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Optical vs. Laser Mice: Which Is Better for Gaming?

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

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The mouse is a device that ordinary users buy at random, choosing in appearance. For gamers, this approach is not acceptable. They need gaming mice with improved features, wide functionality, and stylish design. This device usually perfectly fits in hand and allows staying ahead of rivals in any game. Models for gaming immediately catch the eye. Creative design, presence of light, customizable buttons, a sensor for clarity of movement, etc. Today we’ll analyze, which mice are the best this year, compare mouse laser vs optical and provide a guide on the latest trends of 2022.

How Computer Mice Work?

how Computer Mice Work

This device appeared simultaneously with the graphical interface. It allowed managing various objects on the screen easier than using the keyboard and everyone knows how to use the mouse. The movement of the device on the surface is transmitted using a special program to the computer and displayed on the screen. Pressing the buttons causes the response actions required: closes or opens windows, activates these or that elements.

It is already impossible to imagine working on a PC without a convenient and functional laser or optical mouse. If the first models were a mechanical device with a pair of buttons, then today a variety of manipulators is simply amazing! There are two main types of mice used today in computer systems: laser and optical. Let’s find out which type of computer mouse is the most suitable for games.

Does a Computer Mouse Wear Out?

Usually, a high-quality device by a trusted manufacturer lasts 3 – 5 years or even longer. For example, in the case of optical tools, they do not have parts, which can wear out. There could be problems with some imaging components or LEDs, but they are absolutely fixable.

Different Types of Computer Mice

The choice of such an important gaming tool by design is very subjective. One user likes a classic, the other will pay attention only to the bright or combat color of the manipulator. That’s why, the main goal is to compare mouse laser vs optical and decide, which is the best.

Optical Mouse

In order to understand, what it is, you need to learn how to do optical sensors work. It is a manipulator equipped with a very small video camera. It takes about a thousand photographs per second. Data received from the camera is processed by the processor and sent to the computer. The optical device is based on a light diode, emitted light in the visible range.

Laser Mouse

This tool is similarly structured. The only difference is the use of a semiconductor laser instead of a camera with a diode. When working with such a device, there is no visible glow of the sensor, which does not distract from work. That’s why, if you are choosing between optical or laser for gaming, the last one is more preferable.

What’s the Difference Between Optical and Laser Mice?

The main difference between optical mouse and laser mouse lies in different parameters. Mainly, it is necessary to compare the laser sensor vs the optical sensor.

Operating Principle

In an optical device, a light diode and mini camera are used to take readings about the device’s location. At the same time, a model of the second type uses a laser beam. There is no visible luminescence.


For a new optical device, this figure is about 1200 dpi and for laser – up to 2000 dpi.

Moving Speed

It can be determined by the distance that you need to install a manipulator to move the cursor through the entire diagonal of the screen. Optical mice will need 5 cm for this, and more expensive models – no more than 2-3 cm.


The Laser sensor works properly on any surface, and for optical you will need to choose the best surface for an optical mouse with reflective materials.


Laser mice consume less power. This significantly affects the duration of the wireless manipulators, as it saves battery power.


The cost of laser models is somewhat higher.

Hope this article will help to better understand the differences between main peripheral devices. Now it’s your turn to make a final decision, which is better laser or optical mouse.

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