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How Often To Mow Lawn?

Last Updated: 10 June 2022

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Maintaining a lawn is not as easy as one might think. Questions like ‘how often to mow lawn’, what is the right way to do it etc., must be answered. Today, we are going to deal with the first query, and by the end of this article, we are sure you will know exactly how often should you cut your grass.

Honestly, there’s no one straight answer to this. It depends on several factors such as where you stay, the kind of grass you have and of course, the seasons. One must take into consideration all these factors before deciding how often to cut grass.

Benefits of Regular Grass Cutting

Benefits of Regular Grass Cutting

Even if you do not know exactly how often you should mow your lawn, you must never keep it lying unmowed for very long. Regular grass cutting comes with its benefits.

  • If your lawn is overgrown, there is a higher chance of pests and rodents. Overgrown gardens are an ideal hiding place for such creatures. To prevent infestations, maintain a healthy lawn mowing frequency.
  • When you mow your lawn regularly, you allow every blade of grass to receive even sunlight resulting in an even growth. This makes the lawn look beautiful.
  • Trimming the lawn regularly ensures that your roots will be healthier and that, in turn, will make your lawn look green, supple, and stronger.
  • An overgrown lawn can be a great host to pests and diseases. If you wish to get rid of such elements and want to have a healthy and safe lawn, maintain your lawn mowing schedule.
  • Regularly cutting grass also prevents your garden from inclement weather.

How Often to Mow Lawn in Spring

Spring can be a great time for outdoor parties, and you might wanna groom your garden to host the first barbecue party of the season but wait, you must keep certain things in mind before you get over enthused with the mower.

  • Let your grass reach the length of at least 2 inches before mowing. Follow the rule of 1/3rd when you are cutting the grass.
  • If you have fertilized your lawn, make sure you give the grass time enough to absorb it well.
  • If you plan on overseeding this season, wait until the next one to use your lawn mower.

After the first mow, make sure you do it at an interval of four to six days.

How Often to Mow Lawn in Summer

Summers are a great time for outdoor play, and thus we all need to take care of the lawn. After the freezing winter, summers bring the season of growth and flourish. This means that you might have to cut the grass more often in this season.

But you must know that every grass is different and requires different answers to the same questions, such as how short to cut grass or how often.

Experts recommend that you keep the height of your grass around 3 inches and follow the rule of one-third while mowing. Longer grass will help them sustain drought. The frequency level must also go up to ideally every fourth day.

How Often to Mow Lawns in Fall & Winter

How Often to Mow Lawns in Fall & Winter

The growth rate of grass decreases significantly in fall and winter, which means you need not mow your lawn once a week. In very cold places, you need not do it at all. However, if you need to mow your lawn, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Do not mow wet grass.
  • Trim your lawn just when the cold season sets in, and don’t bother for the entire season.
  • Be careful and don’t overdo it.

How Do You Know if Your Lawn’s Grass is Too Short?

If you find your lawn looking dried out and yellow after you have run your mower, you have probably cut the grass too short. Certain grass varieties let you have a very short yet green-looking turf, but if you do not have those and run the blade too close to the root, your lawn will look yellow and dry.

Mowing Frequency General Tips

Mowing Frequency General Tips
  • Maintain the height of your grass between 2 to 3 inches before mowing.
  • Rule of one-third: never cut more than one-third of your leaf blade.
  • Sharp lawn mower blades give you a better finish.
  • Often people ask, “Can you cut wet grass?” And the answer is that it is not impossible but cutting dry grass helps you achieve a neater result.
  • Do not mow right after seeding. Give them enough time for germination.
  • Use organic mulch to keep your lawn healthy.

Final Word

We hope we have been able to help you understand how often to mow the lawn and how different seasons require you to care for your lawn differently. The weather plays a determining factor in plants’ growth, and behavior and turf grasses are no different. A well-maintained lawn is not only a soothing sight but also great for parties and gatherings.

Thus, be a great host at your party, but before that, get the best tools out and mow your lawn correctly.

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