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How to Massage Shoulders: The Right Way

Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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On learning how to massage neck and shoulders, you first need to know a couple of essentials that are necessary for the process to be facilitated properly. The list of items required for this process includes:

  • Good quality massage oil – this is to ensure that you can easily feel your hands in every part of the shoulder without having difficulties in the movements. Most of the commonly used massage oils are coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil.
  • 2-3 towels of medium size – to be used to cover the area where the massage is being given; a table, the best massage chair or on the floor and also to cover the body parts where you’re not working.
  • Napkins made of paper for wiping off the excess oil.
  • Scented candles or lamps with an aroma to give the room a pleasant smell.
  • A playlist full of slow and relaxing music to provide a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Cleaning up before the massage session – having a shower helps to smoothen the skin.
  • Ensure that the oil is warm enough before getting into contact this the skin – by placing the bowl containing the massage oil in hot water.
  • A handheld massager (if necessary).

Reasons for Pain in Shoulders

Reasons for Pain in Shoulders

Many people surpass the fact that back pain can affect a wide range of people. So who really can experience pain in shoulders? Well, surprisingly people in the offices report a lot of cases of discomfort on their backs and shoulders. This is caused by sitting for long on their office desks and further by the bad postures that they adapt to. However, it’s also correct – the guys at the gym are prone to back pain. Exercising intensively on your back and shoulder muscles can bring about pain and this is an alarm to grab the best back massager. These are the people to visit the spa regularly or buy a handheld massager instead. Now that we know who gets the shoulder muscle pains, how about we learn how? Below are the different reasons for experiencing pain in your shoulders:

  • Experiencing stress; whether physically, mentally or emotionally, leads to the straining of muscles that result in pain in shoulders.
  • Having poor sitting postures for a long time that reduces the circulation of blood resulting to shoulder pains.
  • Heavy lifting whether in the gym or while moving things for a long time tears the muscles.

Why Does Massage Feel Good?

The resulting feeling of a massage is so satisfactory to the receiver. The impact that a handheld massager makes after its use calms your nerve around the shoulders. The reasons why a massage feels so good are:

Why Does Massage Feel Good
  • Massage aids in stimulating the proper circulation of blood and the nerve impulses in the neck and shoulders. Having multiple tensions on the muscles result in muscle contractions and irritation. Similarly, muscles are responsible to burn oxygen which creates a couple of metabolic waste that irritates the nerves. Massaging using a handheld massager, on the other hand, boosts blood circulation which escalates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while expelling the lactic acid. The muscles in turn relax and the pain fades off.
  • The use of a handheld massager hikes the level of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin blocks the transfer of pain signals to the brain. This results in the reduction of pain and eventually healing the shoulder muscles.

How to Give a Shoulder Massage

Let’s consider ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain through massage:

How to Give a Shoulder Massage
  • First things first, you have to know how to relax shoulders. Using a handheld massager can be a great move but you can as well use it for the whole session. So placing your hand on the skin of the person is very necessary so that the person can familiarize himself with your touches.
  • Apply oil on one of your hands and start massaging the area tenderly as the other hand also gets oiled up. The importance of this is to ensure that you keep the connection throughout the whole session and not even once will you not be into contact with the person.
  • Have a plan on how you plan to do your massage and the route you’re going to follow to eventually attend to every muscle from the neck to the shoulders.
  • Slowly harden the strokes as you maintain a particular pace while increasing the intensity. This is significant because the gradual rise is easy for the person to take instead of the rapidness which basically won’t maintain that relaxation required.
  • Reach out to every single muscle giving it a good treat until you can notice the part is relaxed then you can move on to the next point. Ensure you get it right on how to massage shoulder blades for maximum satisfaction.
  • Use the same route that you started with to go back to the neck as you slowly decrease the intensity.
  • After completion, allow the person to relax for about half an hour so that he can enjoy the feeling before you wipe off the excess oil.

Nonetheless, other people don’t have the time to visit a spa and enjoy that session so they opt for the best handheld massager that comes with a user manual that guides on how to use it at home.

Treating Yourself to a Shoulder Massage

Treating Yourself to a Shoulder Massage

For the sake of those who don’t get the chance of booking a massage expert, solutions like a handheld massage can be used. Almost the same satisfaction can be realized the only difference is that the handheld massager doesn’t have that ‘fleshy touch’. Skills are really necessary for one to work on their shoulders. Unlike having someone to do it for you, using a handheld massager requires different postures and angles to work with. The handheld massager gives a relaxing effect and also relieves shoulder and back pain fast.

Ensure you go from point to point after getting the satisfaction required. If you prefer using your own hands to a handheld massager, ensure that they are clean and also use palms for tender pressure, fingertips for tougher pressure, and thumbs to ease the tension of the knots. Developing your HandyHomeMaster for massaging your back using either hands or a handheld massager is very important.

Take-Home Massage Tips

The tips to take home regarding how to massage a knot out of your shoulder include:

  • If you’re using a handheld massager, ensure you pick the best brand and also read through the manual to know how to properly use it.
  • Knowledge of the anatomy of the entire back is very important to know what spot you should apply more or less pressure while rubbing your handheld massager.
  • Try as much as possible to shave hairs in your body to enable smooth movement of hands for the massage therapist and also avoid discomfort while using a handheld massager.
  • State your preferences in terms of oils before the massage to avoid any allergy issues.
  • Ensure that you maintain a proper position all through the massage session.


Massage is the key to relaxation when experiencing pain in your shoulders. Investments like a handheld massager can serve a great deal. When last did you get a shoulder massage? Do you know how to give one? Leave us a comment on the HandyHomeMaster.

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