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Removing Towel Bar without Screws

Last Updated: 02 April 2021

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If you have planned to renovate your bathroom and are not sure how to remove a towel bar with no screws then don’t worry. You need to go through the simple steps and you can make your bathroom new! Many people face this problem because they know how to renovate each and every corner of their bathroom but are unsure as to how they can remove towel bar without the screws. There are ways to remove towel rack which needs to be familiarized and it’ll be easy. It can happen that you don’t want that rack in the bathroom anymore and would like to remove towel bar with no screws. You can do it yourself with just a few steps.

Tools Required

Tools Required

Firstly, you need to look for the set screw to know the tools required to remove towel bar with no screws. The set screws are hidden behind the posts which need to be removed to remove the bar. Keep a screwdriver set with you to do it. You also need hex key, stationary knife or putty knife, oscillating tool, hammer. You are required to know the way it’s attached to the wall and then know how to remove towel bar. This will ease your job. You need to keep a screwdriver set while removing the bar.

Getting to Work

Before removing towel rack, you need to be familiar with how it’s attached to the wall. There are many ways the towel rack or bar can be attached. This way you won’t damage the walls of your bathroom. There can be hidden compartments. The mounting brackets are screwed to the wall and the posts are attached to it which holds the bar. So check for that at first and then proceed to remove the bar. Towel rack can also be attached with glue which can make the process of removing the bar a little harder but there’s nothing to be worried about.

Hidden Compartments

You need to look for hidden compartments before you begin to remove the towel bar with no screws. You would have to know how to remove a towel bar with no visible screws. There might be screws hidden and so take out the handle and look for the mounting brackets. Remove the screws and then proceed to take out the entire towel rack.


Look for the way the towel rack is connected to the wall before going any further. If you don’t see the screws which hold the mounting brackets and the posts with the handle then the towel rack has been attached using some other way. You need to find that out before detaching. It can be attached with glue and in that case, you need to be careful while detaching. If it’s attached with a two-way tape then it’ll be easier to detach than the glue.

Detaching a Towel Bar with Hidden Screws

  • Observe the underside of a post and look if there are mounting brackets attached with screws.
  • Grab the equipment you’d need to remove the screws from the underside.
  • If there are hex screws, you’d need hex screws. Else grab the screwdriver.
  • Take out the screws from the mounting brackets and take it out. The rack will come out automatically this way.

Detaching a Towel Bar with Glue

Detaching a Towel Bar with Glue
  • First look at how the posts are attached with glue.
  • You need to break the glue which attaches the posts with the wall with an oscillating tool or a putty knife.
  • Initiate cutting and start tapping the knife into the joint. Do it until the bar comes off. It’ll come off and remove the glue residue afterwards.
  • You can use acetone or spray lubricants to clear the glue as these are glue solvents.

Managing the Mounting Area

Managing the Mounting Area

Your wall might not be looking the same after detaching. The paint or the plaster could get damaged while removing the mounting brackets. To repair, you need to plaster on the mounting area and then paint the wall. Make sure you purchase the same color as the rest of the wall. This way nobody would even notice the damage done by the screws because it will be totally repaired.


It’s significant to be skilled with specific DIYs like how to remove towel bar with no screws. You’ll save the money of hiring a mechanic to do this simple task. You can even detach a towel warmer with these processes. These are simple ways to detach the unit and it’s safe. But, you can use goggles and gloves for your safety. After you are done removing the bar you can start attaching the new bar or just keep it that day. Afterwards, you can mend the damage easily. Giving your bathroom a fresh look will make you and your family happy.

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