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How To Clean A Paint Sprayer

Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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A paint sprayer is a fantastic tool that can help you finish painting faster and make the objects look way better than if rolled or brushed upon. However, it is equally important to clean and unclog the paint spray nozzle after use. If this simple step is overlooked, you not only set yourself up for disastrous repercussions but also reduce the life of even the best paint sprayer.

In this article, we take a look at different mechanisms by which you can clean your sprayer and some of the spray gun cleaning solvents that you will need for cleaning purposes. Furthermore, we also take a look at a few ways by which you can maintain your equipment and ensure that your best paint sprayer remains in the best possible condition even after long years of use.

Cleaning Paint Spraying Equipment

Cleaning Paint Spraying Equipment

Cleaning paint sprayer equipment after use is essential to avoid malfunction and defects. For this purpose, it is important to pump out the substance from the sprayer and the hose. Furthermore, one must avoid the curing and drying as it can damage even the best paint sprayer that can incur high repair costs.

How To Clean Spray Gun

Let us take a look at how to clean airless paint sprayer via different solutions. This will allow your best paint sprayer to stay in optimum condition for years to come.

Cleaning Paint Gun With Acetone

Cleaning Paint Gun With Acetone

Acetone is one of the most commonly used cleaning agents. This paint gun cleaner can be used to clean the different components as it is capable of dissolving paint and grease from the surfaces of the material. It is also one of the cheapest solvents available in the market that can be safely used.

If you want to maintain your best paint sprayer, you need to keep the components of the sprayer into Acetone cleaner for a few minutes. Afterward, pull out the parts from the cleaner and wipe out the paint. And just like that, your gun is cleaned.

Cleaning Paint Gun With Lacquer Thinner

Cleaning Paint Gun With Lacquer Thinner

Another paint gun cleaner solvent is lacquer thinner. To begin cleaning, disassemble it first and put all the components in a container. Now, pour the lacquer thinner into the container and wait for half an hour. One by one, pull out the different paint spraying equipment and wipe away the substance with a cloth. There is no need to apply anything else as lacquer thinner softens the substance, thereby making the whole process super ease. Ensure that you use the solvent cautiously as it is highly flammable.

How To Clean A Paint Sprayer Hose

There are a few helpful airless sprayer tips that one can benefit from when cleaning the hose. These are as follows:

How To Clean A Paint Sprayer Hose
  • Turn the valve knob to the spray position
  • Turn the switch to “On”
  • To purge the hose, trigger the spray gun into the flushing pail
  • Turn the switch to “Off”
  • While releasing the gun trigger, engage the trigger lock
  • Turn the pressure knob to the lowest available setting
  • Disconnect power
  • Remove the filters from the sprayer

This method will ensure that there is no remaining material in the hose, and it is fully cleared out. With the paint sprayer filter out, you can easily clean the gun as well as the hose with the airless paint sprayer cleaning solution mentioned above. You can also hold the gun with the trigger down under the faucet and let the fast-flowing water flow into where the filter was and out of the spray area. Keep this up for 60 seconds and wipe dry afterward.

How To Clean A Spray Paint Nozzle

It is not an easy task to clean spray paint nozzle. Although most nozzles can be cleaned from the back, if there are any blockages, a spray equipment cleaner agent such as thinner is recommended for long-term cleaning and storage.

First up, remove the nozzle from the spray, pour thinner into a small bucket, and soak the nozzle into it. Ensure that you do not leave it there for more than 2 hours as the nozzle may disintegrate if soaked for too long.

Sometimes, this may not be enough to clean even the best paint sprayer nozzles. In that case, you can take the aid of a safety pin. Once the nozzle is dry, use the safety pin to carefully scrape away the paint and pay extra attention to the center of the nozzle. This is a fast and effective way of ensuring that the nozzle is devoid of any dried substance.

To prevent any future clogs, make it a habit of holding your best paint sprayer upside down and spray a small amount of substance after every single use. Use a cloth to wipe the nozzle clean. Another precaution that you can take requires you to place a safety pin into the center before storing it. This will ensure that the spray paint machine part is kept unclogged.

How To Clean Dried Latex Paint From Paint Sprayer

Knowing how to clean the HVLP spray gun is crucial if you want to keep dried latex paint off of it. Go through the following steps and ensure that your best paint sprayer equipment remains in optimum condition.

Remove the spray guard and the tip from the gun and thoroughly clean them with hot water. A soft bristle brush is ideal when removing dried latex substance from both parts of the best pump sprayer. Once washed, hold it towards a light source. You should be able to see daylight through the spray hole.

Next, unscrew the top of the gun, remove the filter, and rinse it with water. Now, put the gun back without the filter. Use pliers to grip the handle and turn the gun-top by hand. Fill clean water in a bucket and turn the sprayer on for a few seconds. This will allow the sprayer to draw water from the pump. Aim the gun into another bucket and spray until the substance is entirely removed from the sprayer.

Now, please take off the inlet strainer by rotating it counterclockwise. Thereafter, clean the strainer and return it to its place. Unscrew the top of your best paint sprayer and put the filter back inside. To help future cleaning, use a throat seal liquid after use. Squeeze the juice into the hole found on the front of the sprayer. Most sprayers require only three to four drops after every use. Such seal liquids protect the packing and the pump rod from wearing down. They also keep it from becoming encrusted with substance.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have sufficient ideas as to how to clean a spray gun after use. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your best paint sprayer remains in working conditions even after years of usage. Other than water, you can use various solvents that are available in the market, such as acetone or lacquer thinner to make the job easy. Not only are they cheap, but they are also highly effective in cleaning the different parts that get covered with substance.

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