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Learn All About Best Spray Paints and Figure Out How to Choose Between Krylon Vs Rustoleum!

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

Most people we talked with, associate spray paint with street art and car body repair, and nothing else. However, while of course, it is used for these things, the possibilities you have with spray paint are truly vast. For example, you don't want to spend a lot of money, but you like having nice things that look like they are worth a lot. Or, you have the feeling that your furniture looks a bit shabby but you are not skilled with a paintbrush. Spray paint is what you have been looking for.

According to many who have used it, spray paint is potentially the most versatile product out there because you can paint just about anything you imagine. It is pretty simple to use, and you can work with it quickly. Another great thing about it is that there isn't much cleanup after painting.

If you heard anything about spray paints before, you probably heard that Krylon and Rustoleum are the two most known spray paint manufacturers. But then, when you are just a beginner, you must be wondering how to choose the one that can accommodate your particular needs. If you try to Google and search in forums, you will see that some people prefer one and others another type, which can be confusing. Therefore, if your mind is set on doing some DIY projects that require spray paint we believe that it might be helpful to check out these Krylon vs Rustoleum reviews. Here you will find the detailed descriptions, explanations, and comparison of Krylon vs Rustoleum which will enable you to make the right decision.

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Krylon and Rustoleum: Briefly About Two Companies

These two companies are in the business now for decades and they both have a good reputation. But of course, each one has some specific features that affect your work’s type and quality. When you start a DIY project, it is essential to understand what these are, how they are different, and so on and decide the purchase. First, we will briefly introduce these companies to you and then discuss products and their specific characteristics.

Rustoleum Spray Paints

Krylon vs Rustoleum

It sounds unbelievable but Rustoleum was first founded in 1921, but no one other than a sea captain called Robert Fergusson. His original idea was not to enter a painting business but to create a way to protect his ship. But when he understood that his product that contained fish oil helped to stop the corrosion he understood that he found a solution to the problems of a lot of people. Over the years, Fergusson worked to perfect the spray paint and make what we are using still today. Now, this is a company that has a yearly turnover of one billion US dollars and has offices and factories in ten different countries. Rustoleum mainly produces protective paints and coatings such as Rustoleum wrought iron paint and Rustoleum epoxy spray paint.

Why Are Rustoleum Paints So Popular?

Why Are Rustoleum Paints So Popular
  • Rustoleum paints are super popular because they are easy to use. You don’t need any skills or previous experience, etc. Another important thing is that you just need a spray can and not any additional materials.
  • As you could see, these paints provide excellent protection from corrosion and rust.
  • Rustoleum is one of the most durable spray paints.
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • It is affordable.

The Most Popular Lines of Rustoleum Paints

As you can imagine, the company with such a long history has a lot of products. Let’s check out some of them.

  • Wipe New is excellent for using things damaged by weather.
  • NeverWet is an excellent waterproof spray.
  • Painter’s Touch is a paint that works perfectly with different surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, and so on.
  • Wolman is designed specifically for exterior wood care.

Krylon Spray Paints

Krylon Spray Paints

Before we go into a detailed comparison between Krylon vs Rustoleum let’s say a few lines about Krylon as well. It came two decades later than Rustoleum, in 1947, and was founded by a businessman from Philadelphia Howard E. Kester. This company was the first producer of aerosol paints, which kind of revolutionized the industry. Initially, they were making brush-on paints. However, after getting inspiration from DuPont Corporation and their combination of gas and liquid in one bottle they started making aerosol paints such as Krylon paint and primer.

What is Special in Krylon Paint?

When you are deciding whether to choose Rustoleum vs Krylon you need to be aware of the advantages each of them brings. We mentioned the features of Rustoleum, and now we are going to do the same with Krylon.

  • This paint is durable and smooth.
  • It is simple to apply.
  • It gets dry exceptionally quickly.
  • You can paint hard to reach surfaces.
  • It is recyclable.

Most Popular Lines of Krylon Paints

  • All-Purpose Bonding Primer is an excellent option to paint hard to reach places regardless of the material. It is a Krylon metal paint but can be used for plastic, wood, and so on.
  • Appliance Epoxy is a super durable product.
  • Krylon Fusion is an excellent pain for all kinds of surfaces. A lot of people make the comparison between Rustoleum plastic paint vs Krylon fusion.

In Depth Comparison: Krylon vs Rustoleum

Scope and Color Palette

Scope and Color Palette

Okay, so now we are talking about a more detailed comparison that will help you decide whether you want Krylon or Rustoleum. When it comes to color palette it is important to mention that both companies offer quite a variety of colors. They both also can be used on different types of surfaces. Thus you have, for example, Rustoleum paint for metal but also wood, plastic, ceramics, and so on. However, Krylon is offering the same choices as well. Nevertheless, we would say that as Krylon dries up faster it might be better when you want to paint garden chairs and tables. Rustoleum paints can be better for car bodywork or something else with metal. Additionally, you wouldn’t have good results if you are using Krylon for any fabric that is coated with vinyl

Drying Time and Covering Ability

When we discuss Krylon vs Rustoleum we have to say that as far as drying time goes Krylon is an absolute winner. Rustoleum can take hours to dry while Krylon hardens in a matter of minutes completely. Both of them can cover pretty much the same size surfaces. If you are using Rustoleum you will probably need two or three coats according to Rustoleum review. When it comes to Krylon, two coats should be enough. But both work at their highest capacity if you use the best paint sprayer.

Resistance to Environmental Influences

Rustoleum paints are exceptionally durable and resistant to any kind of weather conditions. It means that it is perfect for garden chairs and tables as well as any other outdoor equipment. It is also resistant to scratches, so you can be pretty sure your things won’t get damaged regardless of how much you are using them online. Krylon is, on the other hand, very sensitive to environmental influences such as humidity or temperature. You have to pay a lot of attention to the weather conditions to achieve the best results when painting with Krylon.

Preliminary Surface Preparation

Keep in mind that surface preparation is as necessary as the paint you are going to choose. Experts say that nearly 75% of painting failures occur because the surface wasn’t properly treated before. Here is how to prepare the surface.

Usually, for this job, you can use a primer. Both companies produce them, and we believe they are useful regardless of the type of paint you are using. However, before buying one check if the paint that you have already comes as 2 in 1. In this case, you don’t need to buy a primer separately. If you don’t have a primer, then you can prepare the surface in another way.

  • First, wash it with detergent or soap and water.
  • Remove the rust or other materials by using a wire brush, sandpaper, paint scraper, etc.
  • If necessary, polish with fine sandpaper and wipe the dirt.

Special Skills for Using Paint

Special Skills for Using Paint

If you are just using paint to recolor some things in your house, you don’t need any special skills. If you get started with street art of course you need to know a bit more about painting. In general, the most important thing is that the surface is clean, whether you are using garage floor paint or something else. The rest, such as assessing the distance between the object you are painting and the spray bottle, will come with practice.

Other Brands You Might Like

Rustoleum and Krylon are among the oldest and most known spray paint brands. For this reason, we decided to dedicate this review to them. But this doesn’t mean that there are other brands you might find interesting.

  • Montana BLACK
  • PintyPlus Evolution
  • ColorBond

Verdict and Our Recommendation

Here we are at the end of our review. In case you were hoping for a precise verdict as to which is better regarding Rustoleum vs Krylon we are sorry we couldn’t provide it. However, this was not our intention because we believe both of these companies have a lot to offer. Instead, we desired to give you a lot of clear information so you can make a decision on which of these satisfies your needs most.

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