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How To Cut Memory Foam

Last Updated: 24 May 2021

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Memory foam offers firmer support than any other type of bedding material. But they’re not just for beds. They all have all sorts of useful applications when it comes to providing comfort. Let’s say you want to reupholster a lounge chair or make some sofa cushions. What’s the best way to cut memory foam for those projects?

Cut Wood Using a Sharp Machete

In this article, we’ll give you valuable tips and tricks on how to cut memory foam. You won’t need lots of materials, but you might want to get a specialized tool to make the job easier. We’ll get to those tools in a bit.

In the meantime, check out the best memory foam mattress topper that we found. It’s worth looking at if you want premium comfort. Now, let’s get to your next DIY project.

How to Cut Memory Foam Mattress to Size

Your main concern when cutting memory foam is to end up with straight edges. If you don’t use the right tool or don’t use it the right way, you’re going to end up with jagged lines. To cut memory foam, you have to be patient and do it slowly. Here are the best tools to cut memory foam cushions to size.

Carving Knives

Carving Knives

A carving knife has a serrated blade. This method is very similar to cutting a loaf of bread. The serrated tips don’t put pressure on the foam, so you end up with cleaner lines.

It’s important not to be aggressive with the back and forth sawing motions that you do. Ruining a perfectly good memory foam would be a costly waste. Cut foam as if it’s a delicate chiffon cake. Don’t have one? Check our pick for the best carving knife.

Electric Knives

Cutting memory foam with an electric knife is another viable option. This knife is also serrated and is usually handy during Thanksgiving dinner. If you want memory foam cut to size, you’re going to need a template to guide you.

After you’ve made the necessary marks, it should be easy to follow with an electric knife. An electric carving knife for foam is a legit thing. You might want to get that for more reliable results.

Craft Knives

Craft Knives

Craft knives specifically designed for crafting or utility knives meant to be used outdoors can also come in handy. These types of knives are surgically sharp to make precise lines. And since they’re sharp, you’re less likely to go over some areas more than once, which helps in keeping the lines clean.

To use a craft knife, you don’t have to make a sawing motion. You first have to make a shallow slit, and then eventually deepening it until you get pieces of memory foam.

Heavy Duty Scissors

Cutting foam with a pair of heavy-duty scissors should be a breeze – provided that the material you’re trimming is on the thinner side. Scissors give you a lot of control but can strain your hands if used for longer periods.

Other Tools You Could Use

Drywall square, or any other shape

Aside from the slicing tools we mentioned above, you’ll also need the stuff to measure with. The more accurate you are, the less waste you’ll produce. Here’s a couple of things you might need on top of a measuring tape or ruler:

1. Marking pens

If you don’t mind making marks on your material, it would be helpful to mark the lines that you need to go over. If you don’t want the lines to show up on the finished product, you could always stay inside the lines.

2. Drywall square, or any other shape

If you want to make multiple pieces of the same size, consider getting a piece of drywall and laying it on top of the material. Run your knife around it to replicate same-sized pieces. You could use other materials like plywood and boards too.

3. Some clamp or heavy object

If you don’t have a crafting partner and you’re tackling a large piece, use a clamp to hold it in its position. If you don’t have one, weigh it down with a heavy object. You want it to be as still as possible to make sure your lines come out clean.

What Is The Best Way To Cut Memory Foam?

Overall, the tools above have the capabilities to have memory foam cushions cut to size, but in general, the sharper your tool is, the better memory foam will look. Be sure to mark the part you want to cut properly; this way you’ll ensure its straightness. Do not cut with scissors since you may break down the foam using many cuts instead of one singular slice that will give a straighter finish.

Some Tips

pieces of memory foam

Before you start cropping, make sure your hunk of foam is on a hard, stable, flat surface. You don’t want any hanging edges and slippery surfaces. If you’re slicing with an electric knife, make sure the cord and your fingers are away from the blade. Try to get in a comfy position before you start. Again, this is going to require some patience.


All crafters would say that getting the right tools for the job is vital. Do you have any other tools that you like to use to cut memory foam and other materials? Share them with us below! To look for cool new crafting gadgets, check out HandyHomeMaster.

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