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How to Use a Caulk Gun? Caulking Tips for Beginners

Last Updated: 21 May 2021

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How to Use a Caulk Gun When Caulking Your House

The development of new technologies and the production of new materials have not spared such an industry as building. New types of building materials have significantly improved both the quality of houses and the attractiveness of finishing.

How to Use a Caulk Gun When Caulking Your House

How to use a caulking gun and when should you apply it? There exist countless numbers for its application, from mounting fixtures to filling gaps and rifts. It can also prevent leaks which can cause some structural damage to your building. Sealing leaks and holes around your house saves your money. You would spend paying energy bills. In this way, you can also reduce the usage of household devices, and therefore you will increase their life. Isn’t it a sufficient cause to learn how to use a caulk gun?

Builders use this sealing device to eliminate small fissures on window frames, bathtubs, doorways, and so on. It is a device that holds a tube filled with some substance used to repair crannies and fissures in your house. Substance inside is applied for internal and external works. It has excellent sealing characteristics. This sealing tool will help you control how much sealant comes out in one go, and will also make the sealant go exactly where you intend it to go. This gun has two main parts: carcass and cylinder with a puttying substance that is inserted into its carcass. Now you know the caulking gun structure and purposes it serves, it’s time to know how to use a caulking gun.


If you want to know how to use a caulking tool, you have to decide what caulking tool you require. Your choice depends on the type of work you are intending to do. If you require it for indoor work — silicone caulk will be best for you. It acts as a sealer and protects your house from fungus and mold.

Latex caulking tool will be the best for puttying in the areas where there isn’t much solar light or moisture. Latex tool deals better with cracks filling than a silicone one but it can break down earlier under the effect of water and sunlight. So, use the best caulking gun for you taking into account our caulking tips and tricks.

Your sealing device really influences the way you work. It simplifies and expedites your puttying work. Buying the cheapest gun is not a good decision for those who intend to learn how to caulk in the best possible way. It can break before you do the whole puttying. Think about this before you buy it. Give preference to durable and reliable models when choosing the best caulking gun for you.

So What Will You Need?

These materials you will require:

So What Will You Need?
  • Cylinder with a puttying substance
  • Caulking gun
  • Spatula
  • Small hoover
  • Acetum
  • Putty remover solution
  • Bleaching agent
  • Painters or adhesive tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ice


Cleanup procedure consists of several stages:

  • Stage 1. If you intend to know how to do caulking, keep in mind these simple caulking tips. First of all, you should remove old putty, paint, and mildew around a surface which you are intending to putty. Use a spatula or wire brush for getting rid of old dirt. Use a small hoover for eliminating the dirt in hardly accessible areas.
  • Stage 2. Wipe the former putty down by using acetum, bleaching agent or putty remover solution. Let this area dry completely. Don’t ignore this step, it’s very important. If the surface you are putting is moistened, it can cause the mold.

Use Painter's Tape

Use Painter's Tape
  • Get the area for sealing prepared. Use an adhesive or painter’s tape to make a line smoother. Don’t be hurry when applying a tape both high and low of the line you intend to putty. Leave some small space on both sides of the cranny. This will make your work look neater.
  • Applying an adhesive tape makes puttying more accurate.
  • Don’t wait long to remove the tape, otherwise, it can get glued.

Installing the Cylinder into the Caulking Device

Now you will know how to install a cylinder with puttying substance and how to use a caulking gun. When we talk about neat puttying, three important things must be taken into account. They are:

  • Position of your sealing device.
  • Speed you are applying for moving your device.
  • Hole, cut on the edge of the cylinder.

Every gun for puttying your surfaces has a releaser disposed on the rear part of this device. Press it and drag its metallic rod that runs along with the entire carcass of your caulk gun. You must pull this rod to the end. Some people can’t insert a cylinder with puttying substance on their own that’s why they ask their family members or friends to assist them.

Installing the Cylinder into the Caulking Device

Embed a cylinder with a puttying substance holding its metallic rod back. First, start embedding a flat part of the cylinder into the rear part of your device. Now you should place a nosepiece of your cylinder into the frontal part of your device.

Make certain that a cylinder with a puttying substance sits well in the carcass of your gun and then carefully place the metallic rod in its initial position. Don’t forget to read instructions on the cylinder if something is unclear to you.
If you are wondering how much caulk do I need, the answer is here. Every frontal part of the cylinder with puttying substance has a long nozzle. Apply the pair of scissors for opening it.

Orifice’s size will depend on the type of work you are intending to do. If precision is important, cut the cylinder at an angle of about 45 degrees near the top of its nosepiece. The thinner putty layer you need, the thinner the orifice must be. Rougher work requires a thicker orifice.

Caulk Application

Caulk Application
  • Before you start, run a test on paper. Having a gun in your hand at an angle of about 45 degrees, press a releaser gently for forming an accurate line of putty. Don’t be in a hurry while doing this work. If you intend to know how to apply the caulk in the best possible way, we recommend you choose a medium tempo for applying putty. This putty will be lumpy if you move too slowly; if you move too fast, it will be irregular and thin. If you’ve discovered that your sealant stopped coming out of your gun, don’t panic. Just let the gun’s releaser go and start again.
  • As soon as you feel that you’ve set a speed you need, apply your sealant to the surface. Try making the putty line as even as possible.
  • After you’ve done your puttying, flat it over. Use an ice cube, your own finger, worn in a rubber glove, a spoon tentatively steeped in the water. Your work will look professional and neat when applying one of these simple tools.
  • Remove an adhesive tape and let the sealant dry. Read information specified on a cylinder concerning the time it will take a putty to dry completely. Usually, most caulks are already dry in twenty-four hours.
  • If you intend to apply paint on the surface which was puttied, don’t forget that it must be completely dry. Don’t be in a hurry because the paint might start breaking off if the putty is not dry enough.


We hope that this information was helpful for you and now you know how to use a caulk gun. You are not so perplexed and are ready to start puttying. Let us know if you have any questions, and we will try to help you. Those who have already done puttying, please don’t feel shy to share your experience. What caulking gun tips have you applied when caulking your house? What recommendations can you give?

Caulking is the most relevant with cold weather coming. But don’t wait until winter comes, winterize your house today! These caulking tips seem elementary but try to apply them if you want to sell your house in the best possible way. Recommendations offered by HandyHomeMaster.com are always simple but effective.

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