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Tips to make the perfect hanging basket of flowers

Last Updated: 04 June 2021

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If you’ve ever had a stroll around your neighborhood, you’ll probably notice just how many hanging baskets of flowers are on display. There are some real stunners out there! Let’s face it – many people have probably tried replicating some of these but to no avail, creating horrible plants. However, good hanging plants needn’t be very difficult to gather. Here in this article, we’ll take you through some tips to get the best hanging baskets for your home. We will also tell about several best plants for hanging baskets to use.

What are some benefits of hanging flower baskets?

Creating a perfect hanging basket of flowers

Apart from looking absolutely lovely, there are many benefits to hanging basket plants. By putting them around inside, one can bring the beauty of the outside inside. Hanging flower basket plants also have fewer maintenance costs when placed indoors. It’s not like you need to apply the best lawn fertilizer everywhere! One can often water them a lot less – indoor environments are heavily regulated, so there are fewer pressures than plants would succumb to outside. When hanging flower baskets, it’s much easier to provide plants with solar exposure. For instance, when they’re not getting enough sun in one area, you can simply relocate containers and take them to another place. The portability of hanging flower baskets lets people decide when and how much their plant receives shade, sun, and water.

Creating a perfect hanging basket of flowers

Choose Your Hanging Pot

The style choice isn’t always everything when hanging flowers. If you want a simple setup of cascading pots, then opt for regular cups. If you’re looking for living flower globes that hang up from the streets just like in a European village, then look at purchasing containers that are either wire with fiber liners or purchase pots with holes throughout their bodies. It’s essential to consider the shape and style of your pot. Perhaps a plant would look great in a simple watering can, or even a colander. Size dictates how much plants can grow – you need to fit a plant’s size to make sure it can become large enough for its pot. Something too small will require a lot of pruning, whereas something too large will require more consistent watering.

Choose Your Soil

High-quality potting mixes are essential when thinking about hanging a basket. By choosing lightweight blends that commercial growers have recommended, an addition of polymer crystals to the soil can also help with growth. If you want the best hanging baskets, then get the highest quality soil.

Feed and Water

Feed and Water

With a hanging basket, more nutrients are leached out of the soil than with a regular container. Adding granular fertilizers, especially slow-release products, can stop nutrients from leaching out. You can add liquid fertilizers after granular products, and by using both, you will be able to see differences made in the plants. Plants will undoubtedly say “thank you” and produce many blooms!

A hanging flower basket requires much more water than other types of container plants, especially those that have fiber liners. Always make sure that your planters have enough water and don’t dry out. If planters become dry, all root systems become damaged, and this damage will most likely be irreversible. When you know how heavy fully-watered planters become, you can simply lift them and notice if they’re getting too dry. Watering hanging baskets isn’t as difficult as it may seem – it’s really simple! Don’t forget that in hot conditions, plants will need to be taken down and watered more often, about three times a day.

7 best plants for hanging baskets

You have to make sure you choose the right plants to suit a particular location. Pay attention if baskets are in a shady or sunny place. All-weather and climate conditions also bear consideration. For example, if a basket is on a balcony where it could be subject to wind, rain, and heat, it’s better to choose trailing plants with upright flowers in the middle.

Variety and type of plant are important choices worth considering. Do you want single or multiple colors? Do you want to incorporate different textures or bloom shapes? These are choices that should be thought about. A bright color will help draw someone’s eye in from the sidewalk, whereas a more subdued one allows for blending plants. There are all sorts of choices worth considering. Let’s have a look at seven of them below.

best plants for hanging baskets

1- Supertunia Petunias

This breed of petunia is brilliant because it can draw in some fantastic wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds. It can shed its own old bloom and comes in a variety of rich shades. Petunias are wonderful for hanging baskets because of their iconic flower shape.

2- Painted Lady

The gorgeous foliage of this plant is something that one ought to admire. Painted ladies are also highly drought-resistant, so they’re perfect for containers. Once they have become established in a container, they can tolerate dry periods for a long time, especially during the warmer months.

3 – Sedum Morganianum

Sedum morganianum is commonly known as Donkey Tails. These plants have beautiful green leaves that can be spotted as iconic plants in an instant. The best way of growing these is by subjecting them to full sunlight and a lot of water – they will look charming indeed!

4 – Chrysanthemum

These are favorites for a lot of florists out there. Chrysanthemums have lovely colors and add a touch of class around any patio or balcony. If you get them in maroon or pink, they can stand out a lot more.

5 – Lobelia

This beautiful plant can turn its blooms in many colors, from blue to purple. They are wise choices for all types of baskets, whether they are fall hanging baskets or window boxes. These plants will grow in many different conditions with ease.

6 – Impatiens


These plants can fall prey to unfortunate mildew, but by hanging them up in baskets, you can get them away from ground soil where mould may quickly form. When placed in containers, this no longer becomes an issue. These plants are some of the most popular annual plants in America.

7 – Dwarf Lavender

Any dwarf lavender variety adds a touch of purple shade whilst provides a soothing scent. These flowers love sunny conditions and can thrive in any area near windows. They are great because they can act as fail-safe options for indoor growth.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, now that you’ve read our tips, you’ll have all the knowledge for hanging basket hooks and getting a lovely bouquet in a box. Whatever flowers you go for, you’ll probably find that there’s less maintenance and more to love than in a regular garden. Have fun and plant away!

Have you had any experience hanging plants at home? handyhomemaster.com would appreciate any of your comments below.

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