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Vacuuming Glass: All You Need to Know About It

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

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What Happens When You Vacuum Broken Glass?

It can be awful when something smashes on the floor accidentally. All those little bits and pieces – how are you going to clean them up? If you’re wondering about how to clean up broken glass than this is the article for you. We’ll take you through everything you need to know on the subject, providing all the latest info on vacuuming glass.

Will Glass Ruin Vacuum Cleaners?

Almost certainly picking up broken glass shards with your Dyson vacuum cleaner is going to lead to damage. Large pieces of broken glass on the floor are the most damaging, yet your vac can also be destroyed by picking up broken glass that’s small. When you vacuum glass there are many things that can happen:

Will Glass ruin vacuum cleaners
  • Punctures and tears in your vac bag
  • Jams in your brushes
  • The air filter can be ruined
  • Damage to the fan and motor

It’s clear that broken glass dangers exist for both you and your vacuum cleaner. Components can get damaged plus they are expensive and hard to replace. It’s easy to gauge why many people recommend against taking risks of vacuuming up when there is broken glass everywhere.

How to Vacuum Broken Pieces?

Even though vacuuming broken material isn’t the best option at times, it is the quickest and probably the safest when you’re thinking about how to get a glass out of the carpet. We understand that the vac is an important piece of kit, so if you’re going to hoover up everything, there are some steps you should take.

Wear Shoes

It’s imperative that you put on shoes when cleaning any broken glass. Slippers or flip-flops just won’t cut it. The best thing to wear is a pair of closed-toe shoes. These are great for walking around sharp shards.

Other than being a total pain to be stepped on, broken glass bottle pieces can create hard injuries. No one wants to take a trip to the ER after slicing their foot open! Even the smallest of shards can be difficult to remove and can lead to infections if left for too long a time.

Picking Up Large Shards

Picking up large shards

It doesn’t matter how powerful your vac is, it isn’t going to be able to remove large pieces and shards of material. It’s important that you collect every large piece manually by hand or using some sort of broom. This will avoid clogging up your vacuum.

However, don’t go straight for the shards with your hands yet! It’s vital to wear gloves when you’re doing this. The thickest latex variety that you might use in your garden should fare well when protecting you from cuts. It’s good to be as careful as possible – those pesky pointy pieces are still able to pierce the thickest of gloves and leave you with wounds.

Don’t Kneel Down

If you find it uncomfortable to handle broken particles in a direct manner with your hands, go grab a dustpan and brush to help. Whatever you do, do not kneel on the floor when cleaning up. It’s much safer to squat instead.

Vacuuming Up

Now that you’ve dealt with all the large pieces, it’s going to be safe to vacuum up the rest. Make sure to choose a low setting because large shards will be far more likely to cause damage if the motor spins slowly. If you’re wondering can you vacuum broken glass with an old vacuum, it’s entirely possible. Simply cover up the hose with a sock. This will collect any bits and stop them from entering the machine. After this, you can throw the sock away.

What Things are Unsafe To Vacuum At Home?

When you vacuum glass on the carpet then this is ok, but don’t suck up everything. Nails, bugs and medical waste is all dangerous. Dispose of this properly and put bugs outside to be more ethical.

The Best Way to Dispose of Broken Pieces

The best way to dispose of broken pieces

It’s vital to dispose of it quickly and efficiently. It can be dangerous, so follow these tips:

  • Don’t leave things till later – address the issue immediately.
  • Wear protective clothing such as shoes and gloves.
  • Remove children from the area.
  • Wrap up any broken bits in a newspaper or put it into a broken glass cup before disposing of it.
  • Check around the area as particles may have travelled further than you think.
  • Be thorough and take your time.

That last point is very important – take your time with things because it’s safe to do a good job. If you’re wondering can you vacuum glass, you only can if you take your time. Safety should always come first.

What to Do with Broken Pieces?

It is difficult to know what to do with broken glass on the carpet, but now that you’ve read our guide you’ll know just how to vacuum broken glass. Remember to take care of your machine and stay safe, especially when you vacuum small pieces of glass. So remember, can you vacuum glass? The answer is yes, and safely. All the best!

What do you think – can you vacuum glass? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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