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The Fool-Proof Guideline to Maintaining Old Hardwood Floors

Last Updated: 15 July 2021

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Hardwood brings hearty, warm excellence to your home. They’re long-lasting and, with proper care, keep sparkling for almost eternity. With this in mind, it brings us to the big question – How to deep clean hardwood floors?

Gathering information on how to clean old hardwood floors is an important skill for homemakers. It will guarantee that your home remains appealing and clean. Make sure to pick the best hardwood floor vacuum. Cleaning dirty hardwood may appear overwhelming, yet a little bit of real effort is all you require for clean hardwood. You can take care of old hardwood floors by following these tips on the most expert methods to maintain their beauty.

Maintaining Clean Hardwood

Maintaining Clean Hardwood

Daily cleaning of the hardwood with a soft broom or wiping away food crumbs can help keep its clean look, combined with tidying and finishing up with a vacuum cleaner. If you can’t sweep your whole hardwood every day, then try to set aside a couple of seconds to clear the high movement zones. For example, front entranceways, hallways, and the kitchen.

When you have animals that shed, then a dust wipe or a good vacuum will help make the animal hair cleanup simpler.

Tips and Guidance

  • You may need increasingly detailed guidelines for giving your wooden base a face-lift. So you can acquire DIY manuals at the greater part of the home upgrading stores and on numerous websites. Get one that has colored photographs and clear directions.
  • Mop them naturally with vinegar. White vinegar’s regular cleaning force will consume surface spills without harming the sealant or basic wood.

What to Use to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

What to Use to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Instructions to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Dust Mopping

Step 1

Use a dust mop or vacuum to evacuate soil, dust from things like sofa beds, animal hair, and different fragments that could scrape the hardwood. Try not to employ a vacuum with a beater bar connection as it could harm the outside of the floor.

Depending on traffic, the number of animals and youngsters you have, you’ll have to do this every week. Dust cleaning won’t clean the dirt and filth that accumulate after some time.

Step 2

For alternating deep cleaning engineered hardwood floor, you’ll have to employ a fluid cleaner. You can employ a business wood-cleaning item that qualifies as the best deck cleaner. Whatever cleaner you pick, the procedure for how to clean wood floors and cleaning old wood floors without refinishing is similar. Try to employ a floor cleaner consistently to ensure that your woodblocks remain clean and in top condition. Expel all furniture from the floor before cleaning with a hardwood cleaner. Clear the floor, and hit it with a wet mop, and afterward proceed onward to the floor cleaner.

Observe the floor cleaner maker’s directions to guarantee that you can ask for help whenever you experience troubles. Continuously let the floor dry totally after cleaning with hardwood cleaner before you stroll on the floor or set up the furniture again.

Immerse a cloth or wipe mop in your cleaning solution. Twist it out altogether so the mop is water-logged, not wet. Mop the woodblocks with the solution, being cautious not to leave a lot of water on the floor. Wash the mop with clean water, twist it out, and moist mop the floor to expel the cleaner. Wipe up extra water with a dry cloth since stagnant water will destroy the woodblocks.

Step 3

You can equally employ hot water and two teabags to clean hardwood. The commonly occurring tannic acid in tea works in making hardwood floors shine. Let two teabags soak in the bubbling water for a couple of moments. Empty the tea into a compartment. Take a smooth cloth and twist it out in the tea. The material should simply be moist, not fully drenched. It will assist the floor with drying quickly. Rinse out the floor and await the sparkle that will be the outcome for your cleaning efforts.

Removing Stains on Hardwood Floors

Removing Stains on Hardwood Floors

Dab superficial blemishes from a solid gloss with cloth and spray bottle, and spray mop for hardwood floors.

Honestly, this is the best way to clean old hardwood floors without sanding, using steel wool, or hard synthetics since they can harm the floor to finish forever. The accompanying treatment is for hardwood with delicate oiled completions. If necessary, end every treatment by recoloring the wood, then polishing and cleaning the spot to coordinate the remainder of the floor.

Stage 1: Remove Dark Marks and Animal stains

Rub the spot with steel wool and with wax paper. If the zone is still dim, apply bleach or clean hardwood floors with vinegar and enable it to splash deep into the woodwork for up to one hour. Flush with a drenched fabric.

Stage 2: Remove Repair Marks

Use adequate steel wool to focus on wax.

Stage 3: Get Rid of Oily Blemishes

Rub the zone with a delicate material and dish detergent to separate the oil, then flush with clear water. If at least one paint job doesn’t work, rehash the technique. Keep kids and animals out of the room until you’re finished. Allow the spot to dry, then level the elevated grain with fine sandpaper.

Stage 4: Remove Water Spots or White Marks

Clean the spot with steel wool and wax. If the pigment goes further, delicately sand the floor and clean with fine steel fleece and unscented mineral spirits.

Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors Under Carpet

Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors Under Carpet

Finding hardwood floors under the carpet is similar to winning the sweepstakes. It is possible to reestablish a high floor to its previous brilliance with a straightforward cleaning, even if it has been under a rug. These are the steps for cleaning old hardwood floors without refinishing:

Step 1

Decide on the kind of surface varnish employed on the hardwood floor. Old hardwood, for the most part, have a wax texture while newer hardwood has a polyurethane finish. To determine the sort of finish on the floor, place a drop of water on the floor and hang tight for it to dry. A white spot on the floor after the water drying means the woodblocks have been preserved with wax. If not, then it has been maintained with polyurethane.

Step 2

Expel any leftovers from the rug establishment. It incorporates staples, strips, and nails. Utilize vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors to evacuate all residue and particles.

Step 3

Blend a wood-floor chemical with water, as per the maker’s instructions. You can employ a neutral chemical or one made for the sort of wood finish on your floor. Plunge a microfiber mop for hardwood floors into this blend then press it until it is a little bit drenched. After this, you can proceed to mop the floor.

Stage 4

Analyze the floor for stains. If there are little stains on the floor, expel them with scouring liquor or fine steel wool. If the floor has enormous and difficult stains, it might be important to resurface it. It includes sanding the floor and afterward applying a wood recolor and a wood finish. It is possible to finish the activity yourself. Still, you can try employing an expert to deal with the work-intensive process.

Stage 5

Complete the cleaning procedure by applying a surface gloss. Use wax on a polished floor and wood-floor gloss on a polyurethane varnish. Tone the waxed woodblocks with smooth fabrics to escalate the sparkle if it still looks dull despite everything.

Don’t Do This

  • You don’t leave the strands of the brush to turn out and stick to your delightful new home. Use an excellent paintbrush while applying on the stain.
  • Don’t shade unevenly. When applying the varnish, make certain to keep the shading even over the hardwood. When you have applied the fluid, wipe away any additional that may bring about darker regions.
  • Don’t be too compassionate. Tell relatives and visitors to remove shoes to prevent any soil particles from being dragged into the house. You can equally put down little mats in these high traffic spots to help trap soil. Additionally, keep the amount of soil your animals are dragging into the house to a minimal.


A solid upkeep routine is the only way to add up the lifespan and solidness of your floors. Remaining teachable with a daily preservation schedule is the beginning of good protection. Learning how to clean a hardwood will keep yours looking delightful for a considerable length of time.

We are deeply honored that you took your time looking at our floor cleaning guide. Do you have any tips concerning how to gloss up and seal dull hardwood floors that have worked for you before? If so, please share it with us by commenting down below. If you found this HandyHomeMaster article on the best way to clean old hardwood helpful, we’d love it if you’d share these pointers with your friends.

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