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Best Window Cleaning Robot: It Works, You Relax

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Do you take pride in your home and like to keep it clean? You spend so much time with your family here and want it to be perfect. Do you like natural light that enters the house, which makes everything bright? However, keeping the glass clean and sparkly is no joke. Are you always struggling to find time and energy to keep it shining? The best window cleaner should also be easy for you. Ladders and sponges are very messy. It can often leave you with a bigger mess to clean.

Hiring people is expensive, and you can't do it regularly. That's why you should try one of the best window cleaning robots 2020. Why shouldn't you spend your precious time with your loved ones inside the home? These machines can do your job easily and give you time to do things which you enjoy. The best window cleaning robots come in different sizes with their own unique features. Read on to find the best glass cleaner for your needs.

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Clean quality and speed

Comparison Table of the Top 5 window cleaning robots

Here we share a list of the 5 best window cleaning robots 2022. Read on to find the one which will do your work most efficiently.

Best Overall: Great Deep Clean - Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner Review

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner
419 Reviews
Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

This best window cleaning robot has excellent design and features to do the work quickly and efficiently. It has smart artificial intelligence that can detect edges and corners without much problem. It can reach every part and scrub it thanks to the advanced algorithm it uses. You will find it easy to use this best cleaning robot instead of putting yourself at risk. Sit comfortably inside your home and let it do the job. There is a safety rope that makes it safe even if it stops working. There is suction technology, which helps in sticking to the surface. The microfiber pads are washable, and they scrub and clean in a thorough manner.

This best window cleaning robot is a combination of design and smartness. It is beneficial and efficient. The best window cleaning robot takes a bit of time to clean but does a thorough job.

Why We Like It

  • Automatic edge detection feature
  • LED indicators are helpful in low visibility
  • Comes with a full access app which is very convenient
  • Anti-fall technology is a great feature

Strong And Powerful: AI Technology - Hobot-198 Glass And Window Cleaning Automatic Robot With Remote Control Review

Hobot-198 Glass And Window Cleaning Automatic Robot With Remote Control
47 Reviews
Hobot-198 Glass And Window Cleaning Automatic Robot With Remote Control

This best robot window cleaner is a newer version with improved features. The engine is powerful and provides a high quality of cleaning. The speed is also good and takes less time to clean large surfaces. There are two options to control it: one is with the remote control, and the other - with your smartphone. Both are easy to manage. This best window cleaning robot is versatile and works on any thickness of glass. You can change the cleaning cloth easily and wash it. The advanced technology allows for the auto-detection of edges as well as stopping after completion.

The improved features of this window washing robot, along with the stylish and practical design, make it one of the best products. It is powerful and effective and gives good results.

Why We Like It

  • Has a rotating speed of 70RPM as well as a cleaning speed of 4 min/ meter2
  • There is an inbuilt Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS)
  • The safety rope is a high strength
  • Has high sensitivity pressure sensors for better results

Light And Flexible: Mamibot W120 Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner Review

Mamibot W120 Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner
32 Reviews
Mamibot W120 Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner

This best window cleaning robot is a brilliant machine with features that make it very useful. It has an anti-falling sensor that prevents any mishaps. The in-built battery can help in any emergency. You can control the machine with an app on your smartphone as well as through the remote controller. Come with a strong safety rope, which is like double protection along with the anti-falling sensors. The suction is powerful and keeps the glass cleaner firmly attached to the surface. The noise levels are low and not disturbing. Window cleaning robot reviews rate this device very high.

This auto window cleaner has both flexibility and low noise levels. It is great for offices or public areas.

Why We Like It

  • It comes with two types of cloth. Yellow for dry and blue for wet cleaning
  • A slim design makes it perfect for small and tight spaces
  • Lighter and more flexible than other similar devices
  • Low noise levels mean you can use any time without any disturbance to others

The Best Magnetic Cleaner: Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner Review

Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner
413 Reviews
Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner

This robotic window cleaner comes with magnetic force control, which makes it easy to use on different types and sizes of surfaces. There are quick-adjust knobs; it works well on single-glazed, double-glazed, and triple-glazed glass of various thicknesses. The kit includes microfiber cloth, which can remove dust as well as polish the glass. This device is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. It can clean hard-to-reach areas without much problem. Ideal for multi-story homes and offices. Read the clean robot review for more information.

The magnetic force of this window cleaning machine is adjustable and keeps the device secure on the surface. It comes with two types of cloth for wiping and polishing.


  • Works on all kinds of a glass of various thicknesses
  • The adjustable magnetic force with easy to use knobs
  • Stylish and high-quality product with long-term reliability. It comes with a guarantee


  • It can skip across the surface of the solution is not applied correctly

Efficient And Versatile: Window Cleaning Robot, Robotic Window Cleaner Review

Window Cleaning Robot, Robotic Window Cleaner
7 Reviews
Window Cleaning Robot, Robotic Window Cleaner

This robotic window cleaner has a high quality, high-speed brushless motor. It has some unique features like the four frame impact sensors; there is a 360-degree universal wheel at the corner, which makes its movements very precise. It cleans the entire surface, including the edges without leaving any blind spots. You can start it by using the buttons or by remote control. It also has a vacuum that removes dust easily. There are intelligent chip and smart indicators that will let you know its working status. An audio warning and red light will intimate you if there is any problem.

This window cleaning robot comes with features like frame impact sensors and 360-degree universal wheels, which make it effective.


  • This automatic window washer has a clear and visible power display
  • It has a highly absorbent washable microfiber mat for good wiping and polishing
  • Three-way-safety with an in-built battery, safety cord, and suction cup prevents the device from falling off
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • The instructions are not easy to read or understand and need time
  • If not used properly, it can leave smears and streaks

Buyer's guide: all you need to know about the best window cleaning robot

How do robot window cleaners work?

How to choose the best window cleaning robot

The best window cleaning robots combine wiping and washing technology with automatic movement – they work like robot washing machines. Window cleaning robots stick to the surface using suction or magnetic force. Once stuck, they automatically go from edge to edge and allow you to reach high and out-of-reach windows. Some come with a bagged vacuum, which is good.

Why do I need a window cleaning robot?

These are best for places that are hard to reach. You don’t want to risk your life trying to reach difficult areas. Moreover, getting a person to do this job is quite expensive, and due to the best window cleaning robot, you can make a one-time payment for a long-term solution. Caulking the windows can accumulate dust and need a thorough cleaning.

How to choose the best window cleaning robot?

How to choose the best window cleaning robot

There are many things which you should keep in mind while choosing the right robot cleaning machine. Go through the window, cleaning robot reviews to learn more. An automatic window washer is best.

Battery life:

If you are choosing a battery-operated device, then you have to be careful. If at a high point, the battery dies, then it is difficult to get it down.

Clean quality and speed:

Clean quality and speed

It is good to see the performance before choosing. Different robot window washer has different cleaning efficiency. Some clean well but take too much time.

Safety rope:

look for robots that have a strong safety rope. That is because just in case if it fails and falls off, the cord will catch it. It is a highly recommended feature.

Suction force:

If the suction force is not enough, then it will not clean thoroughly and can even fall off from a great height.

Remote Controls and automated cleaning:

Some of the best window cleaning robots come with remote control. Some are connected with a cord while some are cordless.

Type of window:

This will be the most important consideration while choosing a window washer robot.

You should use the right machine for your requirements.

window washer robot
  • To clean extra tall windows: if you have very tall walls then look for robots that don’t have any height restrictions. It is also good to find a product that comes with a strong safety cord and suction cups. In-built battery or power supply is during times of power outages. You don’t want your machine to be stuck at an unreachable place or fall from a great height.
  • To clean large or wide windows: If the surface is large, then you want to look at the speed and efficiency. You should look for a device that can clean for an extended period before the batteries die. When the surface is large, the streaks are more visible. The cloth can do more damage than help once it is dirty. Having frames will also make a difference.

Window cleaning robot types

Suction connectivity

this is the most common type, and most of the automatic window cleaner robots have it. If the surface is too large, then there is a chance of suction coming off. Look for strong suction cups. It is good to have a safety cord to give it extra protection. Keep the cups clean otherwise; they will not work well.

Magnetic connectivity

Window cleaning robot types Magnetic connectivity

This works with magnets on both sides. Some people prefer it because it seems more secure. The good thing about this type is that according to the thickness of the surface, you can increase the magnetic force and make it more secure. It may rarely happen that the magnets may stop functioning, so it is good to have a backup source.

Verdict and our recommendation for 2022

After going through the information, prepared by our experts from HandyHomeMaster, you must be eager to try one of these little best window cleaning robots. Take your time and understand your needs fully before you choose. We can promise you that these machines will lighten your workload and also keep you out of dangerous ways. The price may seem a bit high but think of the time and energy you will save. It is a one-time investment that will go on paying for a long time. After researching and testing, we feel that the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is number one among all. It is stylish, efficient, and sturdy, has some great features like anti-fall technology and auto edge detection sensors. This one, according to the best window cleaning robot reviews, is the best option for you. Choose the best window cleaning robot to make sure your house or office is always filled with light and looks its best.

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Yes, with most of the glass cleaning robot, this option is possible. Make sure to use the best window cleaning robot only after reading the directions thoroughly. If the mirror or table is not of good quality and is very thin, then avoid.
Maintaining the best robotic cleaners is not very difficult. Remember that it is a machine, and like any other machine, e.g., the best window fans, it requires regular maintenance. Don't use it for long periods without breaks. Harsh weather can damage it. After every use, check it for wear and tear and keep it in good condition to last for a long time.
How We Tested
Before we came out with a list and reviews of the best 5 devices, we researched and tested each one extensively. To find the best window cleaning robot 2021, we tested them in different areas. We also used them in various weather conditions to see how they perform. We tested and evaluated them based on essential criteria like features, safety, ease of use, price, speed, noise levels, and, most importantly, quality. Check homemakerguide.com for more info.
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