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Parrot Anafi Dolly Zoom Effect: What is It?

Last Updated: 10 June 2022

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In this review, I’m gonna show you how the Parrot Anafi Dolly zoom works. I’m going to explain how to set it up in the menu and give some examples of when I have used it out. Make sure you read everything and keep track of the different aspects. Landscape photography and filming on on-site locations are definitely not easy.

What Is Dolly Zoom?

What Is Dolly Zoom

Okay, so what is Dolly Zoom? Dolly Zoom, also known as a vertical effect, is a cinematic filming technique that was used in some major Hollywood films including Vertigo, Lord of the Rings, and Jaws. Basically, it’s a distortion of the background so that you have a single subject or person in the middle of the screen that doesn’t change, but the background distorts around that subject. Therefore, the background appears to change in size relative to the central subject.

How It Works?

Here’s the way Anafi does this. It uses its digital zoom to lock in on a central subject or a person. Then the Parrot Anafi backs away, but it zooms in on the person, so that person who stays in focus stays the same size. Ultimately, you have this perspective distortion of the background that just continuously distorts and changes the size until the Parrot Anafi stops. You can also change it the other way, so when the Parrot Anafi comes in, it uses this digital zoom to zoom out.

How to Use It?

So I’ll give some examples of this in my review. To set up Dolly Zoom, you have to change the piloting mode. You go into the main menu, the bottom left-hand button piloting mood to switch to the smart drone. From there, it gives you four more options. Dolly Zoom is the second to the right from here. You have to highlight the subject that you want to have in the center of the dolly zoom. You slide your finger across the subject on the screen until the box turns green. From here, you can click on the Dolly Zoom button. This gives you three more options – this is ‘zoom in’ or ‘zoom out’ or ‘zoom in and out.’ I chose a mountaintop of Colorado to test Parrot Anafi Dolly zoom, and I thought the wide-open spaces would show after that Dolly Zoom effect. Everything went great.

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First, I’ve used the zoom out feature. As you will see, there’s a countdown once you start the program, and at the bottom, it shows the status of the program running. When the program finishes, the Parrot Anafi just hovers in place. For best results, Parrot recommends at least 5 meters away from the subject and 1 to 2 meters off the ground, so in the next example, I’ve tried to do that. I used the Dolly Zoom’ zoom in/out’ and then zooming back and again all within the same Dolly Zoom program. Later I’ve changed the orientation of the Parrot Anafi just for a little bit different background. Okay, that’s a parrot Anafi Dolly Zoom. I hope this is useful!

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