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Terms and Conditions

To regulate the use of this website is what these terms and conditions do. You accept the terms and the conditions completely by using this website. You must not use this website if you want to disagree with any of these conditions or terms or any particular part you find inside these terms.

Which Licenses Do We Have for Using Website

The rights of the whole intellectual property you find on our website and its material which is on the website is owned by Homemakerguide.com and/or its licensors. Liable to the license which starts below, the whole property rights for the intellectual content are reserved.

Subjected to every restriction set out here below and where ever else in the terms an conditions you read here, you may receive, download only for grabbing purposes, and only print pages out of the website on behalf to your own personal use only, too.

Permitted Use

You should not use the content of our portal in any imaginable manner that induces, or has the power to cause, critical damage or harm to this website or/and impairment of the accessibility or availability of our website; or in any other way which doesn’t meet the laws, which is fraudulent, illegal, or harmful. You must also not use the website in any relation hat brings any fraudulent. harmful, unlawful, or illegal activity or purpose, too.

There is no need to use our website to duplicate, save, host, use, send or transmit, distribute or/and publish any content which is connected to (or consists of) any bad computer virus, Trojan horse, spyware, keystroke logger, worm, root kit or other bad software that is malicious.

There is also no need to conduct a systematic or automated data collection actions (including without data harvesting, data extraction, data mining, and limitation scraping) on this website or also in any case which is related to this website without having a Homemakerguide.com written consent.

To send or also transmit commercial communications without being asked is what you must not use this website for.

For purposes connected to any marketing without Homemakerguide.com’s express consent in written words, you must not use this website for.

You Must Not:

  • bring out content you find on this website (republications on another site)
  • trade and rent material from our website and/or sub-license it;
  • use any of our material to show it in public;
  • duplicate, copy, reproduce or in any other way extract any material from this website for commercial use;
  • do a modification or edit on any content from the website, or
  • redistribute any material you find on this website (this exclude content which is particularly and uniquely made available for the redistribution).

Content of the Users

Your own distributed content shouldn’t be illegal or against the law, neither it should damage any other party’s rights and it should not carry the potential of giving chance to rise any legal action against Homemakerguide.com or any other party (in every situation under the effect of the law that can be applicated).

A non-exclusive and worldwide or irrevocable, license that’s royalty-free is what you grant to Homemakerguide.com in case you publish, translate, reproduce and offer your own content in media that already exists or will exist in future. These rights may also be sub-licensed by you, and the possibility which includes delivering an infringement action of all these rights is what you grant to Homemakerguide.com, too.

You should not submit content of any user to the portal which now is or/and has been the content of proceedings that have either been legal or threatened, or had other complaints that are similar.

For any content that has been submitted to the or saved on any server that Homemakerguide.com owns Homemakerguide.com reserves the right to change or delete it. The same rights are reserved by Homemakerguide.com in relation to any content published or hosted somewhere inside our website.

Despite the rights you find under Homemakerguide.com’s Terms and Conditions that are in connection to the content of the users Homemakerguide.com is not in the duty to keep a watch on the submissions of any of such material or publications of this content, to our website.

There Are no Warranties

Our website is offered as you read it without any warranties or representations, neither being expressed nor implied. Homemakerguide.com does not make any warranties or representations in connection to the materials and information that you find on this page or to the website itself.

Without Homemakerguide.com prejudicing the general content of the paragraph abo­ve, it doesn’t warrant that:

the content of the website will always be available, or constantly be available; or all the info that you can find on our website will be always complete, true, precise in any time in the future. Nothing you find on our website is meant to constitute any financial or medical advises, or does constitute a piece of advice, too. You really should consult a professional who is appropriate in case you do need advice to any medical, financial or legal matter.

Homemakerguide.com does not make any representations or warranties in connection to the content of this website being applicable, fitting or complete. Every information you will find on this website is strictly for informational purposes. Therefore, if you read any content that you find on this website and wish to apply this information, the full responsibility for your own actions is what you’re taking.

Any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose Homemakerguide.com does disclaim. There is no event in which Homemakerguide.com shall be held liable to any person or party for any indirect or direct, any special or also any punitive an incidental or other consequential damages that arise in a direct or indirect way from any use of this material, which is provided “ as is”, and also without warranties.

All the information that you can find on this website is intended to be only for informational purposes and not for any diagnoses of prescriptions. It’s also not meant for the treatment of any health disorder whatsoever. A consultation with a health-care professional who is competent can not be replaced by it. There is no part of this website that should be used as a self-treatment. No part of this website is a viable substitute for medical evaluation by a doctor. If there is any misuse of this material Homemakerguide.com is not liable for this. Asides from quotes and statistical data that you can find on this website, all other information that Homemakerguide.com does contain, it to be considered the perspective of the individual author.

Homemakerguide.com is not responsible if anybody does get injured or damaged in his or her health conditions after following the programs and opinions expressed herein.

It’s only you and you alone who by reading this website bears the whole responsibility for attempting any of the exercises, techniques and any of the methods that are described or mentioned wherever in this website. If you apply any of those, you attempt all this at your own risk, you have been warned.

Limitations of Liability

In connection to whatever you can find on the Homemakerguide.com’s website, or the use of this, or otherwise in relation with, Homemakerguide.com will not be guilty or responsible to you ( whether this means in the law of contact, the law of torts or otherwise):

  • For loss being indirect, special or consequential;
  • Or for any losses of business, loss of turnovers, profits, income or savings.
  • For any loss of business relationships or contracts, the loss of reputations or goodwill, or corruption or loss of information data.

Even if Homemakerguide.com has already been advised of the possible losses these limitations of liability do apply.

Other Parties

Homemakerguide.com is a liability entity which is limited. So it has the interest to limit the own liability of any of its employees and officers, you accept that. So you do not deliver any sort of personal claim against Homemakerguide.com’s officers or any employee if there is a case you do suffer in any possible connection with our website. All of the limitations of our warranties and all the liabilities that are set out in our own website disclaimer will protect omemakerguide.com’s employees, officers, successors, subsidiaries, sub-contractors and assign as well as Homemakerguide.com itself, you agree that to the foregoing paragraph without any prejudices.


If you decide to use our websites, you do agree that any limitations and exclusions of liability which are set out in our website disclaimer that are hundred percent reasonable. There really is no need for you to use the website in case you’re not convinced that they are reasonable.

Unenforceable Provisions

The enforceability of all the other provisions of this website disclaimer will not be affected, even if a single provision that you will find on our website disclaimer already is or will be found to be not enforceable under any applicable law.

Breaches of the Conditions and the Terms

Without applicating any prejudice to any of Homemakerguide.com’s overall rights under all these terms and conditions, if you decide to breach any of our terms and conditions completely, Homemakerguide.com may for sure take any of those actions as Homemakerguide.com deems appropriate to deal with this breach, including a suspend of your entry to the portal, or seriously trying to stop you from using the website, offending again computers that are taking your IP address for their use from entering or using the website, trying to contact the service provider you’re submitted to and to request that they will block you access to any of the pages. Of course, we also will bring court proceedings against someone like this.


Hereby you indemnify Homemakerguide.com. Also you agree to keep Homemakerguide.com recouped against any damages, costs, losses or liabilities and any expenses that might ever appear (this doesn’t cover any limitation of the legal expenses, also any sort of amounts being paid by Homemakerguide.com to for instance another party that does settle a dispute or for instance a claim on any of the advice coming from Homemakerguide.com’s legal advisers), that are incurred or suffers by Homemakerguide.com resulting out of a breach by any whatever provision of our here stated terms and conditions or yourself, or that are resulting out of any pretense you have broken any precaution of our terms and conditions.


Homemakerguide.com has the chance to sub-contract, transfer or deal in any other way with Homemakerguide.com’s rights. It also has the right to transfer the obligations that you find inside these terms and also conditions without contacting you to obtain your own consent.

You do not own the right to transfer or sub-contract with any of these rights or obligations. Also, you may not deal with any of the rights and/or obligations you find under these terms and conditions.

Breaches of all the Variation and Terms

There is the chance, that Homemakerguide.com may revise any of our terms and our conditions from time to time. If so edited terms and conditions will happen to appear, they will be applied from the exact date they where published. It’s up to you to look into this page from time to time to make sure you are always aware of the freshest version.


In case that any of the provision or the terms and conditions you read here will be determined by legal institutions or other authority that is competent as being unlawful or/and unenforceable, all the other left provisions will definitely keep on effecting. So, if there is any part of a provision will be unlawful or unenforceable, that doesn’t mean that the rest of these provisions also will stop to be lawful and/or enforceable. The whole other remaining parts of this provision will still continue effecting you.

Entire Agreement

All the terms and all the conditions you noticed on this website, together with the Copyright Notice and the Website Disclaimer, they constitute the whole agreement between Homemakerguide.com as one half and you in person as the other, in connection to all agreements that have been made before by you by using the website.

Homemakerguide.com’s Details

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