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Cool Gadgets for Men: the Most Interesting List

Last Updated: 05 January 2021

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Nowadays it’s becoming simply unimaginable to go through life without some gadgets that not only make it more interesting but also make our lives much easier. Here we will present to you the list of very popular cool gadgets for men. Whether you are a guy looking for something that can increase your efficiency and improve your lifestyle or a woman looking for an ideal gift for your sweetheart we hope you will find something that you like in the list of IoT gadgets we prepared for you.

Must Have Gadgets for Men

If you love preparing and enjoying food with friends or lovers, or simply by yourself then these are some of the gadgets for men that you got to have.

Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker

If you enjoy bringing breakfast in bed to your lover but are terrified of a load of dishes waiting for you after you are one then this Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich maker is a perfect choice for you. You can prepare several things at once using this device and enjoy a nice breakfast without worrying about having to spend one hour cleaning the kitchen after. This is really of the best gadget gifts for men who like to share a nice morning meal with their partners.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

There isn’t a better way to start your day than with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, right? But sometimes, you get an important call or have to run out and your coffee becomes undrinkable and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Well if this is your situation we have a perfect solution for you from our list of men’s gadgets and gear – Mr. Coffee Mug warmer, will fix your problem by making your coffee perfect again in no time.

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

Who doesn’t love a big juicy burger?! And plus with cheese, it adds a heavenly taste to your meaty perfection, doesn’t it? But you simply can’t make the same as they do in your favorite burger joints no matter how much you try. We found one of the must-have gadgets for men that is going to help you get rid of your troubles. You just add whatever ingredients you want to your patty, press, and grill the best burger you and your friends will ever eat.

Steakchamp Steak Thermometer

Spring is here and one of your favorite activities is making BBQ hangouts during the weekend. Grilling is your thing but sometimes it’s frustrating to stand next to the meat checking if it’s done. This steak thermometer is one of the new gadgets for men that you will surely want. It comes with a built-in sensor that shows in bright LED lights the state of your steaks when you stick it in the meat.

Grill Beast Shredder Claws

Wouldn’t it be great to have something to chop your favorite steak ready for a sandwich in just a few minutes? Your dream just came true coz there is a new thing in town and it’s called Grill beast shredder claws. It proved to be perfect with pulling and shredding meat but also holding and piercing other food enabling you to have fantastic sandwiches without a lot of effort. Plus it is an amazingly durable device, enduring high temperatures (450 degrees) without getting damaged.

Gadget Gifts for Men

If your boyfriend or husband is a bit picky when it comes to gifts, then these bits of advice might help you in finding the greatest present for your beau.

Bose QuiteComfort 35 Headphones

This is surely one of the best tech gifts for men because it enables you to enjoy your favorite songs even if you share a really little apartment with a noisy roommate. They come with amazing noise reduction technology so when you have them, you really don’t care what is going on around you, cuz you can listen to your favorite tunes without any interruption.

Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Long- distance relationships got to be so much easier with the help of technology, but it’s a bit frustrating when you wanna skype using the phone and it keeps falling. But if you get this lamicall adjustable cell phone stand you can consider your problems are gone. It’s designed for Apple phones starting with iPhone 5 and many Android phones as well as mobile phones with a screen up to 8 inches in size. It super flexible so you can change the orientation of the cradle according to your needs. The bottom is covered with rubber which also makes it shockproof so you don’t have to worry it will get damaged during traveling or if it falls.

Garden Genie Gloves

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to garden gloves, especially if they are new to gardening. But you have an experienced gardener, and you really enjoy it then you should get a pair of these. The coolest thing about them is that they come with special gardening claws that play the role of all the tools you’d generally use in the garden. So this means you get all for the price of one. They are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last for a long time. They all so fit all hand sizes and overall make a nice gadget gift for men

Aqua Audio Cube

With this product that comes from the series of best tech gifts for men, you don’t have to worry about damaging your speakers when you are listening to music in the shower. You can easily attach Gideon Aqua audio cube cups anywhere in your bathroom. And besides being waterproof, so you don’t have to stress about water splashing on them occasionally, they produce absolutely amazing sound as well.

Dango Tactical Wallet

This is surely much more than your ordinary wallet and it can be an ideal gift for your lover if he is into unusual gadgets. This wallet comes with a bunch of additional practical tools like a ruler, nail prier, knife, saw, and cell phone stand, etc. What is also surprising about it is that up to 12 cards can fit in it without a problem and that it has radio frequency identification blocking technology so you are quite protected from identity theft. We consider it to be a marvelous gadget gift for men.

Bose Sound Link

You like having picnics with your boyfriend and he enjoys listening to his favorite songs outdoors, but then he is never satisfied with the sound. You want to make his dream come true so you decided to look for the best Bluetooth speaker and found this amazing Soundlink mini Bluetooth speaker. Not only that it can connect to the device even when the distance between them is quite big, around 30 feet/ 9 meters but the whole system can be connected just using voice. As an additional perk, the sound quality is amazing, and lithium-ion battery life quite long as it can last up to 10 hours.

Google Wi-Fi System

Another really great one of the electronic gadgets for men is a complete set of Google WIFI system. You know how the WIFI signal can be messed up in some parts of your flat and how frustrating it can be regardless of whether you have an important Skype call or just want to enjoy a movie after a long day. Well if you have this device you can be certain your house will fully be WIFI covered. There are 3 parts each covering around 1,500 square feet/139 square meters.

Fire TV Stick

So, you’ve decided to get for your lover’s birthday one of the best gadgets for men he can imagine and surfing the internet you managed to find exactly what he needs. With this Amazon Fire TV voice remote controller, you can turn on all the smart appliances and enjoy powerful streaming of your favorite movies, listening to the best songs, having access to different apps, etc. And imagine, having all this doesn’t involve pressing any buttons, you can do it all just by using your voice. Isn’t that just wonderful?!

Fisher Space Pen

Space pens can be a really impressive gadget gift for men. It’s a fantastic piece of writing equipment made in space-age engineering technology. One really cool thing about this wonderful pen is that it can endure all weather conditions, as it is designed to work in outer space as well.

Men’s Gadgets and Gear

In these times when we spend more and more time sitting in the office in front of the computer or relaxing as a couch potato introducing some healthier habits into our daily routine begins to be a must. If you like doing sports but are worried that your heart rate goes a bit too high on occasions or you have a problem assessing whether your muscles are getting bigger as quickly as you would like, we have chosen the best men’s gadgets and gear for you.


Cycling brings great joy to you, but lately, after spending hours in the office you simply feel like you don’t have the energy to take your bike from the garage and hit a road even on weekends. But you started noticing that sitting starts to take its toll coz there is some fat around your wrist. DeskCycle, Desk exercise bike pedal exerciser is a solution for you as it is designed for exercising while you are working. It is exactly like a bike in the gym just only with pedals and a magnetic mechanism that regulates various resistances so you can be sure to stay fit while working.

Sculpt Scanner

Okay, this has to be one of the best gadgets for men ever made. Weight lifting is a newly discovered passion for you and you are enjoying it very much but there is something that annoys you. Surely it is good for your health and you started to feel much better but you simply cannot understand if your muscles are becoming toned or not at all. It’s true it can be difficult so we recommend that you get The Sculpt scanner. This is the only device in the world that can check and measure the quality of muscle tissue, and it is about time you treat yourself with it. It needs some improvement but for the moment it can help you in what kind of state most of your muscles are and on which muscle groups you got to work more.

Fitbit Charge 2

Your girlfriend really likes jogging and for months she is trying to convince you to join her in morning runs and you’d like to but you are a bit concerned about the state of your ticker. You can get a Fitbit charge 2 – Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband that allows you to monitor accurately your pulse when running or walking. This little apparatus has a built-in sensor that measures your pulse from your wrist and as is 2 in 1 gadget it also calculates how many calories you burned, plus monitor cardiac functioning and cardiovascular status. It is designed to also assess the time you spend sleeping and the quality of your sleep.

URPower Running Belt

Don’t you just hate when you go for a run and your keys, your phone, your coins are jumping around in your pockets? Or when you have to keep holding your water bottle because there is no place to put it and you can’t imagine running with a backpack. Your troubles came to an end because there is a new cool gadget on the market, the URPower running belt. This is an absolutely versatile waist bag with several pockets to put all of the things you need when you are exercising outdoors. What is also great about it is you don’t have to think of the weather conditions when you are working out because this bag is made of totally waterproof materials that guarantee you that your things will stay dry even if you find yourself in the middle of summer showers while jogging.

PROMiXX Vortex Mixer

Besides doing exercises you occasionally treat yourself with a nice protein shake. However, each time you make your mixture there are some lumps in it. You should consider getting one of the must-have gadgets for men that appeared recently and that it is PROMiXX battery-powered vortex mixer. It is guaranteed that you will have a perfect lump-free protein shake with all the health benefits due to its super motor of 12,000 RPM.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

This is yet another one useful device in our list of men’s gadgets and gear that also has a function to measure your heartbeat. But not only, because it is also keeping a record of the calories and fat that you burned working out. It is designed with a STAR training program and Smart Coaching technology which is quite useful nowadays when most of us don’t have time to go to a gym and hire a trainer.

Weight Gurus Bathroom Scale

Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is also checking your weight. Okay, sure you don’t do it once a week, but it is cool to see if there are any changes in your weight from time to time. Your best friend in this process can be the Weight Gurus Bathroom scale that as you will see is better than any other you might have seen before. It not only measures kilograms but also BMI, bone mass, water weight… It is good because it gives you a much clearer picture of your condition.

More Cool Gadgets for Men

When the weather starts getting warmer there is nothing that makes you happier than being outdoors, going camping, or taking upon some nice adventures, like rock climbing, alone, or with friends. Yeah, all these activities are really cool and fun but you also need to be well prepared and equipped and we are here to help you find the best gadgets for men to make your outdoor life even better.

Leatherman – Wingman Multi-Tool

Everyone who has at least in their life gone camping knows that you shouldn’t go without a good Swiss army knife. But what we have to tell you is that now there is a super cool gadget for men that is the even better option and you can do wonders with it. Can you imagine that somebody literally combined everything you need in just one multi-tool? It comes with pliers, combo knife, wire cutters, bottle opener, and etc. 13 tools in one single tool. Amazing isn’t it?

X-Plore Gear Paracord Bracelets

Okay, this, if you ask us, is one of the coolest looking gadgets for men. The design is absolutely amazing but there is much more to it of course. Let see what it is. This paracord bracelet has to be in every smart survivalist kit, not because it looks great but because it contains a fire scraper and a compass one and a whistle and fire starter on another end. Keep in mind as well that fire scraper can work as a knife so for this nice-looking gadget it can certainly be said that it is valuable truly for its versatile purpose.

Garret Pro–Pointer

So you pretty much know what are the things you need to bring for a trip outdoors, right? Knife, flashlight, enough food, water… But have you ever thought of a metal detector? Well, you probably think that you can’t think of any reason why you’d need it but don’t forget that sometimes we drop a piece of jewelry in the bushes or car keys and then spend hours looking for it. Well if you have this Pro-Pointer the time you spend looking for metal valuable will become significantly shorter.

Suunto Core

If you love hiking and don’t run away from adventure then this is a marvelous gadget for you. It has everything you want from a device like this because with this you can be totally prepared for all weather conditions. It has an integrated storm alarm, compass, barometer, and altimeter so you have all the information necessary when you are out in the woods or mountains.

Electronic Gadgets for Men

Remember the docu-series Beyond 200, which was about technological discoveries that will improve our lives. It sounded surreal at a time but nowadays IoT appliances start to be definitely something that each respectable man should possess. That’s why we decided to help you put a bit by compiling a list of most desirable electronic gadgets for men.

Echo Dot

This little machine called the Echo Dot is a second-generation product of Amazon Echo Dot. What it does is connect various smart devices that you have at your home. Echo Dot is actually a shelter to Alexa, a virtual personal assistant. So what it means is that you can listen to music, watch movies, chat with friends, and do many other things just by giving orders to Alexa to listen and execute. This is an absolutely cool gadget for any modern home.

Nest Learning Thermostat

With these climate changes, you never can predict what the weather is going to be like regardless of the season. And since it’s cold one day and warm the other you gotta set the thermostat all the time but it is starting to be quite annoying. Then if you wanna be a real modern guy equipped with smart technology get the Nest thermostat and all you need to do is say out loud the temperature value you want to have in your room and Alexa will issue a command to this 3rd generation Nest Learning thermostat to adjust the settings. It also memorizes the most used temperature settings in the day and if you are on vacation Alexa will automatically turn the Nest off.

August Smart Lock

If you are a guy who thinks that you can never be safe enough then we should definitely introduce you to August. This is a second-generation smart lock that works perfectly with your loyal virtual assistant Alexa. It’s like having a concierge but much cheaper because it can not only pen and lock the door for you but also help you keep track of who is coming and going. The great thing is you don’t have to replace any door hardware because August works fine with everything. It is one of the best new gadgets for men according to our research.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

If you appreciate your laptop and want it to serve you without problems for a long time then you should definitely get, one of the must-have gadgets for men, especially if you play a lot of games. Its design is truly beautiful but it features much more than just appearance and absolutely more than your ordinary cooling pad. The Tree Nee Bee cooling pad comes with 4 cooling fans and works amazingly for laptops used by passionate gamers. Each of these 120 mm cooling fans turns at a speed of 1,200 RPM so you are sure that your CPU won’t overheat and cause additional problems.

OMNE Cable Clips

One of the most frustrating things is when the cables of your appliances all over your house and you are constantly stepping on or tripping over them. That’s why we added to our selection of great electronic gadgets for men OMNE Magnetic Multi-purpose cable clips. They are small true but don’t be fooled by their size as they serve their purpose magnificently with 49 out of 50 different cables worldwide. You can attach them to any surface which makes organizing your cables much easier than you could imagine.

Asltoy USB Charging Station

How many times did you wish you had a way to charge all of your phones at once? Now there is a way to believe it or not because Asltoy is offering you the possibility to charge up to 5 phones at the same time. You get along with it a voltage regulator system which plays a big role in avoiding overheating and overcharging your devices. This is one of the absolutely best tech gadgets for men in our opinion.

Besten Smart Power Tower

You know this moment when you go somewhere and there simply aren’t enough power outlets in the place where you are staying or the socket is nowhere close to you? Well, if you have this Power Tower then you are not bothered by this at all because it has 6 power outlets and 4 USB charging ports. It comes with 10 feet/3 meter cord so this means you can plug it anywhere in the room and charge all of your devices without any problems.

Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

There are super technological advancements on a daily basis really when it comes to everything as well as you can see alarm clocks. If you are a guy who is always late for work because you constantly snooze or turn off your alarm clock that this is a solution for you. Sonic Alert Alarm Clock has the power that you cannot ignore because even if you try earthquake-like vibrations and aircraft sounds will certainly wake your neighbors up and they will start banging on your door or walls.

Canary Flex Security Camera

The perfect thing about this new gadget for men is that you can use it anywhere. When you have the Canary Flex Security Camera, you just need to plug it in the nearest power outlet wherever you are and that’s it. It is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions long-living batteries so it’s an ideal security device also for using it outdoors. It has built-in movement sensors adaptable camera articulation so you are guaranteed to have a really fantastic observance system set in place.

Must Have Gadgets for Men

There is a number of cool things that you never thought about but then you hear from a friend that he is really about getting some of them, or you accidentally come across some just by surfing the web. We made life easier for you and made a collection of some more gadgets for men.

Pleson Wireless Charger

Technology doesn’t stop to surprise us, does it? If you are a guy who has a newer smartphone, like Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 5 or even higher technology then there is one of the best electronic gadgets for men. The Pleson PLS –WR-C400 is an absolutely fantastic charger that charges your devices 1.4 times faster than the classical wired one. It also integrates a temperature regulating technology which is essential to protect the electrical circuits of your phone

RAK Magnetic Wristband

Repairing things around the house became your great hobby since you find it really relaxing but you keep losing the screws and all the other little parts. Yeah, it can be difficult to find the right place for them, right? Now you just need to get RAK magnetic wristband and you will be guaranteed not to lose your screws, drill bits, nails, and another metal part as it comes with 10 super strong magnets.

Lantos Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

This little device can come in really handy when you are taking a trip in your car because you never know if you can check the tire pressure at each gas station. Besides this Lantos digital tire pressure gauge is a versatile gadget as you can use it as an LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter, a red safety light, and a window breaker that can be useful in case of emergency.

Beard King

You take a lot of pride in being your own barber but the mess that remains after you finish trimming your beard is unbearable. That’s why we found for you the Beard King, the amazing hair catcher. It is very simple to use, you just attach one part to the cup that should be on your bathroom mirror and put another part around your neck and you can start shaving without worrying about having to clean afterward.

Phillips Norelco One Blade

Like having a bit rebellious robust look rather than be shaved like a marine? In this case, you need Phillips Norelco One Blade trimmer to get exactly what you long for. This is a good gadget for men that shaves to a certain length only so your beard has this adventurous appearance. It has a dual-sided blade that makes you design your beard easily and it can last for about 4 after which you have to replace it.

Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand

Laptops are definitely among the coolest inventions of modern times and super practical as well but sometimes, especially when they start heating up quickly you begin to wonder where to put it. There comes into play this EOS portable adjustable aluminum laptop stand as an ideal new gadget for men. You can put it wherever and however you want to because it comes with fully adjustable legs, and plus it can be used for other purposes as well. This stand has 2 integrated processor cooling fans so the heating won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Last Thoughts on Best Gadgets for Men

So there you go, guys, this is our list of gadgets for men. We think that there is something for everyone here regardless of their age and interests. Also we hope that you will find the list helpful in your search for a gadget from your dreams.

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