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Best Well Water Filtration System: Top-Rated Products Compared

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

High-quality water is essential for you and your home. Every day, millions of people use water to help them do daily tasks, including washing the dishes, cleaning, and drinking. Using a low-quality filter can start to cause problems in your home. Some signs are foul-tasting water, stains, and sickness.

There are millions of small microbes in our water that are filtered out by systems. Using a whole-house filtration system not only gets rid of these but also potentially harmful chemicals and minerals. Plus, the whole-house filtration systems have been found to be eco-friendly and superior in cleansing your water.

As you can see, there are many different well water treatment systems. We’ve taken the time to do the research and come up with the ten best well water filtration systems 2021 has to offer. That being said, let’s get into the review.

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Operating Temperature

Top 10 Best Well Water Filtration System: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: iSpring 7-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System Review

The iSprings includes a high-quality 7-stage UV system for well water that’s reliable and safe to use. It can clean up to 99% of harmful contaminants and produces better-tasting water. This is done by using a six-stage filter that helps restore healthy minerals into the water. Aside from that, the unit also includes an advanced UV sterilization stage that kills up to 99.99% of germs and contaminants found in well water.

A filtration system also needs a stunning looking faucet. This one includes a fantastic European-style nickel kitchen faucet that is rust-resistant.

Lastly, stands up to minerals that come through the water and consists of an easy to use filtration connection. The installation will only take a few hours, and help can be contacted on the phone.

Why We Like It

  • Superior filtration
  • Adds minerals back into the water
  • Stunning exterior
  • Quick setup
  • Eco-friendly
Huge Output: APEC Water Systems Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Review

The APEC produces unlimited freshwater using their top rated well water filtration systems. Due to its unique design, it creates a flavor similar to bottled water. In terms of durability, it’s one of the most highly durable models made from industrial use. The system has been tested and certified by the WQA, which vouches the unit removes up to 99% of contaminants. Additionally, the unit has a large capacity and can remove up to two times the number of pollutants than similar models on the market.

As for the faucet, it includes a full lead-free design that’s been FDA certified. The tubing is contamination-free and produces top-tier water.

All in all, with the RO systems for well water, replacing the filter is easier than ever. This whole unit can save you money in the long run and is eco-friendly.

Why We Like It

  • Top tier water
  • Easy to replace filters
  • Hassle-free design
  • Comes with chrome faucet
  • Ultra-safe design
Saves Minerals: APEC Water Systems 6-Stage Ultra Safe RO Water Filter System Review

The APEC 6-stage Water Filter is a supreme quality filtration system geared to produce high-quality water. It features a 75 GPD with 6-stages unique filtration. The system can remove up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, and iron filter for well water from your home. Although, the fixed water pressure is set to 40-85 psi.

Each cartridge for well water filtration system for iron is made by using food-grade calcium. This helps improve the water’s pH level and makes it taste better. The added filtration puts calcium back into the water and enhances the alkalinity. Aside from that, it includes long-lasting filters that don’t need to be replaced as often as others.

Additionally, the unit includes a lead-free faucet and FDA certified grade tubing. The high-quality unit is perfect for your home and can keep up with consistent demands.

The unit also has been recognized as America’s No. 1 water filter brand for home use. Lastly, it has a noise-free operation and is hassle-free.

Why We Like It

  • Hassle-free design
  • Raises pH level
  • Enhanced durability
  • Lifetime loyalty support
  • Easy installation
All-In-One Design: Home Master Full Contact Undersink RO Water Filter System Review
696 Reviews
All-In-One Design: Home Master Full Contact Undersink RO Water Filter System Review

The Home Master provides you with pure water but also puts minerals back into the system. It uses reverse osmosis and helps to produce clean and pure mineral water. It can clean up to 98% of chemicals, pollutants, and is the best sediment filter for well water. Also, it works to add both calcium and magnesium back into the water.

Additionally, the filter element and housing is an exclusive all-in-one design. This allows the unit to filter without taking up too much space. The all-in-one design is also recommended for limited space or apartments.

Aside from that, the filter includes a quick and hassle-free setup.

The long-lasting filters are easy to replace and only need to be changed once a year. Lastly, the fast flow RO kit that comes with the filter enables your faucet to double the flow rate and fill your cups faster.


  • Fast flow rates
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Space-saving
  • Puts minerals into the water


  • May increase water waste
Small Under Sink Design: APEC 3-Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System Review
  • High quality, designed, engineered and assembled in the USA; System built with US MADE super capacity filters for long lasting dependable filtration
  • Guaranteed to remove chemicals (i.e. chlorine), taste and odors. NOT designed for TDS removal
  • Premium long-lasting filters used to treat tap water, well water. Provide unlimited refreshing water
  • 1 year satisfaction guarantee, with lifetime support by certified WQA water specialist based in CA
  • System comes with 100% Lead-Free chrome faucet, odorless, chlorine-free clean water
Leak Detector: Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Faucet and Tank Review

One of the most efficient models on our list is the Express Water Filtration System. It includes a 5-stage filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of lead, fluoride, nitrates, calcium, and other chemicals and bacteria. The filter works hard to remove any minerals that may produce foul-tasting water. Plus, there’s no need to adjust or control the system as it will automatically fill your water tank with high-quality filtered water.

The filters that are used are carbon-based and give a clear and natural taste to the water. They also prevent rusting and allow you to be environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the unit comes with a one-year warranty and support. This can help you if you run into any issues with the filter. Lastly, the unit comes with four replacement filters.


  • Easy to install
  • Refills water tank automatically
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces great-tasting water
  • Highly effective at removing contaminants


  • May leak
Easy To Install: Olympia 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Review

The next on our list is the Olympia 5-stage Filtration System. It includes a highly effective system that’s been tested and certified by NSF International. The five stages of filtration to remove sediment, carbon, RO membranes, and post-carbon.

For setup, the unit is easy to install and includes quick connect fitting caps. These are each color-coordinated and include specific types of tubing. The steps are quick and easy to follow and can have your system ready within an hour.

As for the faucet, it has a chrome finish and can swivel. However, the neck is around 10 inches long and extends 5 inches in width.

As far as durability goes, this unit can last for a while, with only needing one change of filter every year. Lastly, the unit has decent water flow, though some have said that it’s too slow for their liking.


  • Easy to install
  • Enhances water taste
  • Long lifespan
  • Automatic shut off


  • Slow flow rate
Easily Replaceable Filter: Culligan Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System Review

The Culligan Filtration System is by far the smallest filtration system on our list. It’s perfect for those limited on space or doesn’t want a bulky filter. It can easily be placed under your sink and includes a faucet that can be installed in most sinks.

When it comes to filtration, the unit is effective at removing any contaminants. However, this is only your basic filtration system. It does not include other forms of filtration, which means that there will still be some minerals and chemicals that aren’t removed.

That being said, it’s exceptionally effective at what it does. This includes removing class 3 particles, chloride, and any foul odors or tastes.

The filter is also NSF international certified and has been put through numerous tests to ensure safety. Lastly, the filter can filter up to 3,000 gallons of water, which can provide up to a year's worth of water before needing replacements.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting filtration
  • Universal faucet


  • Slow flow rate
  • Mediocre filtration
High Water Flow Rate: Filtrete Maximum Under Sink Water Filtration System Review

The Filtrete Filtration System is by far one of the easiest to install. It includes a maximum filtration level that reduces up to 99% of microbial. On top of that, the unit sorts through chlorine and improves the taste and odor of water. It also helps prevent rusting and sorts out the soil.

If you’re worried about quality, the Filtrete team doesn’t skimp out. Their filter has been reviewed and certified by NSF International. For installation, the unit only takes 30 minutes to install. The filter itself can last up to 6-months without needing to be replaced. What sets this apart from others on our list is the high water flow rate.

It produces up to 1.5 gallons per minute. If you find you need better filtration, you can always upgrade filters through their website.

The different filters will fit in the standard canister. Lastly, the only downside is that this is intended for potable cold water. The water used must already be fit for consumption before applying the filter.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • High flow rate
  • Interchangeable filtration


  • Only use on water verified for consumption
All-In-One Housing: iSpring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System Review
696 Reviews
All-In-One Housing: iSpring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System Review

The last on our list is the iSpring Filtration System. It lasts up to 3 times longer due to the catalytic media not being consumed in the process. Proper installing this system means that water from every output in your home will have passed through the three filtration stages.

Unlike an RO system, this system keeps healthy minerals in your water. The home well water systems produce better tasting water that’s both healthy and clean.

As for filtration, it can filter up to 95% of harmful contaminants.

The unit itself features a compact all-in-one housing, which makes it easy to install and assemble. Lastly, the filters can last up to 100,000 gallons of use or a change once a year.


  • Good flow rate
  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Easy to replace


  • Some customers complain on leaks

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Well Water Filtration System

All You Need to Know About the Best Well Water Filtration System

Purchasing a whole water filtration system can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Filtration systems tend to be a bit complicated if you don’t understand specifics, but that’s why we’re here to help. In this section, we will introduce you to the main buying considerations you should consider before making your purchase.

Do You Need to Filter Your Well Water?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to filter your well water. Well water that isn’t filtered may pose risks to your health from contaminants and bacteria. Some of these issues include diseases, illnesses, and may even cause death. The water contains pathogens, sediment, and dirt contamination.

How Does Filtration System for Well Water Work?

So, how does a well water system work? The filtration system connects directly to your pressure tank, which catches water that runs through your home. This way, any water that is sucked into your home’s pipes is automatically filtered. Depending on which filtration system you use, the filter will remove or replenish any contaminants and minerals.

What Contaminants Does Well Water Filtration System Remove?

What Contaminants Does Well Water Filtration System Remove

Honestly, we couldn’t name them all, even if we tried. There are hundreds of small contaminants that are removed by your filter. Some include lead, bacteria, chlorine, minerals, sodium, carcinogens, soil, etc.

Well Water vs. City Water

There’s a massive debate on if city water or well water systems are good for you. When we compare well water vs city water, we quickly see that both have their own pros and cons. The positives of city water are that it’s put through an intensive filtration system and is often stripped of any contaminants or minerals.

While this does help prevent illness, diseases, and odors, it does affect the taste of the water. On the other hand, well water ends up tasting better due to natural minerals. However, the chance that some contaminants may be in the water is what leads people to get filters.

How to Choose the Best Well Water Filtration System

How to Choose the Best Well Water Filtration System

There’s a lot of consideration that goes into choosing a well water filtration system. Some of this includes checking the dimensions, weight, and capacity of the tank. Other factors are the stages, micron ratings, flow rate, and checking the whole house well water filtration system reviews. There’s honestly so many, so we’ll take a quick look at the important ones;


The weight of the filter isn’t always essential, but it should be considered. Depending on the installation and ease of use, you may want to consider how heavy the device is. Otherwise, there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to weight.


The dimensions are only necessary if you are limited on space. Consider measuring beforehand to ensure that your new well water purification system will fit.

Filtering Capacity

Filtering capacity is the gallons per hour that the device can filter water. We recommend getting one’s using an 18-cup capacity.

Filtration Stages

Filtration stages refer to how many stages the water filters through. Many of the filters only include three to five stages. However, some include a higher amount of stages to help replenish minerals back into the water. Here’s a quick overview of the stages;

Filtration Stages
  • Stage 1 – A sediment filter that helps remove soil particles.
  • Stage 2 – carbon filter that removes chlorine and other contaminants.
  • Stage 3 – Uses reverse osmosis to remove any organic or inorganic matter.
  • Stage 4 – removes any solid particles and removes the remaining total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • Stage 5 – as the water heads towards the faucet, the filtration membrane will catch any remaining particles that may have snuck into the tank.
  • Stage 6 – adds in minerals such as sodium, magnesium, etc.

Micron Rating

The micron rating refers to the distance from the particles to the filter media. This helps determine how small or large particles will need to be to pass through the filter. A large micron rating of 50 will allow bigger particles, and a size 5-micron rating will only allow very tiny particles. We generally recommend smaller microns to those using well water.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is the amount of volume, leaving the unit every second. The higher the flow rate, the faster the water will come out. If you’re looking to reduce your water bill, we suggest searching for models with a low flow rate.

Operating Pressure

The operating pressure is the internal force that is applied to the water. In general, terms, when the system is turned on, this is how much water is pushed into the tank. Generally, you’ll want a high operating pressure if you have a higher flow rate.

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature

The operating temperature is the temperature at which the water is filtered. In most cases, the water will be filtered either room temperature of whatever the ground temperature is. You won’t have to worry about this in most cases.


Check your warranty policy as it can help you keep parts up to date. If your filtration system has any issues, an extended warranty may be able to get you a replacement. Plus, if you have any comments or questions, the support teams will always be there to help you.


A luxurious well water filtration system won’t do much better than most others on the market. Filters have the same function, so spending lots of money won’t do you any good. The key is to stay in the rage of $100-250.

Best Well Water Filtration System Types

Here’s an overview of the three different types of well water filtration systems;

Whole-Home Filtration

Whole-Home Filtration

A whole-home filtration system is installed where water first enters your home. These home filtration systems filter water before they even reach your pipes. This can be good if you’re looking to cleanse all the water in your home.

Under-the-Sink Filtration

Under the sink filtration systems are where they sound like they’ll be installed under the sink. These are good for if you’re trying to filter the water directly flowing out of your tap. This is good for washing the dishes and consumption.

Countertop Filtration

Countertop filtration systems rest on top of your counter and often take up less space. These are only good for faucet water and generally don’t have more than three stages of filtration.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

As you can see, there are plenty of home water filtration systems for well water on the market. Each of these residential water filtration systems has its own unique filtration stages and provide lasting benefits for your health and home. The best on our list is definitely the iSprings 7-Stage Filtration System. It can clean up to 99% of harmful contaminants and produces better-tasting water. This is done by using a six-stage filter that helps restore healthy minerals into the water. Aside from that, the unit also includes an advanced UV sterilization stage that kills up to 99.99% of germs and contaminants found in well water.

Overall, we find that filtration systems do an excellent job of keeping your water clean. If you’re planning on using well-water, it’s highly recommended to use a filtration system to remove anything that may cause harm to your body. Hopefully, homemakerguide helped you out a bit, and you’ve found at least one of the best well water filtration system 2021.

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Yes, any water that has been put through a whole house well water filter is going to be okay to drink. The point of entry removes any harmful contaminants, and some models even replenish minerals back into the water. There aren’t any issues or health concerns drinking water from a whole house well water filter systems for private wells.

A whole house water filter for well water needs to be installed directly at the point of entry. In most cases, you'll want to hire a professional as you will need to cut the pipe. However, we will still provide an overview of the whole house carbon filter for well water;

  • Drain the System
  • Cut the Pipe
  • Attach Proper Fittings
  • Position the Filter
  • Turn on Water
Many filtration systems tend to last up to five years. However, depending on the use and how often the filter is replaced, we’d give most a max of three years. So, anywhere from 3-5 years is how long a filtration system will last.
How We Tested
To help prove that these are the best water filters for well water, we decided to try them out. Our team attached iSprings 7-Stage Filtration System to a faucet and tested the water that came out. We found that the water that had been filtered contained almost no harmful contaminants and had no bad taste or odor. Additionally, the best water ionizer pH levels improved and became less alkaline. However, we took note of every little detail.
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