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How Do Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree?

Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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Pruning tree branches may not seem like a good idea, but it has excellent long-term benefits. It would help if you thought about it as a haircut. When you get rid of the split ends, your hair appears shinier, thicker, and it breaks less. This is exactly what happens when you cut off the dead branches of your tree. It helps the tree grow and look better, and reduces the chance of the branches breaking.

Why Are There Dead Branches on the Tree?

Why Are There Dead Branches on the Tree

Scientists haven’t yet come with findings on everything about trees and how they’re affected by the environmental changes as they grow. It’s still a mystery why one branch will flourish, and another one next to it will end up dying.

However, in most cases, the dead tree branches are a reaction of trees after sharing their resources with other ramifications.

This happens when the branches are blocked from sunlight, and the tree cuts off the limb’s resources and diverts them to larger branches.

How Can Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree?

If you want to grow a healthy and sturdy tree, you can’t avoid trimming. Cutting off dead and diseased ramifications also keeps you and your family safe.

Before you decide to cut a branch, it’s crucial to learn how to tell if a tree is dead for the best results. One way you can tell if a limb is dead is by its flexibility and difficulty when trying to break it. A dead one will break easily, and it will be brown on the inside, while a live branch will be difficult to break and green on the inside.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are benefits of cutting dead ramifications of a tree:


How Can Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree

When the tree branches die, they become dead weight, which can be very risky during storms. Pruning allows the removal of the deadwood which otherwise ends up flying during a storm.

Think about it. A fully grown sweetgum tree grows up to 75 feet tall and weighs approximately 5200 pounds. This is very impressive when it’s healthy, as you enjoy the beauty that comes with the size. However, when neglected, the same beautiful tree can end up being a total disaster in your home during a storm.

According to the National Storm Damage Center, during bad weather, more than $1 billion worth of property is destroyed by damaged trees in the US.

Investing in your tree’s health reduces the chances of destruction during a storm.


Does cutting off dead branches help a tree in terms of health? Significantly, especially when done at the right time. Pruning dead limbs of the tree after a few years of planting helps the ramifications to develop a strong structure.

Once the tree becomes a bit mature, you can prune the tree to remove weak branches and thin its dense canopy. By doing so, your tree shape improves, and it allows free air circulation as well as increases the amount of sunlight it receives. This facilitates photosynthesis and growth of your tree.

One study showed that trees that had not been pruned for more than 10 years are in bad shape by 10% more than trees that are pruned.


If you’re looking for an answer to, ‘does cutting off dead branches help a tree,’ you might want to put that aside and focus on the beauty aspect of your tree.

Of course, trimming a tree ensures that it’s in its best shape. But besides beauty, a healthy tree can do so much for your home.

According to PNW Research Station, a healthy tree in front of your home can boost your home’s worth by approximately $7130.

Do Tree Branches Grow Back After Being Cut?

Do Tree Branches Grow Back After Being Cut

After you cut off a dead branch, it doesn’t technically grow back. What happens is; the latent buds near the cut site grow and form a new ramification. Note that this will only happen if the latent near the cut remains intact during the pruning process.

This best brush cutter for small trees may help you do a better job, but you also need some level of expertise. Topping can stop new buds from sprouting, and if you destroy them, they may never sprout.

How Long Does It Take for a Tree Branch to Grow Back?

This really depends on how the tree has been cut. If you cut the tree yourself, you’re likely to cut into trunk wood, which means the tree will take longer to grow. But on average, it takes at least 12 months for healthy tree branches to grow.

Final Word

So, what do you think? Does cutting off dead branches help a tree? It certainly does. And not only does pruning keep your tree healthy, but also makes your home more beautiful and safer.

If you’d learn to learn more about planting trees and home gardens, visit HandyHomeMaster.com for more informative articles.

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