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How to Use a Beard Trimmer

Last Updated: 03 March 2021

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Anyone that has a beard will tell you – looking after it is a lot harder than it may appear. It’s essential to keep to remember about the proper ways to take care of your beard, and one of those is making sure that you regularly trim your beard.

That’s where the bear trimmer comes to your aid. BUT while having a beard trimmer is an essential part of proper beard care, what a lot of people having trouble with is how to use the beard trimmer the right way. Sure, you’ve seen barbers work their way with it, and it seems simple, but not everyone will want to just jump in unprepared and start trimming. That will only make matters worse.

Thus, we wish to share with you the proper way to trim the beard in just a couple of easy steps – that way you can always keep your facial hair well-kept, neat and good-looking.

So let’s dive into our little beard trimming guide and see how getting your facial hair just the way you want it, can be a piece of cake!

Try to Find the Best Trimmer

Before learning how to trim a beard and using a beard trimmer you need to find a proper gadget. Now, what do we mean by that? – You see there are a dime and dozen of beard trimmers on offer, but finding the one that works just the way it was advertised is a whole other matter.

Some may do their job poorly, having bad blades, others may be rather uncomfortable and die off quickly due to poor battery. And these problems are especially common among the cheap models. That doesn’t mean that looking for something cheaper is a bad thing, but one of the most well-known rules of any shopper, is to be wary of very cheap products. And this also applies to these devices. The cheapest beard trimmers usually have rather bad blades which may often cause bleeding and pull out the entire hair. Also, make sure to choose the beard trimmer with the longest length setting. This is important because it allows you to go gradually, and then change another guard if you want to cut more.

So overall, it’s important to find the best beard trimmer – affordable but of high quality. One of such high-quality beard trimmers that we know of is Philips Norelco 5100. It’s a good kit with decent battery life plus additional accessories like the attachment for ear and nose. Moreover, it has a lot of positive feedback and reviews from users.

Before You Actually Start Shaving

After you get yourself proper equipment, it’s time to learn how to trim a beard.

However before you do that, never forget one of the most important beard trimming tips, and that is you must wash your beard first.

You probably didn’t think about it, but it plays a huge role in making your designer stubble look perfect. And the reasons for that is that the water softens the hair and removes any dirt: both of these make trimming a beard a lot easier and effective.

How to Trim Your Beard With Comb and Trimmer?

Okay, so your mane is nicely washed and dried, it’s time to learn how to properly trim a beard. The best place to start shaving is the neck. Now, since your hair grows out and down, the easiest and best thing to do when trimming a beard is to go up against the grain. Take time to do this little by little and check each time to see if you want to make it shorter.

Next, you will move to the sides. With shaving the cheeks the important thing is to know what style of beard you want.

After you made a decision, start slowly choosing a longer guard at first and then shorter. All the best trimmers come with few beard trimmer guard lengths, so you shouldn’t have any problem in that regard. All and all, remember – shaving your cheeks, same as your neck requires time and patience. So take it slow, pay attention and don’t rush – that is one of the most important beard trimming tips.

The next step is the chin. With the chin, it really depends on what your preference is. If you want to make a nice fade, then leave the hair on your cheeks a bit longer and shave the chin a bit shorter. However, if you prefer to create an added definition then it’s another way around. Leave the hair on your chin slightly longer than the hair on your jaw, cheeks, and neck. You can leave only a few millimeters longer but it makes a big difference.

For the best results, the good thing is to use the flat part of the beard trimmer comb and move downwards like in the sweeping motion, removing slowly chunks of hair.

After this, follow up with tidying up your mustache. You can do this with a trimmer or mustache scissors, whatever works best for you. Either way, use the beard comb to comb your facial hair down and then cut them, so there is no hair dangling over your upper lip.

You are almost there! Now you only want to go over your face gently to define the lines. This part can be tricky, but remember one of our essential beard trimming tips – patience will get you places. You just need to go slowly and move the apparatus up and down as hair grows in both directions.

Then just wash your face with cool water, apply aftershave, and you are all good!

Last Words on How to Trim Beard With a Trimmer

And that’s how to trim a beard folks! Now we showed you how to use a beard trimmer with a guard, and shape your beard in style, you can use this knowledge to always make sure that your beard is neat and good-looking! We were happy to help you out, and hope that you’ve enjoyed our beard trimming guide!

Before we bid the farewell, we’d also like to recommend that you make sure to thoroughly clean your trimmer after every usage. After all, this is an essential tool for trimming a beard, and you need to take proper care of it, so it would always serve you well.

So best of luck using a beard trimmer, you’ve got this!

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