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MK550 Logitech Wireless Wave Combo – Here’s How Good It Is

Last Updated: 06 January 2021

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In this review, I am going to talk about the MK550 Logitech Wireless Wave Combo. Why did I buy this product and not another one? Here’s my theory on stuff like this. As I’m getting older and earning more, I prefer to pay more to keep a product more. I’d rather have higher-end products as I seek quality. I bought it on Amazon with two years of warranty and made by Logitech. So as always, the cable is a bit short, the box is a little bit different than in older versions and the packaging is nice. Be careful not to cut yourself when unpackaging. I would give it a 10 for packaging, everything is so secure.

Now, the first thing has some nice padding up here and an upload button. So it gets 10 for packaging as it’s nice and secure. But why did I get the Logitech MK550 with mouse and keyboard combo? It’s because on my laptop I have a lot of USB slots, so we will combine them up. It has reliable wireless, 101 control buttons and it can connect to six devices. It says 36-month keyboard battery life, cushion, palmrest that good countered wave design with the learning curve and with full-size economic grip to the back. The USB is very well-placed. It has a really nice place for your palms, which is nice and comfortable. The mouse has a good battery, you need to plug it in and 2.4 gigahertz. There are more gigahertz in other products, but that’s still pretty good. You got but a mouse with rubber grip, 5 programmable buttons, a thousand EPI high-performance laser, on-off switch, scroll plus battery indicating. Like, both these have battery indicating which I think is cool.

When I opened the mouse, I found that it was turned on. At that point I was like “Hey, company, stop doing this!” Anyway, can’t wait to use this. Well so the box has instructions and the USB Bluetooth connector is inside. Unlike some other cheaper mouses I’ve bought which puts it directly on the mouse, here it is separated. Guys, be careful, this is very tiny and you might lose it. There is one more surprise in the box. It’s a USB cord that has a place for you the store the USB connector.

This is it. I don’t have much information as I’ve just got it and didn’t have time to test it properly, but it looks sturdy, it’s ingenious and it definitely looks premium.

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