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Guide to Purchase the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

Cleaning the gutter is very important to avoid bugs and insects, wood damage, fungus, ice dams, and foundation destruction. We have come up with an easy and cheap cleaning solution for you. Now you can accomplish this difficult and unavoidable task using gutter cleaner tools safely from your ground.

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Top 10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Orbit 58543 Gutter Cleaning Wand Review

Orbit 58543
3,869 Reviews
Orbit 58543
  • TELESCOPING POLE: This wand easily extends from 40 inches to 70 inches making those hard-to-reach rain gutters easy to clean.
  • ROTATING NOZZLE: The zinc sweeper nozzle rotates 180 degrees, so you can position the spray in the direction you need.
  • FOUR POSITION HEAD: Angle the spray head up or down to obtain the perfect water direction needed for your cleaning project.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight, non-corrosive construction ensures it will last season after season.
  • NON-SLIP GRIP: The padded foam grip adds comfort and insulates your hands from cold-water temperatures.

No Special Accessories Required: GutterMaster Pro Telescopic Water Fed Pole Review

78 Reviews
  • Cleaning your gutters is easier than you think. Guttermaster's Pro Curved Water Fed Telescoping Pole takes all the pain away from this tedious seasonal chore. No more taking hours to climb unstable ladders and manually removing blockages.
  • Guttermaster water wands are ideal for flushing out your gutters. Pine needles and leaves leftover from the autumn and more! Just clean out your downspouts first, then move on to spraying out the horizontal gutters.
  • This Guttermaster Pro curved wand measures 16" fully extended. Combined with your own height, this is long enough to reach most second story gutters. Water pressure from the pole depends on the water pressure of your own hose and is controlled by the variable flow control valve.
  • Our telescoping flow through pole requires no special accessories or instructions. Just connect it to your hose, and you're all set to get your gutters ready for April showers. We've designed our poles to fit with most standard garden hoses, so no special attachments are needed there, either!
  • Guttermaster water poles aren't just for gutters! Any spot you need to clean our poles can reach. Need a bit of scrubbing action? We've got a whole range of flow through brushes that attach as easily as a hose to the end of your pole. Check out our storefront for our complete list of home maintenance products.

Easy Flow Adjustment: Melnor 65059-AMZ Extreme Cleaning Wand Review

322 Reviews
  • Shaped nozzle creates a powerful sweeping spray
  • Extends up to 72" and head pivots 360° to enable cleaning gutters and hard to reach areas
  • Strong aluminum construction and non-slip foam grips make it easy to hold
  • Easy to operate flow control dial
  • Quickly connect and disconnect the wand with an included Quick Connect Product Adapter (Requires Quick Connect Product End Connector sold separately)

Best Set: AgiiMan Pressure Washer Extension Wands Review

1,568 Reviews
  • [Pressure Washer Wand Extension]The pressure washer extension wand are made of brass and stainless steel. Working pressure is up to 4000 PSI. Working temperature is up to 140 ℉, Long life.
  • [Gutter Cleaning Tool]1/4’’ NPT female socket connects to these pressure washer gutter cleaning tool. 1/4’’ NPT male quick disconnector connects to pressure washer spray gun. Easy to operate, install and disassemble.
  • [Extionsion Wands]Curved Rod Design and More Efficiency Cleaning can enter into some dead zone operations, to facilitate your use,adjust the length of the pressure washer wands according to your different needs, each straight wands is 15inch, Curved Rod is 7.5inch, which the total length is about 120 inches
  • [Telescoping Lance]Extension replacement lance for pressure washers have 6 high quality nozzle tips for many different uses. Soap nozzle and 65, 40, 25, 15 and 0 degree nozzles. This variety of sizes can be used for any and all cleaning jobs!
  • [Extension Pole for Power Washer]If you have any questions, please contact us, we would be more than happy to assist. AgiiMan team is always ready to serve you

Made in USA: The Gutter Tool Spoon and Scoop Review

The Gutter Tool
445 Reviews
The Gutter Tool
  • Ergonomic gutter cleaning tool that attaches to most extension poles
  • Allows you to hang this tool from the ladder rungs when you need your hands
  • Unique shaped hook to pull debris under gutter hangers and clean behind skylights and other roof structures.
  • Pull debris to you from a 20-foot span without having to reposition your ladder
  • A rugged, contractor-grade tool made in the USA

Easy to Connect & Disconnect: EOSS Roof Gutter Cleaning Tool Review

203 Reviews
  • 【Premium Material】 :Made of durable plastic material, it is with high toughness, good abrasion resistance, not easy to deform, durable enough for long term use.
  • 【Easy to Use】: Special shaped hook to pull refuse under gutter and clean behind skylights and other roof structures. You can clean many more areas in your roofing gutters while you move your ladder much less.
  • 【Excellent Design】:It allows you to easily pull the leaves in your direction while easily moving around the poles on your gutters. The hook can also be used to hang your pole from your ladder so you can use both hands for climbing.
  • 【Easy to Connect】:The Shovel can attaches to most extension poles. It can effectively expand your cleaning area, save your cleaning time and energy.
  • 【Easy to Connect】:The Shovel can attaches to most extension poles. It can effectively expand your cleaning area, save your cleaning time and energy.

Best to Attach to Leaf Blower: Toro Gutter Cleaning Kit Review

1,329 Reviews
  • Clean out the gutters with your feet firmly planted on the ground
  • Reaches farther than the competition allowing you to clean gutters easier
  • Designed to maximize airflow through entire tube and direct debris forward
  • Includes gutter nozzle, shoulder strap, connection collar, 5 extension tubes (20.6" each), and 2-year warranty
  • Fits most Toro Blower/Vacs, including model numbers 51574, 51592, 51599, 51602, 51609, 51617, 51618, 51619, 51621 and 51690

Two Nozzles: Tool Daily Gutter Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washer Review

Tool Daily
456 Reviews
Tool Daily
  • Application: Built-in two high-pressure turbo nozzles for blasting away leaves and debris quickly and easily out of your gutters. Ideal for fast and easy cleaning of cluttered and clogged gutters.
  • The working pressure of gutter cleaner tools is rating to 3300 PSI.
  • Power washer gutter cleaner has 1/4 inch Quick Disconnect and fits most brands of high pressure washer wands. Universal fit for gas or electrical pressure washers.
  • Pressure washer gutter cleaner attachment is made of brass and stainless steel.
  • Gutter cleaner for pressure washer can be quickly connected. Easy to install and remove.

4 Spray Patterns: Orbit X-Stream Telescoping Watering Tool Review

Orbit X-Stream
164 Reviews
Orbit X-Stream
  • DESIGNED WITH PURPOSE: Spray head sized to fit inside a standard gutter for easy fall clean up.
  • TELESCOPING POLE: This five-position pole easily extends from 3.5 feet to 6 feet to clean where traditional nozzles cant reach.
  • FOUR SPRAY PATTERNS: Choose from a vertical, horizontal, jet, or shower spray.
  • LOCKING PIVOTING HEAD: Angle the spray to where you need it without the worry of bumping it out of place.

For All Types of Gutters: Gutter Getter 00-612 Review

Gutter Getter
558 Reviews
Gutter Getter
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is highly durable and handle
  • The product is manufactured in USA

Why You Need To Keep Your Gutter Clean: Causes and Consequences

A gutter must be cleaned because it can cause serious problems. Reasons why you must use gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house are:

  • Bugs and nasty insects: The gutter is an ideal breeding ground for insects and bugs like earthworms, earwigs, ants, and mosquitos.
  • Wood decay: Water clogging may lead to rotting, decaying, and deterioration of the wood fascia of your house.
  • Damage of foundation: If the water overflows and gets stagnant around your house, there are risks of a damaged foundation. This may result in cracks leading to water clogging in your basement.
  • Fungus, mold, and other damages to the landscape: Mold and fungus breed in damp surfaces. Stagnant waterlogging can ruin your landscape.
  • Ice dams: These are the icy water clogging on your oof during the winter. This may result in leaking of your attic and cause serious damage to your house and pocket.

Choosing Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House

Choosing Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House

Out of the many options in the market, choosing the ideal fit is important. Here’s a list of things to look for while choosing the best gutter cleaning tool:

Weight and Length of the Pole

The pools are of multiple uses. You get lots of tools with the pole which can be used for improvement and professional jobs. We recommend 24 feet or longer pole length for maximum efficiency. You can also choose poles with adjustable lengths and avoid straining your muscles.

Pressure Washing

Getting a pressure washer gutter cleaner is also important. Extension poles make cleaning the 2nd story possible. With more poles/tubes being added the pressure keeps falling. So a good tool must tackle the pressure level successfully. A pressure washer also helps in cleaning debris. While cleaning the siding, avoid spraying above from below. Some tools facilitate downward spraying through the siding.

Ground Cleaning

Using an extension ladder can be way risky leading to serious accidents. To avoid a ladder you need a tool that can help you clean from the ground. Safety calls for prioritization. So choose a tool you can work with from the ground and the one that doesn’t cause damage to your eyes by flying off the debris. You can also opt for a leaf blower extension for 2nd story gutters.

Methods of Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

Methods of Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

Read the ways you can use the 2 story gutter cleaning tools. We cover every method in the easiest way including telescopic gutter cleaning tools. Follow the steps, and yippee you’ve done it!

Hosing Method

In as less than 30 minutes you can get it cleaned using tools, a ladder, and a stool. Place your ladder steadily on the ground. Do not miss rubber gloves and a trash bag. Clean the debris with a scoop. Reposition and follow the steps. At the end, use a high-pressure hose for cleaning. Rinse well, and you’re done.

Blower Method

You can blow your debris from the safety of your ground. However, it might accompany troubles like a splattering of waste and dirty your lawn, walls, and roads. We quite do not want a mess everywhere trying to clean a thing, do we? It might block your pipe which would be devastating. So compared to other methods, we advise against this one.

Vacuum Method

You can use vacuum pressure for cleaning. This is the best 2 story gutter cleaner because you get safety without causing any mess. However, the drawback is unable to clean mosses or hardened dirt. Unable to see the cleaning surface might lead to a bit of trouble. Positioning and fitting the cleaner in the direction of the gutter can be tricky too.

Ground Cleaning

Cleaning gutters on 2 story house is the easiest using this telescopic gutter cleaning tool. It assures safety. Again, the cons would be being unable to see whether it has been perfectly cleaned. However, this method involves all you can do from the ground including washing through the downspout. Though the easiest, we still do not recommend it because there are chances of blocking the downspout which can then cause a lot of difficulties.

Safety Tips To Follow

Safety Tips To Follow

Safety must always be our first and foremost priority. Cleaning gutter in 2 story house is not much of a safe task. Use gutter guards easy to install and remove. Always remember the safety tips while working.

  • Avoid cleaning from the roof
  • Do not reach out more than you can
  • Do not work in bad weather
  • Place your ladder steadily
  • Ensure a stable and firm foundation while placing the ladder
  • A standoff stabilizer can be a good option to use
  • Never forget your rubber gloves and safety goggles
  • Avoid wearing slippery shoes. Use rubber ones
  • Use a hat

How Frequently Do You Need To Clean Your Gutter?

How Frequently Do You Need To Clean Your Gutter

There is no hard and fast rule. Clean as often as you need to. Climate conditions vary from place to place, however, experts recommend at least twice annually. You can use a homemade gutter cleaning solution and regularly inspect gutters. Factors that affect how many times you need to clean are:

  • The type of roof you have
  • Weather conditions where you live
  • Trees in your surroundings
  • Birds in your area
  • Vegetation and grassland of your compound
  • Price of cleaning services
  • Location of your house
  • Your preferred frequency
  • Size of the roof

Our Verdict and Recommendation, 2021

We have brought to you the best gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house reviews so that you can make your pick what suits you the best. Gone are the days of climbing to clean the gutter. Hope your cleaning has been made easier with our review of the best gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house in 2021. Share with us the trouble that you just shot with our top guide on the market.

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