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Last Updated: 21 May 2021

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Are you beginning to notice that the drainage from your sink is taking a little longer than before? Have you been getting stench from inside the kitchen, primarily when you use the sink? Do you find members in your house, including you falling sick a little more often than before? The reason could baffle you if we told you that it all emanated from your clogged sink! So, let us find out how to unclog a sink.

Here Is How To Unclog A Sink So That You Don’t Have To Worry About The Consequences

Here Is How To Unclog A Sink So That You Don’t Have

A blocked sink can be a homemaker’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to clear a clogged drain if you know the seven best ways how to unclog a sink. The best way to unclog a sink is, of course, extremely subjective. So, you must see what works for you the best.

Every so often, we come across complaints about the internet stating “my sink is clogged’. We can understand the distress behind those words. A clogged drain can leash out a world of problems. Therefore, it is best to avoid the clogging in the first place and in case the clog is already there, remove it without letting it build up more.

The Seven Best Ways To Unclog A Sink

Before we go on with what to use to unclog a sink, let us tell you what a clogged drain and sink can lead to in your house.

  • The first sign of a clogged sink is that you will begin noticing the poor drainage in your sink.
  • There will be standing water in the sink. In some cases when the clog is bigger, water coming up from the sink is not entirely ruled out.
  • The Seven Best Ways To Unclog A Sink
  • A clogged sink can become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. It can cause a lot of diseases if neglected or left unchecked.
  • Bad odor is a given when there are food wastes that get blocked due to the clog. Food particles that decompose inside the sink drain can give out untellable stench and is a health hazard to your family.
  • Airborne allergens can affect family members with acute skin sensitivity. It could also make water unfit for drinking by contaminating it.
  • Damage to the floors and the walls are not completely missed because once a clog develops in your sink; it is likely that water will find a way to escape. Most often warping of floors and walls with moisture happens because of drains that are clogged completely.

There are natural ways to unclog a sink, and they are not just easy but involve ingredients that are usually found around your kitchen shelf.

Unclogging A Sink With Boiling Water

Unclogging A Sink With Boiling Water

In the Almanac for unclogging a sink, the first and the foremost trick to unclog a sink is to pour one big vessel of boiling water. This trick works wonders when you know that the clogging is small and will usually dissolve with hot water down drain forcefully flushed.

One thing that you will have to keep in mind and be very careful about is to make sure that your drain pipes are of metal. If by any chance you have PVC pipes, hot water, especially above 175 degrees, can melt the pipe leading to more injury than the cure.

If you are not sure about the material of your drain pipes, it is better to flush boiling water down the drain as much hot as your taps make it.

Here Is How To Unclog A Sink With Plumber’s Snake

Here Is How To Unclog A Sink With Plumber’s Snake

A plumbers snake is an instrument that resembles a coiled spiral snake that is roughly a quarter of an inch thick and has a handle on the top. The drain auger is referred to as alternatively be the antithesis of what a plunger does.

The snakes are pushed and cranked into the drain to reach as far as the clog. What it does is that it breaks up the clog and allows for easy washing away of the accumulated waste and clog.

The snake is ideal for how to unclog a sink with hair. The snake sometimes can be affixed to an electric drill that gives it more force to get through the clog. The plumber’s snake is more than two feet long, and that is why it is more effective to unclog a sink.

How To Unclog A Sink With Standing Water With A Plunger?

A plunger is a tool that is always lying around the kitchen and what use it is!

A plunger has to be used when the water in the sink is standing for up to 3 to 4 inches. Start plunging on the sink drain for twenty seconds with reasonable force and then pulling it up with the final stroke so that you give more pressure. In most cases, the water will swirl right down into the drain unclogging the minor clogs that are there.

How To Unclog A Sink With Standing Water With A Plunger?

If you have a double sink, then you must cover the other sink with a washcloth to not bring the water up on the other side. Leaving the other sink open can also reduce the pressure that you are trying to build with the plunger from one side.

If the water clog does not clear off even with intensive plunging, you will have to disassemble the p-trap and the drain trap at the bottom of the sink, clean it manually, and assemble it just like before.

A Word Of Caution!

You must avoid plunging the clogged drain if you have recently used a drain cleaner. The plunged water may splash back outside, leading to burns on your skin.

Do Drain Cleaners Do The Trick?

There are so many drain cleaners in the market today, and they all work wonderfully well. The best drain cleaner is perhaps that one that allows you to simply pour it down the drain without you having to get down on your knees and get dirty.

Drain cleaners are chemical formulations that help break down the gunk in the drain pipe. A word of advice is to read the formulation and user instruction label before bringing one home. The drain cleaners are usually good to use on plastic PVC pipes, but you must read the instructions well before use them.

Some drain cleaners contain harsh alkalis and can be unsafe to be left around. Take care to store them in a safe place away from the children’s reach.

How Good Is Salt and Boiling Water to Unclog A Sink?

It is easy to clear a clogged sink by using salt and hot boiling water. First of all, make sure that there is no standing water in the sink. Pour half a cup of table salt into the drain and follow it with hot boiling water.

If the pipes are made of PVC, then do not over boil the water. The temperature of the water that the tap usually makes should be the safest bet not to end up melting the pipe and ending up with more significant expenses and headaches.

Is Vinegar and baking Soda A Good Knack To Unclog The Sink?

Is Vinegar and baking Soda A Good Knack To Unclog The Sink?

We have been told by most of them that this trick of using baking soda and vinegar to clear drains works like magic. So, when we decided to test the formula, we were zapped with the results.

Here is how to unclog a sink with baking soda and vinegar:

  • Start with pouring one whole cup of baking soda into the drain
  • Next step is to follow up by pouring about a 100ml of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar into it.
  • You will notice a bubbling effect along with some effervescence.
  • Wait for fifteen minimum minutes.
  • Open the tap to check if the drain clog has dissolved and water is passing like before.

Baking Soda and Salt is a time-tested formula:

Mix baking soda and salt in a 1:1 ratio. Now pour this mixture down the clogged drain. Wait for a few minutes before you follow it with forceful flushing of boiling water.

This trick usually works if the sink is clogged with food or kitchen wastes. If you see that there is a slight improvement in the drainage, try it once again.

How To Avoid Clogs In The Future

The best way to not have a clogged drain is to make sure that you prevent it in the first place.

  • Use a sink strainer. This will avoid even the smallest particles from entering the drain pipe.
  • Do not as a rule dump any wastes down your drain.
  • If you are using a garbage disposer, make sure to run it at full volume so that all the waste is cut down and disposed of through the outlet.
  • Keep a plunger, a drain auger, and the best drain cleaner at your reach.
  • Drain water forcefully every day once after you have finished using your sink.

For more ideas and recommendations for unclogging your sink, visit us at homemakeguide. Do tell us what you used to unclog a sink. Is it any one of them that works for you, or is it something that you devised and works like wonder?

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