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Learn How To Start a Chainsaw

Last Updated: 21 May 2021

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Do you own a farmhouse with a huge garden and trees around your home? Are you one of those nature lovers who like to sweat out in open nature, shaping it according to your likes? Or, do you belong to one of those groups of people who believe in maintaining day to day essentials as a backup for the right time to use? Whatever be reasons owning a chainsaw is always a great idea. However, it requires handling a tool with responsibility.

Learn how to use a chainsaw

Learn how to use a chainsaw

The best thing about modern-day chainsaws is they are designed to suit the needs of present-day tech-savvy users. Most compact variants come with such easy controls that even if you are using a chainsaw for the first time, you will not find any difficulty in using a product. Here are a few tips which would help in smooth handling a tool:

  • Ensure that you get your safety strategies right. Right from wearing recommended safety gear to choose the best-rated chainsaws, every little thing matters. Refer to how to safely use a chainsaw section below for more information about safety tips.
  • Always work in a safe work area where you also know about escape routes to take in case of emergencies.
  • Regular checks of the saw include inspection of the chain tension and lubrication.
  • Lock the chain brake while not in use.
  • Rev up the engine to turn the chainsaw on. Use the chain trigger to get blades moving.
  • Without applying too much pressure, let a saw throttle do its work and cut its way through the wood.

Mistakes to avoid while using a chainsaw for the first time

Mistakes to avoid while using a chainsaw for the first time
  • Before getting into chainsaw tips for beginners, let’s look at common mistakes to avoid as a first time user.
  • Choosing an electric chainsaw or even a gas chainsaw without properly doing your research is a huge mistake. You should know about its features, strengths, and limitations. It will help you find the best electric chainsaw or even the best circular saw.
  • Not learning how to fix chainsaw is also an equally big mistake. Even the best ones on the market might give trouble or two. You should be prepared to make some quick fixes.
  • Most people remember to check the lubrication of the chain but fail to replace the chain. You should regularly review the integrity of the chain and replace it as and when required.

How to make a chainsaw start better?

Like most other electric motors, there is a mechanical trigger that causes a spark that starts a chainsaw motor.

  • There are cases where the ignition coil in the saw might be damaged, causing trouble in starting the equipment.
  • Clogging in the air filters can also be the reason.
  • Identify the reason and tackle it to enable the chainsaw to start quickly. You can also use an e lectric chainsaw.

How to fix chainsaw?

How to fix chainsaw

Identifying an underlying problem will help you fix the chainsaw. Here are common issues to look for. They could either dampen the performance of the saw or make it difficult to start the saw.

  • An electromagnet in the rewind spring used for the recoil mechanism could sometimes get weak. These might have to be replaced.
  • Sometimes the strong smell of fuel might hit your nose. Or you might notice moisture coming out of the spark plug when you try to trigger an engine on. These are signs of fuel flooding in the engine where draining off the fuel can help.
  • Fuel filters and air filters need regular monitoring.
  • You should replace your spark arrestor if you have used your chainsaw for more than 24 hours. It helps an arrestor shielding the starter spark.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

Among many things that chainsaw owners do for the maintenance of the equipment is to sharpen the chain. You can use a chainsaw sharpener to do this. Most of the steel chainsaw options come with long-lasting blades with superior sharpness that doesn’t need frequent sharpening.

How to safely use a chainsaw

  • Wearing work clothes with full coverage is one of the very first things to do when you plan to use your device. It can also prevent scrapes caused by the wood shavings that fly off.
  • Decide the right felling angle for the tree.
  • Keeping the saw flat on the ground or in between your legs, with a blade lifted off the ground and your feet holding chainsaw handle in place would be the best position for starting the chainsaw.
  • Retain a balanced posture without tensing your muscles too much. You should be firm yet flexible to handle the saw safely.

What causes chainsaw kickback?

What causes chainsaw kickback
  • While we talk about safety features, it is essential to speak about kickbacks in this device. Even the best chainsaw variants in the market have some amount of kickback. There are two leading causes of kickback
  • A tip of the guide bar comes in contact with some surface while the blade is still running.
  • When a guide bar reaches a point where it gets caught in the wood.
  • In both these situations, a bar starts moving upward and backward, which can be dangerous for the user.

Chainsaw tips for beginners

  • Always know the right guide bar length to choose from.
  • Sharpen your safety skills before using the saw.
  • Do not ever exert pressure while the blade is running.
  • Learn about kickback and only select those that come with a low kickback.

How to start a cold chainsaw?

Try starting the chainsaw triggering the chainsaw pull cord with a choke turned off. It reduces the number of pulls you might need to get the engine running. Let the chainsaw warm up before you use it.

How to start a chainsaw with starting fluid?

How to start a chainsaw with starting fluid

Starting fluids are best suited for larger engines. Also, there are specific starter fluids designed for 4 strokes and 2 stroke engines, respectively. These can help strengthen the spark and run the engine.

How to start a chainsaw with old gas?

When old fuel stays in the equipment for months without use, then it might cause some problems. Therefore, draining the fuel and refilling it will be the only option in this situation. You can also add some two-stroke oil for better lubrication after refilling the gas chamber. Do not overflood the saw at any cost.

How to start a chainsaw with a drill?

If you do not want to spend money on an electric starter, then you can use a cordless drill to power the machine on. For this, you would also have to use a modified starter. Make sure that your attached drill runs in the opposite direction of the chainsaw.

Electric starter for chainsaw

Electric starter for chainsaw

Like using the drill to act as a starter, you can easily create an electric starter for your chainsaw. This can reduce the mechanical energy that a user must spend to trigger the engine on. With these electric starters, the equipment revs up to life instantly. Therefore, you have to be careful about the direction of movement and ensure that the brakes are on.

How to start a car with a chainsaw?

This trick is to use the movement of the chainsaw blades to run a fan belt in the car battery set up. Check the functioning of your car battery to know an alternator movement direction. Place your spare belt from the chainsaw around the alternator of your car. The movement of the chain then tugs the belt and in turn charges the battery once you know this you know how to start a dead battery with a chainsaw.

How to start a fire with a chainsaw?

When blades are running at full throttle, the spark that the machine throws can start fires; therefore, you should be careful when you use your device near dry grass. There are instances where forest fires have been started due to the use of this equipment in a dry patch of land without caution. So, if you wish to do it intentionally you can layout a pile of dry leaves or twigs and run the machine close enough for sparks to ignite a fire.

How to start a dead battery with a chainsaw?

Among many things you can do with this powerful tool, bringing a dead battery to life is one intuitive function. Find the alternator and remove a fan belt from it. Fasten one end of the fan belt to the chainsaw. Choose the right orientation based on the car model. As the chainsaw runs your dead battery gets charged.

What not to do with a chainsaw?

What not to do with a chainsaw
  • Do not start working on a tree without creating a clearing.
  • Do not use a battery-operated chainsaw when the battery is about to die.
  • Do not move around trees without turning blades off.
  • Don’t hold the working log with your legs.

A final word

Go through the best cordless chainsaw reviews and get to know about the nuances of any machine before buying it. Whether you are a beginner or someone with plenty of experience, do not ignore any of the safety rules. It will help you to use your chainsaw in the best possible way.

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Take care!

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