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How Many Solar Panels Do I Really Need?

Last Updated: 08 April 2022

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Ever since green electricity has become popular and easily accessible by most landlords, the interest in solar panels and home wind turbines has grown hugely. This isn’t just a good thing for keeping the electricity bill down, because it also helps the environment since the big coal and gas electricity plants are less and less necessary to provide the needed supply of electrical power. However, since it’s still a new-ish concept to install solar panels for personal use, there are many people out there asking themselves how many solar panels to power a house, or what are the best solar panels for RV. So, we decided to write this article and offer you all the needed information about using solar panels to power up your home, mobile home, or any other use you can think of.

Is My House Good for Solar?

Is My House Good for Solar

Even if it may sound corny, every house is good for solar. Even if you don’t get too much sunlight over a year, installing solar panels isn’t all about having sunny weather. The latest technology used in the best flexible solar panels allows them to gather energy even when it’s cloudy outside since it’s all about the solar power that’s stored inside these panels, not necessarily direct sunlight. Even if the amount of energy produced on a cloudy or covered day isn’t going to match what you get on a bright day, it’s still going to be more than enough for you do not to worry about carrying a portable generator with you.

So, no matter how the weather’s like where you live, installing flexible solar panels is a great idea. Even in the worst-case scenario that your house won’t run entirely on the electricity produced by the flexible solar panels you installed, it will still help you cut down on expenses and do your part in saving the environment one day at a time. For this, the flexible solar panels play a very important role.

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce

If you’re asking yourself how much solar power do I need for my RV or how many solar panels do I need do power-up my home, you first need to understand how much energy can be delivered by the flexible solar panels. So, when figuring out how many solar panels for the house to get started by thinking about the efficiency of these flexible solar panels available on the market right now. For example, a 350 watts solar panel with 36 x 39 dimensions can produce up to 1,87 kWh daily. Of course, this is an average, you will register values above average in summer months and below-average during winter. However, this calculation is mandatory to figure out the next step of the process and make sure the flexible solar panels you buy and install are going to deliver what you want.

“How much solar do I need?” is the next big question in the mind of everyone that wishes to install flexible solar panels on their home. To figure this one out, you need to go over your past electricity bills and understand how much your household needs, on average, over a month. And we are going to cover this particular subject in the next paragraph to help you even further in figuring out how many flexible solar panels you need to install.

How Many Watts Does a House Use?

How Many Watts Does a House Use

Unfortunately, there’s no general answer to this one. Since each family has its lifestyle and uses various plugged-in devices and each house is built to be less or more energy-efficient. Luckily, there are plenty of statistics and documentation you can use to figure out how many watts your house needs. With that info, and knowing how much each of the flexible solar panels produces, you can figure out the answer to the most important question in this process: “How many solar panels do I need to power my house?”

For example, the average energy consumption for a home in the USA was close to 11,000 kWh and a monthly average of a little over 900 kWh. As mentioned above, these values are not constant because you need to take the seasons into consideration, how harsh the winters are, if the summers are really hot and you need to use a lot of AC, and many such aspects. However, going over the electricity bills from the past 2 or 3 years should help you estimate the average consumption for your home. Add a couple of hundreds kilowatts hour on that just to be sure and you are already much closer to figuring out the answer to “How big of a solar system do I need?”. Many other questions like “How many solar panels are needed to power an average house?” or even more specific ones like “How many solar panels do I need for a 2000 sq ft home?” are also answered through this procedure.

What Size Solar System Do I Need?

What Size Solar System Do I Need

Since we already figured out how much electricity does a solar panel produce and what are your electricity needs to run everything in the house using flexible solar panels, calculating the size of the solar panel should be pretty straightforward. Knowing how many kwh does a solar panel produce per day, the average consumption for your household and the efficiency of each one of the flexible solar panels you are going to install, you will easily get the number of panels you need in your solar system.

To make things even better, you can also think about what’s the roof surface you can use to install flexible solar panels because this will help you figure out exactly how much power do solar panels generate so you have a clear idea on the solar-panel efficiency you’re going for. If the total size of the solar system is bigger than what you can install on the roof of your home, there’s not much to worry about. Even though the wiring diagram may get a bit more complicated than when you have all your flexible solar panels in one place, you can put some on the garage, or any other building inside your yard. There’s nothing stopping you to place flexible solar panels on the ground as well, however, they’re better protected on the roof and you will have more space for yourself inside the yard.

How to Calculate the Number of Solar Panels Required?

We’ve given you the instructions for figuring out how many solar panels you need to set up your solar system at home. However, if these steps seem too complicated and time-consuming for you, you can simplify the entire process. It won’t help you identify the best solar panels for RV however this calculator will make it easier to understand how many panels do you need and what should be the efficiency of each of the flexible solar panels you install.

To use such a calculator you first need to enter your home location so that the algorithm behind the calculator can access data about the sunshine available in that area. Next, you will have to input the average consumption in your household so that the calculator can figure out exactly how many of the best flexible solar panels you are going to require.

Using such a calculator will help you determine if you can run your home entirely on solar electricity over the year. And since many people still ask themselves “ Do you still have an electric bill with Solar panels?” using a calculator will also provide an answer to that question. Since, without enough sunshine, even the best flexible solar panels may not be able to deliver the needed electricity levels for your home.


Now you have all the needed data about flexible solar panels and how you can use such a system to power your entire house. No matter if you do the calculations the old-school way or you’re using a calculator, make sure to always add some extra kWh on the final result just so you’re covered in case your energy consumption goes up when having a friend over for a longer period of time or any unforeseen event. Remember, the quality of the flexible solar panels you buy can make a world of difference so don’t get scared about prices as you will recover the money from not paying electricity bills every month. Handyhomemaster is always here to help you with the best solutions to make your home more comfortable and a better place to live in.

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