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How Often Should you Vacuum to Make you Home Safe and Pleasant

Last Updated: 25 May 2021

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Dust… Obviously, everybody hates it. It makes our homes not only inaccurate but it can also damage furniture. Plus, dust may cause allergies and different health problems. It is especially harmful to children and the elderly. Of course, we have to fight not only with dust! There is some dirt dragged from the outside, pet’s hair, and so on. The only answer to all these unpleasant things in our houses is vacuuming and dusting.

If you’d like your home being neat, cozy, and nice, the first rule is to tidy it up regularly! But how often should you vacuum and dust? Do you have to vacuum every day or once a week will be enough? Keep reading, the answers are below.

Vacuum once a week if:

  • everything is fine with your and your dearests’ health and there are no pets.

Vacuum twice a week:

  • it’s strongly recommended to vacuum twice a week if there are carpets on the floor or there is too much traffic in some of the rooms, e.g. hall, entrance area.

Vacuum daily if:

  • you’ve got pets;
  • somebody in your family is allergic or have poor health.

These are the most common rules, but they aren’t the only ones.

Vacuuming Frequency Based on Flooring Types

General rules mentioned above are not enough if you really want to clean your place up effectively. It’s better to hoover depending on the floor type and room usage.

How Often To Hoover Carpets

How Often To Hoover Carpets

Bad news! You have to vacuum the carpet frequently! Since it absorbs debris, bacteria, etc., and becomes dirty quickly. So, it’s strongly recommended to hoover a rug twice a week. However, in case it’s a high-traffic area and/or a carpet is thick you’d better clean it three times a week or more often. But that’s not a hard task if you have a quality machine, something like the best Dyson vacuum.

Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

If you are not in love with frequent cleanings, hardwood surface is the best decision for you since it doesn’t require too much effort to tidy it up. Vacuuming hardwood floors once a week will be enough. However, in case you live in a dusty or sandy area, you may want to clean it oftener. Cleaning experts advise using a special device like the best hardwood floor vacuum, they say hoovering becomes a pleasure with such a tool.

How Often Should You Vacuum With Pets

How Often Should You Vacuum With Pets

Things are getting more complicated if you’ve got pets. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you like cleaning or not. You must vacuum and dust every single day in case there are furry little friends at your place! Their hair, dander, and dirt from the paws can cause not only allergy but other diseases either.

Here is advice for cleaning-haters and those who are always in a hurry: vacuum daily the places where your pets often go, e.g hallway, kitchen, their favorite room. It’s better to remove carpets, so cleaning and hoovering will become easier. And don’t forget to dust or vacuum your furniture!

The best robot vacuum for pet hair may become your ally. Anyway, it’ll ease your life!

Vacuuming Frequency Based on Room Usage

Vacuuming Frequency Based on Room Usage

Here the question comes: how often should we vacuum each room in the house? Of course, you can apply the general rules mentioned above. However, there are some specifics you should know. Let’s get to learn them!

Bedrooms And Home Offices

Keeping tidiness in the bedroom and other rooms where you rest and spend much time is crucial for your health and overall wellbeing. It’s better not to have carpets there but they make rooms so comfortable and cozy! So, you should vacuum your bedroom or study 2-3 times a week if pets are not allowed. Don’t forget to hoover under the bed!

In case a room is not used too often, e.g. guest room, you can hoover it weekly or even biweekly if there is a hardwood floor.

But! Once a month you must do a general cleaning with vacuuming mattresses, inside wardrobes, bedside tables, etc. since dust gathers not only on the floor but also on and inside the furniture.

Vacuum Kitchen And Hallway

Vacuum Kitchen And Hallway

These are high-traffic areas, which require some efforts to keep them neat. No carpets there, please!) As you already know, carpets absorb all dirt, debris, fur, etc, these all may be invisible but really harmful!

You should vacuum your kitchen three times a week. Of course, if there is a rug, hoover it daily.

The hallway is the most often-used area in the house; you bring dirt from the outside on your shoes. So, it’s advisable to vacuum a hallway once a day. But if you’ve got pets that go loosely from outside to inside, hoover twice a day.

Best Tips for Vacuuming Floors

Now that you know how often you should vacuum your house, it’s time to learn how to do it properly. Yes, there are some rules of thumb! But if you apply them, vacuuming will become an easy and enjoyable process for you. That’s why we’ve gathered some vacuuming tips here. Read on!

Pre-cleaning Actions

To make things easier, it’s better to try to keep your house tidy all the time. What does it mean?

  • Don’t allow shoes inside
  • Put some mats in the entry areas, so that everybody would wipe off footwear before entering a hallway
  • Clean your pet’s paws before letting it in the rooms
  • Don’t place carpets and rugs in each room

If you stick to these simple rules, you’ll have to vacuum not that often, we promise!

Make a schedule

Time management in our high-paced world really matters. Decide on the day/days when you’ll be doing the vacuuming and stay stick to this routine. It’s really helpful if your life is busy. You’ll be aware that the floors are always clean.

Take care of your hoover

No matter your vacuum is bagged or bagless it’s necessary to keep an eye on it since hoovering gets useless if your device is full of litter. Always empty a bag or container before it becomes too full, then cleaning will be effective.

Vacuum or dust first

Always dust before vacuuming! When you clean surfaces dust goes up and then settles down on the floor. So, if you hoover before dusting, it’ll be ineffective, the floor will remain dirty.

Ways to clean carpets

There are no secrets about how to clean hardwood floors. But it’s not that easy to handle carpets. However, we know several carpet cleaning tips and are ready to share them with you!

  • Do it slowly. Especially if your carpet is thick. If you rush, the vacuum won’t be able to suck up all the debris, so move slowly back and forth.
  • If you’d like to make a deep clean, do it in opposite directions. For example, move south-north, then turn, and move east-west. It’s a time-consuming but very effective technique.
  • Use special attachments to vacuum difficult-to-reach areas in your room.
  • And, of course, choose a proper vacuum cleaner. Consider options which are adequate for your carpets.


Finally, you know how often you should vacuum your house and we hope our cleaning tips will be helpful. You are welcome to visit the site HandyHomeMaster, where you’ll find tons of useful information on your householding.

Feel free to share your experience with us! We’ll read your comments gladly!

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