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Pairing a Commercial Wireless Keyboard and Mouse With an Hp Computer

Last Updated: 11 January 2021

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Here’s my short review about wireless keyboards and mice and how to resynchronize a keyboard or mouse if you lose synchronization. Well, let’s start with the receiver. On the receiver, we actually have the connect button. And it is actually a little button. I don’t know if you can hear that click, click, click when you do it. But that’s a button that you need to push to initialize the synchronization process. There’s a piece you need to put on the back of the PC, into one of the USB ports. And you’ll notice there’s the USB tone. And it blinks a couple of times.

What Happens Next?

Now, you’re going to go back. So, we know that it received the right thing. Again, this is how I did, so follow me on this one.

Try to move the mouse. The mouse is turned on, and you probably don’t have synchronization. Toggle between there, and you don’t have synchronization. On the commercial keyboard and mouse set, you need to resynchronize the mouse first. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn this back around so you can see that, when you push the button, it’s going to be hard to see it initially. But after you push it, you’ll see that it starts blinking blue.

Hold it down for about five seconds, and it’ll start blinking. You have 30 seconds during that process to press and hold the white connect key on the mouse. You hold that for about five seconds, and then that should synchronize. And when you let go, the blinking stops. So now we know that this is synchronized. And I won’t turn it around just yet because we’re now going to do the synchronization on the keyboard.

So, again, press and hold the connect button for about three or five seconds until it starts blinking blue. Once it starts blinking blue, you can press and hold the connect button. Plus, you want to be pretty close to the receiver. The receiver should be no more than about 30 centimeters away when you are doing that. Doing a silent count in my head for about five to 10 seconds. When I let go, the blinking stops. The keyboard and mouse are now synchronized. And as proof, we’ll go ahead and spin this back around. And we’ll see if we get mouse movement. There’s the mouse right here. And toggle between Windows, Start, and Desktop.

Synchronization Complete

That’s how you synchronize wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have other issues with it, you can move the receiver from a different USB port to either on the side or on the back just to get a different one. You’ll hear the USB tone on and off. If you have, in some cases, our USB ports for the dongle are actually hidden under the cover of the PC. So, we call it a hidden USB port. And you might have to open up a door on the back of the PC, or you may have to take the whole cover off, depending on the version of the PC that you have. And that’s for an All-in-one. For desktops, it’s a little different. I hope this review was useful. Thanks.

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