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Mechanisms of Effectively Eradicating Mice From Your Walls

Last Updated: 01 September 2020

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So since we are all about mouse today, it’s only fair if we start by how they get to your home as we proceed to means of getting them out.

How Do Mice Get in Walls?

Well, to the surprise of many, people don’t know how they welcome mice to their homes. Those tiny holes that are unblocked at the exteriors of the house or the sewer lines are the probable spots mice could pick to get in a home. If you were a mouse, would you ignore such a welcome?

How to Tell If You Have Mice in Your Walls?

How to Tell If You Have Mice in Your Walls

It is quite easy to know if there is a rodent in your home. It’s not clear yet how long does it takes a mouse to chew through a wall but the scratching sounds will alarm you that there’s an intruder. If you also find your clothes having poking holes or some of your sacks, storing grains in your stores, having openings on the edges then definitely you are housing a rodent. If you know how mouse-poop looks like and you happen to bump into some pebbles, then you have members in.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls and Ceilings

These gnawing mammals chew everything they get on their way and if they find a way in your house well, you’re in for it. Having a strategic plan on how to get rid of mice e.g. purchasing the best mouse trap can be instrumental in maintaining a pest-free home. The ideal ways on how to get mice out of walls are described below.

Getting Yourself a Mouse Trap

Getting Yourself a Mouse Trap

Some prefer the old-school mouse traps as their best way to get rid of mice. Placing bait at a mousetrap, something like pieces of cheese – we all know how mice love cheese probably from the cartoons. Usually, when the rodent reaches for the cheese, the spring loosens up and causes the mousetrap to snap and crush the rodent often at the neck depending on the positioning of the bait.

As for the sticky trap, bait, or none, you might consider placing the trap at a particular point where you assume the rodent passes there. While it’s making one of the runs it does around your home, just a leg is enough to make the catch. These means don’t kill the rodent but rather keeps them alive but trapped. The next move should be relocating them to a place far away from your residents so that they can’t visit again.

Nonetheless, traps like mice poison ought to be bypassed. This is because unlike us, mice don’t enjoy their food at open spaces and relax there – meaning that the bait will be grabbed and rushed to their favorite spot. This will put an end to the mice eventually and a new problem arises – how to find a dead mouse in the wall!

The Trick of a Carton Box

If your preference for the traps isn’t strong, then you can opt for this method. If you prefer doing things more practically, you can opt for the carton box idea for getting hold of or killing the rodent. This trick is effective if you’re wondering what to do about mice in the walls. The two major concerns about this method are at some point you’ll be forced to bore an opening in the walls and also disposing of the rodent after catching it. The procedure of making this box involves:

  • Pierce through the wall several centimeters from the bottom.
  • Bore an opening of equal dimensions as the one done on the wall.
  • Ensure that the two holes correspond to each other and if not do some adjustments.
  • Place your baits and trap in the carton box for attracting the rodent.
  • Wait for the moment!

Can mice climb walls? Let’s find out! So how does this plan work? The rodent will want to reach for the bait – I mean can such a treat be ignored? The alignment of the two openings will look like moving from one wall to the other for the mice and they will barely notice the difference. Moving from inside the wall to landing into the carton box and finally the mousetrap and bam! There goes your catch.

Another option is directly detaching the box from the wall and flipping the carton such that your opening is way above what the rodent can reach for. Although possession of claws allows it to climb on walls (Oh! There goes your answer – they do) it’ll be quite difficult since the cardboard has a softer material, unlike a wall. This method can be more effective since it doesn’t last before the rodent comes out from their hiding to read for the bait.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls Naturally

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls Naturally

Wondering how to get rid of mice in the walls naturally? Having several vases in your house or a garden with rodent repellent plants can be a good move. Plants like mint, cloves, and lavender can keep away mice because of their deep scent. Similarly, cats and mice are never on the same page so placing a used cat bowl around the house will scare the mice away.

How to Kill Mice in Walls

Time to call the exterminator! So what if our little guy escapes from the mousetrap or starts chewing up your ceiling or worse dies in the walls. Thinking of what to do if a mouse died in your wall? Call the experts! You just don’t call upon anyone for help, you consult with people or agencies that deal with pest control so that you can land yourself a person fit for the assignment. An entire service should be inclusive of:

  • A thorough inspection for ensuring that your problem is mice related and not otherwise, probably a snake because they also hide in walls. Once a proper analysis is done and proven that it’s indeed mice, then a conducive method will be selected depending on how bad the situation in order to solve the problem.
  • The next step would be the killing of the mice. The exterminator should try his level best to ensure no survival of any bug in the house. Be it by using traps or mouse poison whichever that will be most effective. Using poison, although it’s not advised, can easily terminate mice in walls.

How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell in Wall

How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell in Wall

Afterward, still on what the exterminators will do, is removing the killed pests. In case there are bugs in the house then this process should be fastened since they’ll start feeding on the dead bodies will result in decaying – the resulting smell isn’t one to be tolerated by homeowners. After the damage is done, getting things back to normal is a priority. Dead mice require a professional to come to get it out of the walls. A professional should give you a listing of requirements needed for the repairs and do them himself.

How to Keep Mice Away

It’s wise to opt for prevention measures than dealing with the actual problems. You could get yourself a quality mouse repellent like the best ultrasonic pest repeller from a pest control store. This and filling up the small holes around your house will reduce your chances of having mice in your walls. The repellents have strong scents that will force the mice out of the walls and ceilings. Having a mousetrap just in case it will be good to go if the mice find their way to open floors.


Having mice living in your walls can be quite annoying from the scratching sounds to the damage it makes when chewing the ceiling. Homemakerguide suggests that having a mousetrap can help you solve such a problem if they are a few of them but professional help is required when they increase. Do you have mice in your walls? Have you bought any mousetrap? What solution do you plan to control that situation? Leave a comment.

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