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Hp Scanjet G3110 Flatbed Photo Scanner

Last Updated: 06 January 2021

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Hey, if you’re looking for a nice basic scanner that’s going to get the job done well and easy, and also look good in your office, have a look at this one.

It’s the HP ScanJet G3110. It’s a solid scanner which is very nice. It’s got a very nice look to it. It’s very clean, and I would say it’ll surely look good in just about any office situation. And what’s very nice about this is that it’s very basic, it’s very simple, and really what makes the whole scanning experience work for you anyway is the software. And the software that comes with HP scanners, the suite of software that they have is really second to none and makes the entire experience very easy to handle. It makes scanning documents into your various programs, making copies, very easy. This is a very simple scanner with a 4800 x 9600 resolution which is already considered a high resolution.

HP ScanJet G3110 Flatbed Photo Scanner: Built-in Negative and 35-millimeter Slide Tray

It’s got a couple of things on it that make it very nice for scanning photos and negatives. It has a built-in negative and 35-millimeter slide tray. A lot of the times on scanners, these will actually be a separate attachment. It is something that you have to deal with and that you’re going to have to store away somewhere. For this one, a negative strip tray is actually built right in. It will take up to five negatives, and it will also take up to four 35-millimeter slides as well. That means that it can be configured for your slides and for your negatives.

And of course, when you’re trying to get those old family photos scanned in and saved, you want to be able to use those negatives. The quality is going to be so much higher when you scan the negatives than when you scan the prints. When you scan the prints, you’re dealing with dust, scratches and other possible problems with the photo process when you got them developed. And not to mention, you’re also dealing with the age of the photos. Scanning the negatives will result in the perfect resolution; it’s going to be well-preserved, and they’re going to look a whole lot better.

HP ScanJet G3110 Flatbed Photo Scanner: Semi-detachable Lid

One of the other things that’s very nice about flatbed scanner is that the lid very easily lifts up and out of the scanner. That means that you can scan objects that have more dimension to them. For example, large books and things that are three-dimensional can be easily scanned on this scanner. Thanks to its lid that very quickly pops right off of it and makes it very easy for you to get those three-dimensional objects scanned in.

HP ScanJet G3110 Flatbed Photo Scanner: All the Buttons for Your Convenience

It also has a number of buttons on the front that makes it very easy to scan as well. It has a quick button for sending a document straight to a PDF. It’s the first button that has PDF written on it. That is very handy, especially in an office situation. The second button, which has a picture of an envelope, will allow you to scan a document and immediately have it launch and attach that document to an e-mail. And the third button, which has the picture on a printer on it, will immediately send the document to your printer, so it acts sort of a photocopy machine. And lastly, the Quick Scan button, when you push this button it automatically launches the HP scanning software and allows you to tweak and change all of the settings to your heart’s content.

Now, it is a USB scanner. You’re going to find your ports on the bottom side, it does take a standard USB port. It is right beside the power port, and of course, the on and off switch. So it’s incredibly basic, very simple, but very easy to use.

HP ScanJet G3110 Flatbed Photo Scanner Has It All

The HP scanning software, like I said, is designed very well. They’ve been working on it for years and years and years. It is probably some of the easiest, most elegant scanning software that you’re going to find anywhere. So that really makes the experience, and that’s kind of what makes the HP ScanJet G3110 as good as it is.

Of course, it’s got that 4800 x 9600 resolution, built right in is the 35-millimeter slides and negatives can slide, and it’s just an overall quality scanner that you’ve got to look at, especially if you’re in the market for something nice and basic that’s going to look nice in your office. It’s the HP ScanJet G3110.

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