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Power Rake or Dethatcher – Which One You Should Get?

Last Updated: 02 April 2021

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Proper lawn health maintenance demands firm tools and a dedicated gardener. Once you grab the apt gardening tools, lawn care becomes much smoother. The two most powerful gardening equipment is power rake and dethatcher. It is always wise to follow a detailed guide before using the tools. Are you interested to know more about power rake vs dethatcher? If yes, stay hooked until the end!

What is Meant by a Power Rake?

What is Meant by a Power Rake

This is a tool used for getting rid of excess thatch in a garden. It is capable of removing more than three times thatch than the dethatcher. Therefore, power dethatching is stronger for debris removal. You can either buy the machine or rent it for one-time use. It causes no damage to the soil as the machine works quite effectively and gently.

What is Meant by a Dethatcher?

A dethatcher does the same work as that of the tool mentioned above, which is removing the thatch. However, this tool is less powerful, therefore, is capable of removing less thatch. If you prefer a dethatching lawn regularly, then this machine will serve you the best. It is also affordable and can be owned by residential gardeners at ease. Like most other machines, a dethatcher also requires proper maintenance. You can easily find a storage space for them due to the smaller size.

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Comparison Between a Power Rake and a Dethatcher

What is the Work Done by a Power Rake?

What is the Work Done by a Power Rake

In case you are wondering how does a power rake work, well, it removes the debris layer from the garden soil with the help of spinning flails. The thatch is loosened from the soil first, and then the machine picks it up to freshen up the soil. Power raking the lawn is highly important for saving the soil from dead grass and stolon.

Pros and Cons


  • It is lightweight and can be moved easily.
  • The root structure remains intact.
  • No extra care is to be taken.


  • In the dethatching blade vs power rake battle, it is a bit expensive.
  • You might need to hire professional help for better results.

What is the Work Done by a Dethatcher?

As said before, dethatching does the same job as that of power raking. However, in power raking vs dethatching, the later one is milder and removes lesser thatch. A dethatcher is a machine used for the same. This tool is great for regular use and can be used by beginners too.

Pros and Cons


  • Serious thatches can be removed easily.
  • Lawn aerating can be done smoothly.
  • It is compatible with rough obstacles to remove the excess debris.


  • The soil damage done is higher in the pull behind dethatcher vs power rake comparison.
  • Cannot be used for multitasking.

How to Use?

Power Rake

There are a few very simple steps for using this tool. Have a look below to know the exact steps:

How to Use
  • Firstly, confirm that ¼ inch of soil is covered by dead grass.
  • Set the deck high to power up the machine.
  • Test the tool once to see how effectively it is working.
  • Now, start lowering the deck slowly. Try to lower one notch at a time.
  • Run the machine throughout the lawn and collect the debris.
  • Start cleaning the loose debris.

Pro Tip: Prefer lowering one notch at once so that you can avoid lawn scalping. Use a good quality fertilizer for soil restoration after the raking is over.


The steps of using a dethatcher are as follows:

  • Mow the lawn first.
  • Mark the irrigation lines.
  • Set the blades to reach ½ inch of the lawn soil.
  • Rake the soil and loosen the debris.

Pro Tip: Use a restoration fertilizer once the dethatching is over. Also, feed your garden with enough water.

When to Use?

Power Rake

The right time to power rake lawns for winter grasses in the early spring or fall. For the summer grasses, it is best to power rake during the early summer. Also, anytime you see, there is debris collected in the soil of ¼ inch or more, it is a good time to get the lawn raked.


The apt time for using a dethatcher is early spring or fall. You can always start with dethatching St. Augustine grass as the first step towards spring lawn care.

How Often to Use?

Power Rake

This process must be applied only when needed and that too not more than once in a season. Doing it more often might damage the soil quality majorly.


Dethatching the lawn once every year is the best idea. If you dethatch too often, then the soil might lose the essential nutrients required for plant growth.

Final Word

We hope the article has helped you know everything about the power rake vs dethatcher comparison. So, which lawn care procedure will you try out first? Do tell us!

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