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Finding the Best Manual Lawn Edger in 2021

Last Updated: 08 July 2021
 best manual lawn edger

Getting the best manual lawn edger is of utmost importance because getting the right lawn equipment is the beginning of a well-maintained lawn. Getting the perfect equipment again depends on knowing your plot of land very well- if it is big or small. Because getting a manual lawn edger for a huge lawn does not make any sense unless you get a wheeled version, or you would just have to spend all your weekend attending to your lawn. Which we are sure, you do not want.

Whether you have a simplistic lawn or an opulent one, maintenance is very crucial if you wish your lawn to reverberate an atmosphere of calm and peace.

In this manual edger review, we are not only going to the benefits of this equipment but also guide you in purchasing the best one.

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Top 10 Best Manual Lawn Edgers: Comparison Table

Best Overall: AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip Review

  • Create Clean Borders Around Beds And Walkways
  • Arched Blade Design
  • Remove Sod With Ease
  • No Assembly Required

Most Versatile: Fiskars Square Garden Spade Review

  • Ideal for edging, cutting a trench, slicing through thick turf or digging
  • Extra-large D-handle design offers secure two-handed control when digging, even while wearing gloves
  • Welded 14-gauge hardened steel blade and 18-gauge steel shaft provide durability that far outlasts wood-handled tools and won’t flex like fiberglass
  • Sharpened blade makes it easy to penetrate tough soil or break up hardened dirt clods
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Rotary Model: Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger Review

  • 48-inch north american ash, lacquered handle for strength and durability
  • Handy edger, keeps sidewalks clear of grass and weeds
  • Clear-coated gray-steel finished heads
  • Spray clean with garden hose, coat with silicone spray
  • Tru-tough trupers best selling signature tool line

Optimal Performance & Safety: Radius Garden 22611 Root Slayer Edger Review

Radius Garden
  • An planet-friendly and quiet alternative to a gas-powered grass edger
  • Half-moon lawn edger with an inverted V-shaped cutting tip and specially designed teeth to rip through dirt and roots easily
  • Shovel blade made of powder-coated carbon steel and a resin-encased carbon steel shaft with non-latex grips at the top
  • Ideal for irregular edges and finishing touches in your garden
  • Tough Root Slayer that is easy to maintain that you just have to simply sharpen and clean the blade regularly for reliable performance; Lifetime manufacturer guarantee for the continental US only

Heavy Duty: SERENITA Lawn Grass Edger Review

  • Korean Ho mi Garden hoe is short-handled traditional farming tool used by Koreans
  • This hoe garden tool is easy tool for planting seeds, plowing up soil, digging potatoes in fields, removing weeds
  • BEST HAND WEEDER - most effective cultivating hoe found at Bronze age site
  • HANDMADE PRODUCTION - Ho Mi is a hand made in traditional way by blacksmiths in the Korean forge
  • STRONG TOOL - Excellent Durable and Sturdy multi purpose garden tool.

Unique Design: Yard Butler Step Edger Review

Yard Butler
  • EASY TO USE AND MAKE YOUR YARD LINES NEAT, TRIM, AND TIDY. Creates deep, clean edges along sidewalks, driveways, patios, gardens, and grass lawns.
  • UNIQUE LONG HANDLED EDGER DESIGN centers weight over cutting blade for easy edging, foot bar provides extra leverage, and cushioned handle grips for comfort.
  • PERFECT FOR GROOMING AROUND TREES, SHRUBS, AND FLOWER BEDS. Also useful for installing plastic edging.
  • BUILT TO LAST. Powder coated durable steel construction, 37 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and weighs 4.5 lbs.

Extra Thick Blade: Bully Tools 92251 Round Lawn Edger Review

Bully Tools
  • Commercial grade
  • All steel construction
  • Extra thick 12 gauge steel blade
  • Round Lawn Edger
  • Features a steel T-style Handle

Multifunctional Tool: Kwik Edge Tool Garden Edger Weeder Review

Kwik Edge
  • [GET THE MOST FROM YOUR KWIK EDGE]: The Kwik Edge tool is designed to maintain the flower bed border by keeping grass from creeping in, NOT to create the edge. The curved back directs the soil back into the flower bed.
  • [MAINTENANCE TOOL]: Designed to keep grass from encroaching into the flower bed. The vertical and horizontal blade cuts invading grassroots. Cultivates and grooms the soil into the bed; does not cut overhanging grass blades.
  • [HOW TO USE]: Use a half-moon and/or conventional shovel to remove sod to the desired size and shape of the bed (the Kwik Edge tool is not recommended for creating the edge). Use the Kwik Edge tool to clean and cultivate the border. Most effective when soil is slightly dry, so roots and soil do not hang up on the blade. In heavy clay soil add sand and other amendments to loosen the soil
  • [EASE OF USE]: In one smooth motion the KWIK EDGE turns yard work into gardening and leaves flower beds looking like they have been professionally manicured. Repeated use of the Kwik Edge tool conditions the soil as it turns, and mixes added amendments making every use easier than the last.
  • [100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE]: Buy with confidence knowing that if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

Economical Choice: Emsco Group Bigfoot Ice Chopper and Lawn Edger Review

Emsco Group
  • HEAVY DUTY - Made with heavy, industrial cold rolled steel, this ice scraper will hold up to heavy impacts and cold weather.
  • REINFORCED EDGE - The polished edging is flat and sharp giving extra leverage when blasting away tough ice and snow
  • LONG REACH - The extra long pole is great for leverage and hard to reach spots.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - The extra large D-Grip is cushioned to cushion hard impacts as you destroy ice, to help prevent injury to hands, wrists and shoulders
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOOL - Designed for breaking up ice but great for all kinds of jobs. Knock down icicles, dig out plant roots, help with edging, remove shingles and more

Simple & Effective: Kenyon 49045 All-Steel Landscape Lighting Trencher/Edger Review

  • Landscape trencher with t handle
  • Made of steel
  • Item Product Dimension: 45.5" L x 13.5" W x 1.5" H
  • Item Package Weight: 12.0 lb

What is a Manual Lawn Edger?

It looks like rolling wheels with spikes that are attached to a long handle. It is used to level the lawn by addressing uneven growth and weeds as well as to do away with pests.

It is used to clean up the edges that give your lawn a smooth finish and trimmed sides. It accentuates the appearance and sharpness of your property.

There are certain places in your lawn that the lawnmowers cannot reach due to their size, this is when your manual edge trimmers come in.

Benefits of Manual Lawn Edger

Benefits of Manual Lawn Edger
  • Inexpensive: These are not as costly as powered lawnmowers, and you do not need to invest any further in their working or maintenance.
  • Low maintenance: It is very low maintenance since it has no complex function and is manually operated.
  • Reliable: If you have a small lawn, nothing is more reliable than a manual grass-edger. It does not need any gas or electricity and thus can be used anytime you wish.
  • Eco friendly: It does not make any deafening noise nor does it need any fuel. So basically, you are not harming the environment even in the least possible way.
  • Easy to store: They are compact and do not need too much space to be stored

Manual Lawn Edger Types

Rotary Edger

This manual sidewalk edger has a wheel on one side and a rotary blade on the other. This enables you to walk any which way, and the blade will get the job done.

The blade is very sharp and suitable for trimming the edges neatly. These, however, can leave out some tight spots.

Standard Edger

A standard manual yard edger is perhaps the most popular kind and is used all over the world. It has a very simple design, and the blade is either V-shaped or half-moon-shaped. The former, however, is the better kind of blade as it can cut a lot of weed and grass at a time.

Spade Lawn Edgers

These have either rectangular or square-shaped blades. The stepping surface at the edge gives you more leverage. The spade is broad-edged which makes it the best manual lawn edger in terms of clean finish and efficiency.

Manual Lawn Edger: Factors to Consider before a Purchase

Manual Lawn Edger: Factors to Consider before a Purchase

Edger Blade

Getting a blade that is of premium quality should be your primary concern when shopping for a manual lawn edger tool. It must remain sharp after using it a considerable number of times. The premium quality also ensures that your tool will be resistant to rust for a very long time. Stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Angled Edger

If you have an extended lawn, you may require something more than the simplest edger. An angled handheld edger will allow you to engage in more intricate work, like along the tree line or around the flower beds.

Hand Grip

Since it is a manual tool, the grip is very important for the entire efficiency. A cushioned grip is comfortable and allows you to work with it for a long time without getting sweaty palms or blisters.

Edgar Shaft

A shaft above your waistline is what you should ideally be looking for. Shafts are anywhere between 35 to 40 inches in length. A lightweight shaft will be less tiring to work with.

How to Use a Manual Lawn Edger

Using a Half-Moon Edger

First, mark the area of your new bed by separating it from the grass area. You can use a set of stakes to mark the edge. Tie a string between the paths after hammering the stakes at each end.

After marking the area, align the edge of your string trimmer with the hose. Next, tilt the handle of your edger 45 degrees and push it to the ground. Once it is well inside the earth, rock the edger to ensure that the soil loosens up. Doing this all along the desired line will give you the right cut.

Using a Rotary Edger

Using a rotary edger is even easier. All you must do is insert it in the soil and then let the spikes on the rotating wheel loosen up the soil.

After it’s done, use the same to give the bed a cleaner cut.

Tips on Maintaining Your Manual Lawn Edger

All manual lawn edger reviews will have one point in common- that it is a very maintenance-friendly tool. However, you must take the minimum care to keep it working for years.

  • Sharpen the blade regularly if you want to keep your best edger in the best form.
  • Keep it in the shade when not in use.
  • After use, wash your edger with water and mild soap.
  • Do not use it for other purposes.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

We hope you are now equipped with all the necessary information that you might require to purchase the best manual lawn edger 2021. These are a necessity when it comes to maintaining a garden. Even if you have a larger piece of lawn, this is extremely helpful if you wish to work with smaller patches.

Do not wait till your lawn becomes unmanageable, and get the edger today!

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