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How To Use A Bidet: Complete Guide

Last Updated: 24 December 2020

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Bidet is widely popular in households around the region of Asia, Latin America and Europe. This culture is yet to be fully blown in the U.S because most people are more accustomed to toilet papers. Bidets perform the same function as toilet papers but some might argue that the bidet does it in a better way. A Bidet uses a stream of water to help you clean up after toilet use.

In this article, we’d be providing answers to numerous of your questions like – do you use toilet paper with a bidet, do you wipe before using a bidet, etc. You’d learn how to use a bidet, how a bidet works, how to dry after bidet, what a bidet is used for and lots more. To understand all these, you need to know what a bidet is at first.

What is a bidet and how do you use it?

Bidet is a device that helps you clean up after using the toilet. The bidet toilet seat helps you reduce the need to use toilet paper. There are different types of the bidet, but most of the bidet always comes in two forms. Either in standalone forms or has an attachment to an existing toilet seat.

Standalone bidets are always mounted on the floors or walls of the bathroom. It’s like a washbasin and it helps you clean the genital and anal area after using the toilet. Most people opt for the bidet toilet seat – it is an in-built bidet on the toilet seat thereby saving space. Using a bidet for the first time might be somehow tasking, but it’s very easy to use. Bidet toilet seat or the standalone bidets are hygienic means of cleaning up after using the toilet.



Some types of bidet toilet seats don’t require your hands to come in contact with your anus after using the toilet. This prevents the transfer of bacteria to the hand, it also reduces the risk of transferring bacteria from the anus to the genitals. Bidets are also hygienic for women during menstruation; it also helps wipe completely any scoop of poop around the anal area without residuals. The use of a bidet toilet seat helps you rinse inside of your genitals properly, this can’t be achieved even with the best toilet paper.


The basic steps involved in using a bidet correctly

How do you use a bidet? Using a bidet is quite simple; all you need to do is follow the easy steps below:

  • USE THE TOILET – For you to need the use of a bidet, you must have first used the toilet. Some individuals believe the use of a bidet is a hygienic option to toilet tissue while others combine the use of both.
  • MOVE TO THE BIDET – The standalone bidet is always near the toilet, after using the toilet, move over to the bidet. How do you sit on a bidet? You can sit over the rim of the bidet either facing the bidet’s water control or away from it. The position you want to clean could determine where you face either the anus or genitals. Facing the bidet’s controls gives you the ease of controlling water temperature and pressure.
  • SWITCH THE CONTROL ON – Sit or squat over the bidet and let streams of water run from the bidet’s jets. Ensure that water reaches the area you want to clean well. Some bidets have faucets instead of jets; in this case, you allow water to fill the bidet and use your hand to clean manually.
  • DRY YOURSELF – After cleaning up with the bidet, get a toilet paper to dry yourself.
  • RINSE OUT BIDET – Why this isn’t compulsory, it’s a simple hygienic practice. Run the bidet’s jet at low pressure and allow it to keep the bidet clean (you might also use a toilet bowl cleaner periodically) after which you wash your hands.



Step-by-step guides to using a bidet toilet seat in the best way

How does a bidet work? Understanding how to use a bidet is vital; bidet toilet seats always come with push buttons to put them into use. Some come with remote and allow you with some extra features like air dry after use, and choosing water temperature. The following are the steps involved in using this type of bidet:

  • Use the toilet
  • Press the button on the device or use a remote (the best bidet toilet seat comes with one) to activate under-seat water jets and determine the temperature.
  • Adjust to ensure that the desired area to be cleansed is aligning with the water stream.
  • When clean activate the air-dry option (if applicable) or dry yourself with toilet paper.

These steps are also applicable to how to use a European bidet.


Step-by-step guides on the best ways to use a hand-held bidet

This type of bidet is affordable and easy to install and controlled. It is usually found attached to the side of the toilet. It’s widely used in the Middle East and amongst Muslim communities. The following steps are involved in using bidet attachment:

  • Use the toilet
  • Find the bidet attachment
  • Open the closed valve to allow the flow of water
  • Position the hose inside the bowel as appropriate for cleansing. This is dependent on the desired area to be cleaned, you can direct the hose forward to clean the genitals and backward to clean the anus.
  • Press down the button or trigger to release water.
  • Dry with toilet paper when clean.
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  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL AND USE: Designed for an easy DIY installation, the SlimEdge bidet attachment features a quality design brass valve and inlet, alongside a braided metal water supply hose and certified built-in check valve. Includes all of the required hardware and instructions for installation; no need to visit your Home Improvement store!
  • NON-ELECTRIC BIDET ATTACHMENT: The bidet toilet attachment is mechanical and doesn’t require any batteries and or electricity.


Step-by-step guide on the best ways to use a portable bidet

A portable bidet is the last alternative form of bidets. It comes in handy when you need to use the toilet during an event. The following steps are involved in using portable bidet:

  • Use the toilet
  • Direct the portable bidet towards the desired area to be cleaned
  • Squeeze to release water for cleansing
  • Dry yourself with toilet paper when clean.


The hygienic/health benefits of bidets over tissue paper

Bidet gives you thorough cleansing, unlike toilet papers that leave residual. Employing the use of the bidet toilet seat, standalone bidet with a jet prevents the hands from contacting the anus, this helps prevent the spread of bacteria. Also, anyone with irritation or a hemorrhoid patient would prefer the gentleness of water to wipe the skin surface with toilet paper.

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