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How To Get Rid Of Dandelions?

Last Updated: 24 May 2021

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Are dandelions weeds?

Beauty can be dangerous! What can prove this better than dandelions! Children might love running around fields with dandelions making all wishes they can think of. However, if you let this plant grow, it might soon get out of control. Like other weeds, this one can quickly cover ground and make it difficult to use your garden productively. So, how can we get rid of dandelions on the backyard?

Are dandelions invasive?

Are dandelions invasive

The dandelion growth cycle is interesting to study. This is an evergreen plant that thrives no matter what the weather is like. Because of plant resilience and its rapid growth phase, it is difficult to eliminate dandelion weed. This plant propagates its seeds easily and spreads over a large area, this is another reason to consider it invasive.

There are several national parks where dandelions have been declared as an invasive species which affect local ecosystem.

What does a dandelion look like?

What does a dandelion look like?

For those of you who find it difficult to distinguish a dandelion from other weeds, you are not alone. Dandelions might be slightly difficult to distinguish from other weeds unless a white fuzzy pappus appears. Cat’s ear is another weed that looks like a dandelion. This also carries a yellow flower in the grass. Both of these have a rosette-like arrangement of the leaves. But the smooth finish of dandelion leaves helps to differentiate it from hairy leaves on the cat’s ears.

Understanding the dandelion growth cycle

Understanding the dandelion growth cycle

If you are looking for an excellent way to eliminate dandelions permanently then you should have a clear understanding of their growth cycle. It will help you decide when to spray dandelions.

It is hard to distinguish green rosettes on a lawn. When bright yellow flowers appear during spring that is when you start noticing a plant, these flowers can attract a lot of bees. Dandelion flowers can be pollinated by bees or even by self-pollination. There are some cases when dandelions appear again during autumn. Yellow flowers stay fresh for a day and droop by the night, then seeds start developing inside flowers. In two days seeds are all formed on the stalk of each floret, after that they turn into pappus, which is a white adorable wish flower. The wind then blows away feathery stalks with seeds and transport them to a far off place where they get sown in the soil and begin growing into a new plant.

When and where do dandelions grow?

When and where do dandelions grow?

Originating from Eurasia this weed has now spread to several other parts of the world. Wherever Europeans have migrated, dandelions are likely to grow. They are perennials and can start flowering each spring.

How fast do dandelions grow?

Days after the flowers bloom, seeds are ready. Within the next few days, the wind transports seeds. They sprout within 2 weeks from the time they were moved to the soil. As days progress, roots start getting thicker and deeper making a plant difficult to remove.

How do dandelions spread?

The wind carries white feathery stalks that contain dandelion seeds. For as long as the wind can carry them, seeds remain intact. Once they come in contact with soil, seeds establish themselves and germinate within a week.

How can you get rid of dandelions?

How can you get rid of dandelions?

If you are yearning for a perfect lawn that would make any neighbor jealous, you have to know how to kill dandelions. It’s necessary to spot plants before the flowering season – spring, so you’ll have a smaller bunch to tackle.

Pulling out dandelion plants right from roots is an easy way to remove this plant. It is possible if there is a couple of plants that you find here and there in your garden. For a bigger dandelion problem here are other techniques that work.

  • Pouring boiling water on dandelion plants can help kill them in a few days.
  • Some even use a torch blower to fry weeds.
  • There are many who swear by the effectiveness of vinegar as a dandelion killer and weed killer in general.
  • Covering a plant carpet with cardboard or paper to block sunlight, which is crucial for photosynthesis, can also kill plants.

These methods are possible if you want to eliminate this plant from bare land. However, if they happen to grow in patches on your lawn, you cannot risk losing your lawn during killing this weed. You should, therefore, know how to get rid of weeds naturally without damaging other plants.

Do you know what kills dandelions?

There is a huge variety of herbicides that can easily kill dandelions. One thing to keep in mind is choosing something that offers a targeted action. Most herbicides and even vinegar can kill your lawn as well. Look for selective weed killers to get the best results without affecting your perfect sward.

How to get rid of weeds naturally without killing grass and trees?


A tricky part for most gardeners is eliminating weeds without damaging surrounding grass. Directly uprooting plants and even harvesting dandelion greens can work well, but it’s time-consuming.

One of the most effective ways to prevent these weeds from coming back is carrying out regular inspections followed by mowing the lawn. Therefore, you would be able to nip plants off before flower stalks emerge.

You must also look for the best weed killer that won’t harm trees and grass, otherwise, you’ll end up with brown patches of dead and dried grass on your lawn. The best dandelion killer with as few chemicals as possible should be chosen, ensure that it is a selective one that leaves other plants untouched.

When to spray dandelions?

When to spray dandelions?

That is the million-dollar question! Timing matters as much as a herbicide you choose. This weed has a tap root system which is pretty strong making a plant difficult to uproot. Therefore, when you get to the roots, you’ll actually succeed.

This plant loses its leaves during the snowy winters when nutrients go on to the root system. If you use a good dandelion spray at this point, you would caus the herbicides to enter roots and kill the whole plant.

Will grass grow back after you apply weed killer on your lawn?

The grass stays unaffected if you choose selective herbicides. However, if you already have dead grass in some areas, the best way to get your lawn back in shape is to start fresh in those spots. Clear dead grass, mow the surrounding grass, add compost, and evenly spread grass seeds.

What are dandelions good for?

Can you eat dandelions from your yard

We have spoken about this plant as a weed so far. However, there are also lots of good things about this plant, besides carrying your wishes, of course!

Can you eat dandelions from your yard? The whole plant is edible, including roots and flowers. Very popular dandelion tea comes from the dried roots of this plant.

There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in dandelions. It is also rich in antioxidants which are good for your skin. It can help to regulate blood sugar levels and also help to curb inflammation.

Are dandelions poisonous to pets?

Surprisingly, they are not too bad for your pets. If your dog or cat loves chewing on plants from your garden, dandelion is not that plant that causes troubles in pets, so you shouldn’t worry. Cat’s ear, which looks similar, can be bad for animals. If you own guinea pigs, allow them to munch on this weed and they will reward you with plenty of popcorning.

A final word

When you identify the presence of dandelions at an early stage and choose a selective herbicide, you will be able to put an end to this situation easily. This is not a poisonous plant to be scared of. However, it can definitely mar the look of your perfect lawn. Therefore, use the best dandelion killer in the market since it’s the easiest and most effective way to get rid of dandelions.

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