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What Is the Best Tool for Getting Rid of the Weed and Maintaining the Lawn

Last Updated: 18 May 2021

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Many people love their gardens and lawns, and for a good reason, if we may say. Having a beautiful yard is like having a little private oasis, a refuge from all the chaos of the outside world. The ability to spend days surrounded by greenery, when the weather allows it, is always a privilege. These days, maybe even more, as we found ourselves pretty restrained because of the pandemic.

But, as every homeowner knows, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn requires a lot of time and energy. Besides that, you have to be sure to have adequate tools. Now, one of the essential tools for proper lawn care is the trimmer. What are string trimmers? They are simply gardening tools designed to cut grass in the places that lawnmower can’t reach. They are also efficient for removing unwanted weeds. When deciding between gas and electric trimmer, consider that gas trimmer contributes more to noise pollution. Besides choosing between gas and electric option, you also have to decide whether it is better to get a straight or curved trimmer. But many people aren’t sure about the differences between straight vs curved trimmer. We consulted lawn care professionals ad in today’s text, and we share with you what they told us about the difference between the straight shaft and curved shaft string trimmer. We hope that this article will allow you to understand which is a better straight or curved shaft trimmer for your specific needs.

Straight Shaft Trimmer: Overview

Straight Shaft Trimmer: Overview

So, let’s first see why do you need a trimmer in the first place, if you are still wondering. We assume you don’t just have the lawn, right? That said, we are sure you know that it is hard, if not even impossible, to trim the surrounding grass with a mower. Now, should you get a curved or straight shaft trimmer? Well, the design of a straight shaft trimmer is by far more functional. It is longer, which means that you can reach farther. They are also more flexible and allow you to put more attachments. Additionally, they often have 4 cycle engine, and when you compare 2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer, you see that the latter is more potent. The downside of the straight shaft trimmer is that it is often pretty heavy and expensive.


  • Long
  • It can reach hard to reach places
  • It supports more attachments
  • Heavy duty


  • Bulky
  • Pricey

Who Should Buy a Straight Trimmer?

Straight trimmers are excellent for commercial use. They are also an excellent choice for those of you who deal with more weed. Because they are longer, tall people will benefit from using straight shaft vs curved shaft trimmer.

Curved Shaft Trimmer: Overview

Curved Shaft Trimmer: Overview

A curved shaft trimmer comes with a shorter shaft. That means that it is more lightweight, which is a big advantage if you have to use it for a long time. They are also more stable, so it is easier to maneuver. Shorter people prefer curved shaft vs straight shaft trimmer. This kind of trimmer is also ideal for smaller areas. It is easier to maintain a curved trimmer. Another benefit is the price as they are usually much cheaper than their straight counterparts. However, they come with 2 cycle engine, which makes them not as powerful as straight models.


  • Short people will love it.
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Stable


  • Can’t reach far
  • Not very powerful

Who Should Buy a Curved Trimmer?

This model is a fantastic choice for people with small lawns. They are best for short people. They also do the job perfectly if you want to trim the lawn every week or so and don’t have to deal with thick weeds and undergrowth.

Straight or Curved Shaft Trimmer: Comparison Table

Model Feature 1 Feature 2 Cutting material Weight Price Use
String trimmer with a curved shaft Curved driveline, less power Short shaft Nylon line 8 pounds/ 3.7 kg Approx $100 It can trim along the fences and hard to reach places
String trimmer with a straight shaft Straight driveline, more power Long shaft Nylon line, but there are different attachments 10 -12 pounds. 4.5 – 5.4 kg Approx $200 Trims along the fences, hard to reach places, and undergrowth

Key Differences

Drive Chain

It is a chain that connects the head to the motor. In curved models, the chain is bending. Over time this damages the chain. That is why the straight shaft model is lasting longer.

Shaft Length

Shaft Length

Another significant difference between the two models is the length of the shaft. As we mentioned, the curve model has a shorter shaft. That means that they cannot reach as far as straight models. However, they are better for short people. The shaft of the straight trimmer will vary depending on the model, but on average, it is about 60 inches, whereas the shaft on the curved model is less than50 inches.


Straight trimmers can do everything that curved one can do, and even more. Plus, they allow that you attach different accessories, so you can use them for various purposes. Many straight trimmers come with interchangeable heads. All this makes them more versatile.


It is the most evident difference when you look at curved vs straight trimmer. The straight trimmer is fully straight from top to bottom and thus can more easily access hard to reach places. Curved model models are bent at the end of the shaft.


When you look at the differences between straight vs curved trimmer, you understand that it is hard to say which one is better. Both of these models have advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding to buy one, take into consideration the characteristics of each model and how they can accommodate your needs.

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