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Ego vs. Greenworks: Battle of the Best Lawnmower

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

A prim and proper lawn is the sign of a flourishing household. For anyone visiting your house, your lawn makes the first impression. So it is vital to invest in a top-notch lawnmower. We recommend battery-powered or electric mowers for protection from toxic fumes and noise pollution and an evenly cut lawn. In this guide, we will compare Greenworks vs Ego, two leading lawnmower brands, so you can choose the perfect lawnmower.

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What are Battery-powered Lawn Mowers?

Lawnmowers come in various shapes and sizes with different power sources. Manually operated push lawnmowers are almost a thing of the past for uneven mowing. Gas-powered mowers generate harmful gas and loud noise that can cause serious health complications. That is why we urge you to buy a battery-powered lawnmower. Besides that:

  • It is low maintenance with less hassle and safer experience. You won’t trip over or sever the chord.
  • They don’t emit toxic fumes protecting the environment and you.
  • The quiet lawn mower makes very little noise so say goodbye to angry neighbors.
  • Unlike corded gas mowers, battery-powered mowers are light and more maneuverable.

What is the GreenWorks Brand?

Greenworks was established back in 2007 as part of Global Tools Group. This marketing group slowly turned into a tool-manufacturing company. Their main goal was to make lithium batteries as the default option for outdoor equipment. Today they’re one of the biggest electric tool manufacturers when it comes to battery-powered machines.

What is Ego?

Since 1993 under Chevron, this company has been making a variety of cordless outdoor equipment. They are reliable and perform well. And after twenty years in the business, the brand has expanded to 65 countries. Apart from lawnmowers, you will find everything from leaf blowers to saws and trimmers. Ego electric lawn mower is made smokeless, noiseless easy to use.

Ego and Greenworks: A Comparative Overview of the Main Features

WARRANTY 5 years part, 3 years battery 4 years parts, 2 years battery
CHARGING TIME 30 minutes 60 minutes
BATTERY LASTING TIME 45 minutes 30 minutes
SELF PROPELLING? Usually Infrequently
WEIGHT Average Light

Every product comes with pros and cons, and we have to consider all of them making a comparison Greenworks vs. Ego. Greenworks vouches to make environment-friendly high-quality products at affordable prices, whereas Ego has been making innovative tools for almost two decades. You will side by side comparison of Ego vs. Greenworks mower in the chart below.


Ego and Greenworks: A Comparative Overview of the Main Features

Which is more powerful – Greenworks vs. Ego mower – is not an easy question to answer. Some Greenworks electric lawn mowers have 80V battery capacity that generates great power and lasts long. Their corded mowers can generate up to 13 AMP. Alternatively, Ego mower’s maximum power capacity is only 56V but due to higher efficiency, it generates the same power.


Battery charging and lasting time

Ego mowers charge in 30 minutes only and can last for 45 minutes. Greenworks lawnmowers’, on the other hand, charge in an hour, and they drain in about 30 minutes.

Number and compatibility

Ego mowers have only one battery, whereas Greenworks’ have two. A Greenworks mower’s double battery often proves useful. While mowing a larger yard, you can use one battery to operate the Greenworks lawnmower and meanwhile charge the second one.

However, Ego beats Greenworks in battery compatibility since its batteries are compatible with all its products, whereas Greenworks lawnmower batteries might vary. So there is no clear winner in the round of the best electric lawn mower.

Cutting Options

Cutting Options

Both lawnmowers offer three handy cutting options – sideways discharge, bagging and mulching. We think other Greenworks vs. Ego reviews will agree that there are no losers here.

Maneuverability Factor

Although Greenworks lawnmowers are lighter than Ego lawnmowers, the second one has better maneuverability. Since most Greenworks’ lawnmowers are not self-propelling, the person who is mowing needs to put greater exertion.

Level of Noise Produced

All-electric lawn mowers make no noticeable noise. Compared to a gas mower they both only make a slight whirring sound. Gas-powered mowers generate 82 to 90 decibels of noise which can cause deafness, not to mention the noise pollution that will make your neighbors hate you for sure. So getting electronic lawn equipment like battery-powered lawnmowers can make a difference.

What are the Key Differences Between Ego and Greenworks?

What are the Key Differences Between Ego and Greenworks

From the above discussion, it’s pretty clear that there is very little difference between the two brands. Both produce mowers with lithium-ion batteries for residential use. However, some key differences might help you choose between Ego vs. Greenworks.

  • Ego offers a 5-year warranty on the device and 3 years on the battery whereas Greenworks warranty is valid for 4 and 2 years respectively.
  • Battery packs of Ego mowers last longer and most models come with only one battery.
  • Ego and Greenworks batteries take 30 and 60 minutes to charge respectively.
  • Greenworks lawnmowers are quieter.
  • The Ego motors have a better cut range because it lasts longer.
  • Ego lawnmowers are more likely to be self-propelling that ensures easy maneuverability.
  • Their batteries are compatible with all other devices. Greenworks uses different battery models for different devices.
  • Ego lawnmowers can move for 45 minutes whereas Greenworks mowers die in 30 minutes.

Other Products from Both Brands In Which You Might Be Interested

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Verdict and Our Recommendation

Greenworks vs. Ego – did you pick your mower of choice yet? If you are still having difficulties choosing the best electric lawn mower consider what suits your need. If you want an affordable and easily portable mower, then you might prefer a Greenworks mower. However, if you want better quality and easy maintenance, the Ego is for you. Whatever you pick, you will end up with an excellent product. Share your thoughts in the comments and have a happy time shopping!

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