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Electric Fence Gates: How to Build and Why It is a Good Idea

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

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Electric gates are always a good solution when thinking about fencing a site. You can really say about them “high-strength”. Also, from the obvious advantages, it can be noted that the amount of material for their installation is lower than for any other. After installing the best electric gates, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your territory as much as before, not to mention the fact that it looks really aesthetically pleasing and much more convenient to use. So let’s figure out what you need to think about when you decide to install an electric fence.

DIY Electric Fence Gate: All You Need to Know About It

What is the Purpose of Electric Fencing?

What is the Purpose of Electric Fencing

An electrical fence serves a great purpose to you, your home, and the property. It provides safety to your pets since they cannot leave the fenced compound unless the gate is open. It also keeps away intruders who may want to enter the secured area illegally. Therefore, electric fencing is the best provider of security for you.

Where are Electric Fence Gates Should be Located?

If you are considering installing a DIY electric fence, then you need to install an electric gate too. The gate should be installed at the main entrance to the fenced compound. it should be situated at an accessible place by the road.

The Parts and Materials Required for the Gate

Speaking directly about the installation of the fence, you will need such materials:

  • Wire or the metal to use.
  • Gate handle kits. It should be of the same type as the wires or posts used in fencing.
  • Don’t forget about safety and wear the best work gloves to protect yourself during the installation process

Installation of Electric Fence Gates

Installation of Electric Fence Gates

Before installation, you need to decide the gate type to install. Is it a temporary or permanent gate for perimeter opening? Temporary gates can consist of a single wire connected to the handle while a permanent one may consist of heavy metal for durability. Each of the electrified wires should be connected to a gate of the same wire type as the fence line material.

You should consider using gate handles that are expandable with the spring gates for efficiency. It is important to note that these ones are made from tough plastic of high quality. The plastic should have enough thickness for protection against shock. This is important mostly when installing a homemade electric fence gate.

A twenty-thousand-volts hookup wire in the underground is required to maintain the electrification of the fence. It helps to transmit electricity below the opening of the gate to the other side. The wire that is insulated should be put inside a PVC tube in the ground. This is to prevent any cut to the insulation by rocks or any foreign object capable of cutting through.

Safety Precautions to Consider When Installing the Electric Gateway

When installing an electric gate, there are some measures you should put in place to avoid getting hurt, including putting on special clothing. Ensure that the fence is not connected to an electric current at the time of installation and an electric switch is off to prevent short circuits.

Overall Safety Tips to Consider When Installing an Electrical Fence

Installing an electric fence requires the practice of several safety tips as discussed below.

You need to have a single energizer connected to a fence. These energizers should be used on minimal power or be turned off. They should be placed not less than sixty-five feet from the ground fields of utility.

Briidea 2-Mile Electric Fence Energizer
  • [Available Controlling Range] Having been designed for use with electric animal fences, the fence energizer is capable to control an area of 8 acres, and is compatible with most soil types
  • [Two Terminals] This fence energizer is standard equipped with two terminals, of which one is fence ground terminal for connecting to a separate ground system, the other one is fence output terminal for connecting to the fence
  • [Security Protection] With its cable having been listed by UL after a series of strict tests, this unit is more secure and reliable to use and is capable of fire prevention
  • [Warning Sings Needed] A warning sign shall be fitted to every point where persons may gain ready access to the conductors
  • [For Controlling Animals] This unit is capable to both defend the domestic animals inside the fence and prevent wild animals such as bears, raccoons, skunks intruding on the domestic ones

The fences should not be run parallel to the lines of power, instead, they should be crossing them at an angle of 90 degrees. The fence wire should not be attached to poles of utility and should not be anywhere near the telephone lines. Electric current inhibits transmission of telephone signals. It is advisable not to use barbed wires in electrical fencing to prevent entanglement of animals and people. Lastly, you should place post warnings at a distance not less than three hundred feet from public areas such as roads.

Perform the Perfect Installation of an Electrical Gateway

Electrical fencing is a good way to enhance security in our homes and workplaces. You should consider installing one to avoid missing the benefits that come with it.

Are you still wondering how to install an electric fence gate? Do you find it challenging to determine the best kit for your gate handle? Hit the comment section for more inquiries about the best electric fence gate and get our professional assistance. You can also obtain more help from homemakerguide.com.

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