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How To Plunge A Toilet: 5 Tips That Save You Plumber’s Visit

Last Updated: 08 June 2021

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Toilet doesn’t flush? It seems funny how so many people never think about this useful sanitary tool until it clogs, but cannot stop thinking about it when their toilet doesn’t drain. Good news, then: you won’t be overthinking for too long.

How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger: Getting Creative
In most cases, unclogging a toilet is a simple enough procedure that does not require any special equipment. Find out how to unclog a toilet in seconds!

Best Way To Unclog A Toilet In No Time

The whole toilet, not the flushing problem, can have many different causes, so there is really no ‘best’ or universal way of fixing it. Effective solutions always depend on particular circumstances, and you might try several tips before one of them works. Then again, you obviously want to know how to unclog a toilet fast. So, let’s start with simple solutions for the most common problems.

Get That Good Old Plunger

Most people who have a toilet plunger, don’t even bother thinking about how to unclog toilet because… well, they have plungers. Not sure how to plunge a toilet even if you have one at home? No problem, we’ll lead you through it. This process has three easy steps: place, work, flush.

  • Place: put plunger tip in standing water. Don’t push too deep, but get some footing or a prop for your plunger.
  • Work: grip plunger handle; push it up and down forcefully. If it works, standing water will start going down the drain.
  • Flush: so that you could see how quickly the water drains now.

If it worked, congrats! Knowing how to unclog a toilet with a plunger will save you a world of trouble in the future. If it didn’t work, more radical (or more creative) methods might be necessary.

How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger: Getting Creative

Ok, suppose you know how to use a plunger (in any case, you do now). But, you may be renting or simply do not have that useful device at hand for whatever reason. Is unclogging possible without plungers? Sure thing! Find out practical ideas below.

Unclogging Toilets With Baking Soda & Vinegar

Unclogging Toilets With Baking Soda & Vinegar

With no plunger at hand, use baking soda and vinegar for toilet clogs. Got those? Great, let’s get started!

  • Fill the bowl with water. It should be at least half-full.
  • Put one cup of baking soda into the bowl.
  • Pour one cup of vinegar, but do it slowly and carefully. This hack for a clogged toilet is nothing but a chemical reaction. When fluttering vinegar quickly, this reaction will also be quick. You definitely don’t want that because any soda-vinegar mix will fizzle quickly and mess up your whole bathroom. And come on… we have mess enough already.
  • Go get some coffee. Or anything else to calm down — that fizz should sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Flush! And see it worked.

Most of the time, it will. Funny thing: people who know how to unclog a toilet with baking soda, use this method surprisingly often. Chemistry’s fun, right?

Using Soap, Shampoo & Hot Water For Minor Clogs

Using Soap, Shampoo & Hot Water For Minor Clogs

If you have no plunger, soda, or vinegar — no panic! You will surely buy the best toilet plunger and some soda later today, but right now —it’s still possible to unclog a toilet without a plunger or homemade cleaning solutions. That is if you have some dish soap (or any other liquid soap). Got that, right? If not — a shampoo will do, too. It just seems a waste to flush beauty care down the toilet. Quite literally. But, it won’t unclog itself, so we do what we have to do.

  • Squirt soap/shampoo into the drain. Don’t be stingy; pour generous amounts for extra foam.
  • Pour at least one gallon of hot water into the bowl. Note: Water should be hot but not boiling.
  • Try flushing in a couple of minutes.

If your clog is caused by toilet paper alone, hot water will dissolve it. Soap, in turn, will help this mess slide down the drain. Note, however, that hot water and soap trick is not the best (or even quickest) way to unclog a toilet. You may have to repeat this procedure several times before the clog is gone, even if it’s just paper.

What’s The Best & Safest Chemical For Clogged Toilet?

What's The Best & Safest Chemical For Clogged Toilet

Another quick and easy solution on how to fix a clogged toilet is using chemicals. In this particular case, an enzyme-based cleaner is the best drain cleaner. If you have one of those at home, you already know those are the safest means to remove clogs without damaging the drains. If not, look for one in close-by convenience stores. There’ll be a huge, flashy ‘enzyme drain cleaner’ or ‘drain opener for toilet’ sign right on the box. That’s also where you’ll find all the necessary instructions for using this toilet clog remover. Meanwhile, we will move on to the most complicated case — one when people need a toilet snake.

Unclogging Toilets With Plumbing Snakes

If you’re an adequate, responsible person, you will unlikely need a plumbing snake. People with children, though… Kids may have their toilet clogged with any number of exciting objects that aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Not that we call your (or any) kids inadequate, but come on — the toilet is not where pencils and brushes should go, and we all know it.

So, what are those snakes and how to snake a toilet? Snakes are long wires with tips that look pretty much like corkscrews. You probably don’t have one at home, and you might want to improvise with any other thick but flexible wires at hand. Please, don’t. Snakes should pull alien objects out. Wires will usually just push them further, creating clogs someplace else. That’s not an adult thing to do.

How Do You Know If Your Toilet Is Unclogged?

How Do You Know If Your Toilet Is Unclogged?

Don’t bother browsing an entire HandyHomeMaster blog section for this one. Obviously, the toilet will flush, and water will go. Usually, water will start going the drain way faster than it did recently. If none of these tips to unclog toilet worked for you, call plumbing services. Still, if you mind the important maintenance tips below, you will unlikely require such extreme (read — expensive) measures.

Simple Maintenance Tips On Keeping Toilet Drains Clear

  • Keep your toilet unclogger set at hand. Buy any plunger if you still have none; maybe even — get that snake or an auger (a more complicated and expensive, but more effective device).
  • Get enzyme chemical for a clogged toilet and use it preventively. When your drain starts ‘slowing down,’ clean it.
  • Simple Maintenance Tips On Keeping Toilet Drains Clear
  • Don’t flush any grease or wax-based products down. Those are the antipodes of a natural remedy for a clogged drain. Yes, right. They are natural cloggers.
  • Child-proof your house. Or, at the very least, keep your toilet cover down so they would not accidentally drop things into that newly-drained drain.
  • Tidy up regularly. Sure, even the best toilet bowl cleaner will not unclog drains, but regular use of soft chemicals does alleviate inexorable clogging.

Did we get it all? Or do you have other ideas on what to use for a clogged toilet? Share them in the comments, then — help a stranger in need!

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