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Ethanol-free Gas: How Long Does It Last?

Last Updated: 17 September 2020

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Ethanol-free gas is a high-quality fuel and is an excellent choice for cars and outdoor equipment. How long does non-ethanol gas last? Is it beneficial? Can we store it effectively? There are a lot many such questions that may be popping in your minds.

Here in this article, we will discuss how ethanol-based gas differs from its ethanol-free counterparts and how it should be stored to force it to offer extended shelf life.

What is the difference between ethanol based and ethanol-free gas?

What is the difference between ethanol based and ethanol-free gas

Ethanol-free gas does not constitute alcohol content and also do not attract water molecules, which is the major reason for fuel spoilage. If you are thinking about how long does ethanol free gas lasts, then you need to know that it can last for six months if stored properly.

And, if it contains added on stabilizers, this shelf life can extend to about two years. On the other hand, Ethanol based gas has alcohol content, which is the main reason behind the short shelf life of these gases. It can attract moisture that causes a release of water bubbles.

Ensure that you purchase ethanol-based gas that has alcoholic content less than 10 percent and an octane rating above 89. Ethanol-based gas is readily available and is found in abundance in comparison to ethanol-free gas.

Advantages and disadvantages of ethanol-free gas

Every product has its upsides, and downsides, and ethanol-free gas is no exception. Here are a few drawbacks and benefits of ethanol free gas that is worth taking a glance:


  • Ethanol-free gas can offer better mileage in comparison to its regular and premium counterparts.
  • Ethanol-based fuels attract water, which can cause rusting of interior parts of the engine. Thus it is better to use gases that do not have ethanol content and aids in the easy and smooth functioning of the engine.
  • Ethanol gas is made using agricultural produces, mainly corn, which makes the manufacturers dependent on such crops. But ethanol-free gas does not use any such agricultural products for manufacture, thus reducing the dependence on corn industry.
  • If stored properly, such gases can offer prolonged services.


  • Ethanol-free gas can pose a threat to the environment owing to the harmful emissions that stands as the primary reason behind global warming and air pollution.
  • A higher level of dependence on oil has forced countries to rely on oil-producing countries to import such fuels. Thus one can expect a price rise for the same. Also, you can expect the price of ethanol-free gas to be on the higher side in comparison to its gasoline counterparts.
  • One cannot find ethanol-free gas in abundance, and it may have limitations, which can cause a lack of availability posing a challenge for the drivers.

Shelf life comparison of Ethanol-free and ethanol-based gas

If you use a gas lawn mower at home or gas leaf blower, then storage is an important parameter to consider to enhance the shelf life. As a remedy, one can consider adding stabilizers to the ethanol-free gas to increase the shelf life.

The stabilizers help in keeping the compounds of the gas bonded together with water molecules and further reabsorbs the same preventing the oil substrate from turning bad. Here is a quick storage life comparison for these fuels:

Type of fuel Storage life
Ethanol free gas Six months approximately
Ethanol based gas Two weeks to three months
Commercial ethanol free gas Two years

Quick storage tips to increase the lifespan of ethanol-free gas

We hope we have cleared the air regarding how long does ethanol free gas last, another thing that people worry about is about increasing the lifespan of ethanol-free gas while storing it.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of while storing ethanol free gas to serve you a long term:

Quick storage tips to increase the lifespan of ethanol-free ga
  • The gas cans should always be kept at a safe distance from any ignition sources. Consider keeping it at least 15 metres apart from any such sources.
  • Use a non-spill fuel container for storage and also ensure that it meets all the safety standards to extend the ethanol free gas shelf life.
  • Keep the tank in the shade and do not keep it exposed to sunlight.
  • Do not fill up the tank with ethanol free gas up to the brim. Keep some vacant space at the top because gases tend to expand and thus require space for the same.
  • Seal the tank securely in an airtight manner so that no air tends to creep inside the container.
  • Keep the tank at room temperature; do not alter the temperature of the room where these tanks are stored to enhance the shelf life of ethanol free gasoline.


Ethanol-free gases are becoming highly popular these days and are finding major usage in vehicles and outdoor equipment. So if you are planning to store some ethanol-free gas to fuel up your outdoor equipment, you can always consider logging in to HandyHomeMaster.com to get answers for any kind of queries hitting your mind.

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