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Mow Wet Grass – Bad Idea or an Option for Your Kind?

Last Updated: 24 May 2021

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Did you know that rain can be harmful? – Yes, it’s really so. It’s evil in two cases – when it’s acid and when you want to mow wet grass. The weather is changeable, and sometimes it’s rather tricky to look after a backyard on time and save it presentable. Is it necessary to wait until greenery is absolutely dry or can you cut wet grass if the rain was not heavy? Will a mower stay safe, or will you need any particular model? How to cut damp grass and tons of associated questions might arise that’s why let’s put a real fine point on it.

Cutting Wet Grass – List of Bans

Cutting wet grass isn’t acceptable if operating with a low-cost machine with the following poor characteristics:

  • Underpowered engine.
  • Low-quality cutting deck.
  • Dull blades.
  • Too small bag/box.
Cutting Wet Grass – List of Bans

Only heavy-duty industry assemblies can handle mowing in the rain without the danger of being damaged. So, how exactly a soggy lawn can undermine a mower’s parts and performance? Actually, moist grass results in large clippings that, in their turn, stick together and seal off an assembly’s deck.

You might want to ask whether it is possible to mow wet grass and escape such trouble. Yes, of course, but a model should feature an air-tapered cutting deck that is specially developed to remove any clump of grass. However, even in this happy case, we recommend checking it as often as possible while mowing.

Do you think that this is the only problem if mowing a lawn when wet? Big mistake! Since moist greenery cannot be mulched properly, it falls out of the deck in dense clumps. They’re not lightweight and can easily squash large squares of wet lawn. In addition, soggy soil is slippery, and assembly’s tires can hardly stick to the rut that leads to root damage. Certainly, if the rain was not heavy and the soil is not muddy, you can try mowing but in the case of having lightweight models with large, robust wheels.

Is Cutting Grass After Rain Allowable or You Should Do Before It?


So, can you mow wet grass when it’s really necessary? Frankly speaking, sometimes people have no alternative owing to the climate conditions of the region where they live. In this case, it’s better to catch moments when the lawn is partly soggy. Besides, we advise sticking to the following recommendations:

  • Keep blades always sharp.
  • Drag any cable or a hose through the yard to remove water.
  • While mowing a wet lawn, raise a deck to increase the height of the mowing in order to reduce pressure on assembly.
  • Frequent emptying of the bag will help reduce the weight of the machine.
  • Do not use high speed to keep a load on blades acceptable.
  • Don’t race with a mower when cutting grass after rain to prevent clogging.
  • Clean a mower and let it dry completely after you’ve finished.
  • Cut greenery frequently, this way you’ll keep it not very tall.

However, despite precautions, it’s better to invest in the best lawn edger to ensure a powerful and safe process while mowing a lawn after rain. In addition, if having no urgency to put your backyard in order, try to let it dry first to save your efforts and time.

Mowing Wet Grass Will Ruin Lawn Mower – Right or Wrong

Mowing Wet Grass Will Ruin Lawn Mower

When mowing a lawn in the rain, a device can suddenly shut off. The best guess is that greenery gets caught at the bottom of the assembly’s deck and provoke such rubbing and log cramping that blades can hardly turn. It’s not damage but just clogging. We recommend turning the machine on its side and cleaning out all clippings.

When cutting wet grass with an electric mower or a gas machine, wetness hits its metal parts and provoke corrosion. Certainly, you can clean surfaces, but it’s a challenge to reach an engine or a fuel tank. It reduces the shelf life of the machine since its rusty engine starts performing harder and slower that has a negative impact on the blades’ motion. In addition, electric models make you vulnerable to electric shock.

Extra Reasons to Avoid Mowing a Wet Lawn

Even if operating with the best rear engine riding mower and being sure that a machine will handle a damp lawn, there’s still some danger for a user. Let’s see the true picture of what can happen.

Damp blades of grass become heavier, and plenty of them stick to soggy soil. That’s why, when cutting grass in the rain, not all blades come to a machine’s bag. Then, when the sun shines and dries all greenery, those blades stand spikier and the entire lawn looks uneven. Now, we recommend bearing in mind one more side of the coin. Did you know that cutting grass while wet could be a serious health risk? When mowing wet grass, a machine doesn’t cut but tears its blades and fungus starts dispersing in the air. As a result, brown spots can appear on the grass, which means it’s fungal infested.


Cutting Wet Grass – Keep Safe Your Machine, Lawn, and Yourself

Let’s take stock, shall we? In general, it’s better to work when everything is dry. In this case, you can do a job fast and save your time on frequent checking a machine and cleaning it. If’s it’s not possible, chose moments when the lawn’s wetness is minimum, and the soil is not soggy completely.

  • Escape electric models to keep you safe.
  • Don’t mulch soil because it’s just a waste of time.
  • Make relevant calibration of your machine.
  • Work at low speeds.
  • Take care of the assembly properly.

In addition, it’s crucial to choose credible models and be attentive to their features and specifications. Besides, we recommend reading reviews to know about other people’s experiences. For example, on / you will find out the lists of top machines for lawns and gardening and have a good opportunity to pick an appropriate model.

Now, we’d like you to comment on what you would prefer if mowing after rain – a traditional lawnmower, the best gas weed eater or a heavy commercial machine? Share your secret tricks that could be helpful to mow wet grass and to look after your backyard.

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