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Which Faucet is Better Moen or Delta?

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

Finding a reliable quality valve for your kitchen may not be easy, especially with the thousands of brands that are out in the faucet industry. That’s why we bring you the Moen vs Delta review as both are the best possible faucet brands that you will come across as you shop.

Now you can wonder which one is the best among the two, or which one will be the best match for your kitchen. Stay with us as we do an in-depth discussion and compare both spigots and know everything about them.

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Moen vs Delta

Moen vs Delta: What is the Better Choice?

Moen being the oldest among the two was founded in 1937, and it began by producing traditional double handle nozzles. Nevertheless, the company has become one of the most innovative kitchen faucet manufacturers worldwide.

Delta was established in 1954 and majored in manufacturing the single-hand faucets. The company still stands as a leading manufacturer to date. We start the review by a quick comparison of the top models for the Moen vs Delta faucet.

Specs Moen 7594SRS Arbor Delta 9178-SP-DST
Type Pull Down Pull Down
Height 15.5 Inches 14.88 Inches
Installation 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole
Touchless Yes No
Spout Reach 7.88 Inches 9.2 Inches
Finish Options Matte Black, chrome, stainless, oil rubbed bronze Chrome, SpotShield stainless, Venetian bronze, arctic stainless
Flow Rate 1.5gpm 1.8gpm

Spraying System

Spraying System

The spraying system of your kitchen valve goes a long way in making your dish cleaning moments easy. With the Delta or Moen kitchen faucet, you enjoy an excellent spraying system, but there are a few differences you will need to note.

It uses the power clean technology that gives the nozzle a strong concentrated spray to enable you to clean dishes faster. Moreover, this technology not only makes dishwashing simpler, but it also prevents splashing.

On the other hand, the best Delta kitchen faucet comes with the ShieldSpray Technology that also allows you to clean up your dishes easily without leaving any splash messes behind.


With Moen or Delta, you will get a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. However, several kitchen faucet reviews indicate that the latter normally has a better variety compared to Moen.

With both brands, you get a wide selection of both the traditional and modern kitchen faucets. Also, you will find plenty of pull down and pull up designs to choose from.



The finish is also an important feature, as picking the wrong finish may make it look out of place once you have it in your kitchen. Delta vs Moen kitchen faucets come with many finish options to match your kitchen appliances and meet your personal preferences.

The main kitchen nozzles finish options include chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. Chrome stands out in matching up with most kitchen décor and easy maintenance as well. On the other hand, oil-rubbed bronze is best for traditional faucet styles.

Besides oil-rubbed bronze and chrome, Moen is also compatible with other finishes like stainless and black matte. Moreover, Delta is well-matched with Venetian bronze and matte black on top of oil-rubbed bronze and chrome.


Both Moen vs Delta faucets come with outstanding technologies to give you pleasant user experience. To begin with, Moen faucets come with the motion-sense technology that allows it to work just by moving your hand or an object near the sensors. Moreover, it features the Power clean tech that facilitates water release with more 50% pressure to make your cleaning activities easier.

Delta also has some cool technologies, including the Touch 20 tech that allows you to close or open the water just by a slight touch. It is also designed with spot shield technology that resists spots and provides antimicrobial protection.


The Moen vs Delta rivalry has been in the faucet industry for quite a long period, and they have manufactured several kitchen faucet models over the years. Since its inception, Moen has brought into the market 173 models with varying design, finish, appearance, and technology.

On the other hand, the competition has lined up 106 faucet models into the market, and also with numerous designs, finishes, colors, and styles.

Customer Service and Warranty

As gathered from Delta and Moen kitchen faucet reviews, you don’t have to worry about defects during the delivery phase. Both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty, which allows you to get a replacement in case you notice any problem with the workmanship. Moreover, it is worth noting that both brands have separate warrants for the electric parts.

In regards to the customer care service, both companies have a good share of both good and bad notices. Various kitchen faucet reviews show that some clients enjoyed excellent customer support, while others had issues trying to reach them.

Extra Features

With the best touchless kitchen faucet from the two sides, you get more than the typical faucet features.

Moen brings you some advanced features like soap dispensers and filtering options. From Delta faucet reviews we know that it comes with unique features like the water gauge to help track water use.

Moen vs Delta: Spotting the Differences

Which Faucet is Better Moen or Delta?

Let’s take a look at the noticeable differences between both brands as we establish, is Moen or Delta better?

  • The best Moen kitchen faucets offer a complete touchless experience while with Delta, some slight touch is needed.
  • Moen uses a robust spray technology that allows for low water consumption. On the other hand, Delta features a water shield tech to prevent water splashing, but it uses more water during cleaning.
  • Moen faucets feature 4 basic shades, but Delta features 4 shades plus an addition of 10 altered ones.

Final Thoughts

With the above guide, you now know what’s better than Delta or Moen in regards to your kitchen faucet needs. Both brands stand out when it comes to durability, variety, technologies, and styles; hence whichever one you settle for between the two won’t be a disappointment.

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