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Top Garden Flags to Decorate Your Yard

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

It was a couple of years ago when we spent part of a summer holiday in the countryside in the south of France. The main reason for us being there was a 10 – day long self-defense training. We had two sessions in the morning and one or two in the afternoon nearly every day. However, in between, there was a break for lunch and a little siesta, hence we had plenty of time to explore the surrounding. The nature in the South of France is magnificent indeed and if you find yourself there you will undeniably be charmed by the ocean, the forests, or cicadas’ song.

Besides nature, we were also mesmerized by houses and even more beautiful gardens in the villages we visited. What especially caught our eye was the effect of small garden flags. You may find it funny but it is truly surprising how this little decoration draws attention and makes you stop and look at the entire yard.

Since we are living in a big city, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, we didn’t have a lot of chances to see them before. As we mentioned, they immediately caught our attention and we began to wonder about their purpose, etc. Upon our return we decided to investigate about them, so we talked with designers and gardeners. The thing we learned was curious indeed, hence our desire to compile them in the text and offer you the possibility to also learn about decorative garden flags.

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What Are Garden Flags For?

What Are Garden Flags For

Our research showed that France is not the only country where people use garden banners. On the contrary, there are pretty used here in the States, as well as in other parts of the world. However, if you are anything like us, and you had no idea about it, appreciate our garden flags reviews. What on Earth are garden flags for? As it turns out, there are as many reasons to use them as there are garden flag types. It means that each person decides on whether, when, and how they will use a flag. But let’s look at some common uses.

Mainly they play a decorative role. A simple fact is that a house without a garden is not very exciting, isn’t it so?! And, of course, we all see plants as the central element of the garden that makes it particularly attractive. Would you agree? Well, many gardeners believe that if you want to make your yard truly remarkable, you need something of an accent piece – a bench, a birdhouse, some color, and a warm message. And what is a better way to express a message than with the best garden flags? The flag you choose can send a message that you are welcoming guests, wishing your neighbors a good day, or that you are an animal lover. Besides that, you can choose to have seasonal garden flags and change them accordingly. Those people who love holidays purchase flags to go with them. For example, you can put up Easter garden flags or a flag for Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s day garden flags, etc.

Top 5 Decorative Outdoor Flags

How to Choose Garden Flags


Size is one of the first things people pay attention to when choosing this type of decoration. Smaller models are the most popular, and they are usually between 11×15 inches and 15x18inches. Everything higher than that is considered as large garden flags. The best is to measure the flag, as well as the pole, to make sure it will fit in your yard.


Type Garden Flags For
  • Appliquéd garden flags are similar to patchwork. The characteristic thing about them is that they have sort of a picture sawn to them. Plenty of military garden flags are appliquéd.
  • Glitter trends are garden flags that come with some sort of glitter material on them.
  • Musical flags usually have a picture of an instrument painted on them. They also play the sound as they move.


  • Nylon is the most common material. It is economic, so you can find a lot of cheap garden flags made of it.
  • Cotton is also used for flags. People like it because it is a natural material. However, when displayed outside it is like to fade and shrink.
  • Polyester is another material popular for outdoor garden flags. It is heavier than nylon and thus will last longer when kept outside.

Extra Buyer’s Tips

  • Keep in mind that you will have to buy a pole/stand as it usually doesn’t come with the flag.
  • Make sure to not block the sunlight/ shade if you are placing the flag in the garden.
  • Avoid leaving the flag outside if you know the storm is coming.

Top 5 Funny Garden Flags

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Place a Garden Flag?

Where to Place a Garden Flag
  • Driveway: The best is to place it at the beginning of the driveway so people coming to your place can see it.
  • Flower bed: If you decide that this is going to be the place for your summer garden flags, make sure that they don’t prevent the flowers from getting enough sunlight.
  • Doors: But no one ever said that the winter garden flags have necessarily to be in the yard. You can also hang them on the door, same as some people hang the wreaths for Christmas.

How to Hang Garden Flags?

  • First, you need something to hang it on. It can be a stand, a pole, or something else. Also, you need to think of the place where you want to place the flag.
  • Soak the ground with water to make sure it is soft enough for the pole to go through it.
  • Push the pole in the ground. If necessary you can push with your foot a bit.
  • Check if it straight and adjust if needed.
  • Put the flag. You will notice that there are two open ends on the flag. Open on the side and slide it over the horizontal bar. It is the situation when you have double-sided garden flags. When they have text or picture only on one side you have to make sure that it is placed on the pole in a way that people can see the right side.

What Pole/Stand to Use With Garden Flag?

Decorative flagpoles can be flat or have a decoration on top:

Arbor pole is the most common. They also come with a decorative metal top. They are stable, and flags are secure on them:

How to Keep Garden Flags from Blowing Away?

Whether you have memorial garden flags or some other type, you surely want to keep them as long as it is possible. So how can you stop it from flying away? Well, one way is to use a rubber stopper. It is a small piece of rubber that you can use after you placed the flag. If you are living in a windy area, maybe the best thing to do is buy a special pole that can hold the flag securely.


That is all about best garden flags 2021, folks! If you have a house with a little yard and garden, you can think about adding this exciting decorative element. In our experience, it plays a role in the overall appearance of the home exterior. Even though there are plenty of different models out there, now when you know what factors to consider, it is much easier to choose the best for your needs. Have you already considered buying a garden flag?

Providing you with the latest accurate information is our priority. Hence we do everything in our power to get information from reliable sources and post it on our website. If you are under the impression that you came across false or misleading information, feel free to contact us at any time.

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