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Making Shoes Non Slip: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated: 16 December 2020

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Do you work at a place like a restaurant or a hotel? If yes, you may need non slip shoes to avoid any injury or accident due to the wet floor. If such shoes are not readily available, then you can also make then non slip by following few steps. Learn how to make shoes non slip with us, whether they are gardening shoes or work boots, so that you may be able to maneuver easily.

Who needs non-slip shoes?

Who needs non-slip shoes

There are several jobs that need you to make shoes slip resistant. OSHA (Occupational safety and health administration) requires employees to wear non slip shoes if their workplace utilizes liquids like water, oil, and grease, etc.

These anti-slip shoes are important when you are employed in a restaurant, engaged in some cleaning work, whether it is commercial or residential, food processing factory, or if you are the roofing contractor.

How to make shoe less-slippery?

There are several ways how to make shoes non slip or less slippery without spending a fortune. It is not always necessary to buy an expensive pair of slip-resistant shoes. You can also convert your ordinary shoes into anti-slip shoes just by following a few steps and tips.

Scuffing the soles

Scuffing the soles

Scuffing the shoes works great to make shoes non-slip. Scuffing does not cost you anything, and you get the appropriate shoes to walk confidently on the wet floor or the best gardening shoes for your purposes..

The new shoes are usually slippery because of the smooth outer surface and sole, so scuffing the sole makes them rough enough to add stability and traction while walking or running at the slippery floor. Moreover, the process is very easy.

You don’t need to buy a tool to do it. You can scuff the sole by rubbing it with a rough surface or by using a sandpaper but do it gently. Make sure that the sole may not be scuffed to become so thin that it may be damaged due to the ordinary floor friction caused by walking. A little roughness is sufficient to enjoy walking confidently on the slippery surface.

Use a Sandpaper to abrade the sole

Now, the question is how to make the bottom of the sole no-slippery? Using a sandpaper is an appropriate way to scuff the sole. Some shoes have a delicate or thin sole. You make sure that you rub the sole gently so that it may not become too thin and tear off.

Use a Non-slip spray for shoes

Use a Non-slip spray for shoes

You can also make your boots slip-proof by using a nonslip spray or the traction spray. They work great on every surface, whether indoor or outdoor. However, they won’t help on ice. Such sprays are easily available at any shoe store, and you can also buy them from Amazon. The good news is, if any such spray is not available, you can also use hairspray to do so.

The procedure is simple. Put your shoes upside down and spray them with a shoe adhesive spray. Dry the spray for a few minutes, and here you go. Get the best work boots in a matter of minutes.

Note: Make sure that you do not use a colored spray because they look funny.

Use a non-slip shoe sole

Use a non-slip shoe sole

Using a non-slip shoe sole is a fairly straightforward idea. Best work boots use a non-slip shoe sole. You can get a non-slip shoe sole from the market. They are easily available and affordable. Moreover, they last long and work like the scuffed soles.

They are actually the additional soft pads under the shoes that also increase your shoe’s life. They also reduce the unwanted noise made due to walking on the hard floor.

Other Tips

Other tips include some unusual ways of how to make shoes non-slip.

Scoring the soles

Scoring the soles is an easier way how to make shoes slip resistant. You can get it done by the help of your nail filer, the kitchen knife, or any pointed equipment. You can make lines or any other design that cut the sole short and provide great traction for the smooth surface. This idea also makes your shoes look more fashionable and trendy.

Use rubber, glue, and salt.

Make shoes slip-resistant by using this tip that seems weird, but it is one of the easiest tips to make shoes non-slip. All these things are usually available at home, so if you don’t have a traction spray or a non-slip shoe sole in your hand, then you can also use a thick blend of rubber, glue, and salt to make you shoes slip-resistant. This amazing hack will take just two minutes.

Use the ice grips

The ice grips are suitable if you have to walk on any icy floor or the floor having a steel or wooden surfaces. They work on all the surfaces where other techniques do not work well; however, they do not look good on the shoes.

Final Words

Use any of the techniques because they all work very well to keep you safe at your workplace. Find the best techniques at the HandyHomeMaster.com to make shoes slip-resistant. We hope that you may have a safe life ahead.

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