes with many advantages. For example, it can cut through almost everything, and it does not send vibrations. The line is common with professional providers. It’s one of the best trimmer line for edging.
  • Serrated or Jagged: Some lines come with serrated or japed edges similar to a knife or saw. This allows better cutting power and helps to cut faster. The only challenge is that it might snag on weeds and pull downward, so you should have the strength to prevent it.

Weed Eater String Sizes Explained

Light Moderate Thick Heavy Very Heavy
High Wheel 155
Gas 080 095 105
Cordless 065 080 095
Electric 065 080

String size is important. Thinner lines cannot heavy brush. Large lines will not break easily. For light work, choose lines sized 0.065 to 0.080. If you’re trimming grass and non-woody weeds, you will do well with 0.085 to 0.105. Anything from 0.110 and higher is perfect for heavy work. But before you pick a size, be sure to confirm the power the tool can handle. Trimmers with a high voltage can handle thicker lines.

Material and Durability

Material and Durability

If you’re looking for the best .095 trimmer line, it’s most likely made from nylon material. This has been the standard for years, but manufacturers are offering improvements to raise capability and durability. Nylon offers better resistance to breakage. You can also find lines made from non-nylon polymers and strengthened with a hardened core material.

The other material used nowadays is titanium, which offers superior cutting power on all levels. It lasts longer, but it costs more.

Flight Characteristics

Flight Characteristics

This means the amount of air the line needs to whip out of the way to reach grass or weeds. Lines that encounter less air resistance are more efficient and durable.


A long trimmer allows you to work on your yard consistently. You don’t need to worry about getting a new line after every few days. Choose a long line if you have a large yard, and you trim frequently.

Noise Level

Noise level depends on the type of line. A trimmer can expose you to dangerous noise levels, which could cause hearing loss. It’s advisable to wear hearing protection when using a trimmer, but you could reduce the noise by choosing a good line. Any line that reduces wind resistance will help in minimizing noise levels.

Verdict and Our Recommendation

The first step in ensuring a clean lawn is choosing the best gas weed eater. The right line will not only ensure durability and efficiency, but it will also minimize noise. Consider the length and material used to find a line that will make your job easier. If you want the best weed eater string 2021, keep these tips in mind.

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