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Everything You Need to Know About the Jigsaw and Circular Saw

Last Updated: 25 November 2020

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Jigsaw and circular saw are both very powerful tools used for cutting wood by the woodworkers or even a layman. Both the tools may look very much the same, but in broader use, they are quite different. If you want to know more about the jigsaw vs circular saw, then here is something very informative for you.

What is a Jigsaw in Brief?

What is a Jigsaw in Brief

Discussing it in modern times, jigsaws had undergone a lot of changes but it does the same work. A single blade resembling a tooth moves in a back and forth direction with a constant motion against the object on the tabletop. It can cut an array of objects making an array of cuts such as circular cuts, beveled and straight cuts. It comes both in corded and cordless manners.

What are The Characteristics of Jigsaws?

Jigsaws are very useful in making complex shapes with the help of a narrow blade that moves up and down. Jigsaw tools include guides to cut complex shapes with an even line as it is important to ensure neatness while taking special measures in this type of cutting. This is useful for straight trims. If appropriate blades are used, then a wide range of objects can be cut.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Jigsaw

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Jigsaw

The convoluted cuts that jigsaws can make are one of its strengths. It is commonly used for carving out shapes, numbers, words, letters, and other things needed for crafts projects. The fine design of jigsaws makes it very convenient to operate, and in tight areas also it is very much handy.

Like every other tool, jigsaws have their weakness. They have less power in blades when compared to other saws. Also, the blades of jigsaws are thinner, which causes trouble and often breaks down but luckily, the cost of replacing the blades is inexpensive.

The Usefulness of a Jigsaw

It serves best for trimming shapes neatly with the narrow blades attached to it. Though it is primarily used for plunge, straight, and bevel cuts, it can also be used in cutting other materials such as plastic, sheet metal, and ceramic tiles. It is portable as it comes in both corded and cordless manner.

What is a Circular Saw in Brief?

What is a Circular Saw in Brief

Circular Saw is very common among workers who work with lumber. They are so powerful that without settling less for accuracy, you can cut a very wide range of materials.

A circular blade possessing a toothed cutting disc helps to trim a variety of applications including metals, water pipes, and even stones.

What are the Characteristics of Circular Saws?

These saws are designed best for trimming straight lines rather than a curve, but using a guide tool will give the best results. The grip handle is positioned at the center of gravity of the tool, which helps in the ease of movement. With advanced technology comes large saw blades and are also known as large circular saws.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Circular Saw

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Circular Saw

Corded or cordless, power is the main strength of a circular saw. Cutting against the woods every day becomes easy and accurate, even at a high speed.

These tools excel in straight line trims, but curved cuts stand as one of its weaknesses. You cannot even attempt to do a curved cut using this saw. If used inappropriately, it can be the most dangerous power tool.

What is a Circular Saw used For?

The most common function of a circular saw is making straight-line cuts with high accuracy. This is one of the powerful tools which range from cutting plywood with a circular saw to cutting metals and even stones. Due to its lightweight and versatile use, it is also termed as a multi-function circular saw.

Comparison Between Jigsaw vs. Circular Saw

The table below highly describes circular saw vs jigsaw, have a look:

Point of Comparison Jigsaws Circular Saws
Speed Lesser power and blade speed is not as fast as compared to circular saws. Greater power and fast blade speed than the jigsaws.
Maximum depth Perfect for dense woods. Better for light to medium woods.
Possibility of working at an angle Apt for angles typically up to 45 degrees. Difficult to make angle cuts as blades tend to catch on the edge of the board.
Possibility of cutting curves Excellent for curves. Not suitable for curves.
Accuracy level Accurate for curvy bodies Accurate for straight-line objects.
Inclusion of additional tools Made up of an electric motor and reciprocating saw blade. These saws were referred to as electric jigsaws in the past. Made up of blade, wire, or chain. This saw is often called as a table saw.
The replacement cost of disk or saw Inexpensive to replace the parts. Expensive to replace the parts.

Final Advice

Jigsaw or circular saw both are powerful tools used for craftsmanship, so it depends on the use for which you are buying one. While choosing, just keep the objectives in mind, which are discussed above and also prefer buying from a trusted brand. So, which saw are you planning to buy? Do let us know!

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