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Scroll Saw vs. Jigsaw: A One-step Guide that will Help You Make a Better Choice

Last Updated: 10 June 2022

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Though both scroll saw and jigsaw are essential for woodwork, both have their own unique functions. This article aims to give you a detailed comparison of scroll saw vs jigsaw to facilitate your choice and help you understand its uses.

What Is a Scroll Saw?

What Is a Scroll Saw

It is a small but stationary power tool attached to a table to efficiently support the wood pieces you are working on. The scroll saw has a pretty thin blade, about 1/8-inch or less, held on both sides under tension.

When is a Scroll Saw Unsuitable for Use?

If you are a seasoned user, you will know what is a scroll saw used for and be able to utilize it properly.

Using a Scroll Saw, you can make precise but powerful cuts according to your need.

When is a Scroll Saw Suitable for Use?

A Scroll Saw is not suitable for woodworkers and DIYers because of its limited mobility and functions.

You can saw through a fixed width of material and cannot use it on thick blocks of wood.

Because of its design, you cannot use this tool to cut a long block of wood.

Scroll Saw: The Pros and the Cons


  • Makes accurate cuts- both straight and curved.
  • Does not produce any noise during operation.
  • Suitable for delicate craftwork because of its precision.


  • Not suitable for regular woodwork.
  • Has limited applications.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

What Is a Jigsaw?

What Is a Jigsaw

Also known as the saber saw, this handheld power tool has a narrow but straight blade, about 3/8-inch. The saw blade is fixed on one end while the motor moves it up and down. Some reciprocating saw vs jigsaw can also perform orbital actions whereby the blade moves forward and backward to make up and down strokes, respectively.

When is a Jigsaw Suitable for Use?

Both beginners and professionals know what is a jigsaw used for. It is suitable for all purposes that require a small handheld tool.

You can use it for cutting a wide range of materials like wood, plastics, ceramic, laminate, PVC, etc.

When is a Jigsaw Unsuitable for Use?

Although a jigsaw is very versatile, it lacks precision and accuracy. So you cannot make fine cuts or intricate designs using this power tool.

The efficiency decreases when you use a large block of the material.

Jigsaw: The Pros and the Cons


  • Has greater mobility and usage.
  • Works on a large variety of materials.
  • One can use it for both personal as well as professional woodwork.


  • Lacks precision and accuracy.
  • The efficiency goes down as the block size increases.

Scroll Saw vs Jigsaw: An Overview of Differences

Jigsaw Scroll Saw
Blade Straight, narrow blade Small, thin blade
Typical Uses For making straight cuts, perfect circles and curved lines on various materials Detailed and intricate wood art
Max Cut Depth Up to 4” Up to 2”
Best Feature Versatility Precision
Size and Weight Small and lightweight Bigger and heavier
Safety Safer to use Poses greater risk

Given below are some common differences between jigsaw vs scroll saw:

Blade Function

Both scroll saw or jigsaw can easily rip through different kinds of materials. However, a Scroll saw has a small thin blade fixed at the top and bottom. The blade is thin and narrow for a jigsaw and only set on one end.

Typical Uses

A significant difference between scroll saw and jigsaw depends on its use. Scroll Saws have more accuracy and precision. However, jigsaws are more suitable for regular, multipurpose use.


Although no power tools are entirely safe, a jigsaw is comparatively risk-free than a Scroll Saw. While using it, a user does not face the blade directly, thus reducing the scope of an accident.

Size and Weight

Jigsaws are lightweight and mobile. You can carry it quickly as you move from place to place. Scroll Saws are enormous and difficult to move.

Situations for a Jigsaw over a Scroll Saw

Situations for a Jigsaw over a Scroll Saw

If you know what is a jigsaw, then you probably know that it can make both curved or notch-like cuts in the wood. It is also used for cutting an object that cannot be moved.

Situations for a Scroll Saw over a Jigsaw

Scroll Saw is suitable for making marquetry, intarsia, or 3-D fractals. Using it, you can make precise and accurate cuts on wooden blocks very easily.


The scroll saw vs jigsaw debate can only help you to grasp its utilities. Although the jigsaw might seem more versatile at first glance, the choice is yours at the end of the day.

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