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Types of Toilet Seats: Last Guide to Toilet Seats You’ll Ever Need

Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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If you just got a new home or you are thinking about giving your old house a face lift, there are things you naturally want to pay more attention to. That includes exterior painting, decoration, getting new furniture, etc. However, one mistake homeowners make is spending all of their time and money getting the major stuff whilst forgetting the seemingly little but very important ones. One of those seemingly little things is the toilet particularly, the toilet seats. Some may want to counter this by saying they got toilets of top-tier quality. Fair enough, there are very good and durable toilets that can last for several years but you know what can’t last that long? The toilet seats that came with it. There’s no point renovating the house when you aren’t going to fix the disfigured and unattractive toilet seats. And if you are getting a new home, you’ve got to make sure the toilet seats are top-notch in terms of quality and even aesthetics.

We understand that you might need help figuring out the best type of toilet seats and we trust that this article will serve as a helpful guide.

The best flushing toilet invariably has the best toilet seat and that just means you need good toilet seats to go along with your exquisite toilets.

Toilet Seat Shapes

One of the first things to look at in choosing a toilet seat is the shape. There’s a variety of toilet seat shapes and we’ll be doing a quick study on each one so you can choose the one that suits your bathroom and tickles your fancy. We have the elongated toilet seat, oval toilet seat, and the u-shaped toilet seat

Below are details about all three.

What is an Elongated Toilet Seat?

What is an Elongated Toilet Seat

An elongated toilet seat like the name implies is usually long and is one of the most used toilet seat shapes. It’s about two inches longer than a round bowl and has a very wide target area, which greatly reduces the chances of having unwanted drip on the bowl. This feature makes it a more hygienic option for different homes. They are also known to be very comfortable and have an oval shape.

What is an Oval Toilet Seat?

An oval toilet seat is essentially the same as an elongated toilet seat. It measures about 18- 19 inches from the front of the bowl to the middle of the mounting holes. This is as opposed to around toilet seat which measures 16-17 inches.

What Is A U-shaped Toilet Seat?

What Is A U-shaped Toilet Seat

It is also called an open front toilet seat and the seat resembles a U for a very thoughtful reason. It’s the same reason this type of seat is the standard requirement for public restrooms in the United States. They are very hygienic because it is shaped in a way that protects the toilet from urine drips when men urinate. It also gives room for front wipers to wipe without having to touch the toilet bowl or seat. They are also known to prevent the risk of infections since they are designed to ensure that a user’s genitals don’t touch the toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Materials

Toilet Seat Materials

Of course, different materials are deployed in manufacturing the best toilet seats. The materials include wood and plastic. Now, let’s take a quick look at these two materials, shall we?

Plastic Toilet Seats

If you were to walk into a random home in a random street, you’d likely find plastic toilet seats and a toilet bowl cleaner. This is because plastic toilet seats are the most common. They are usually made of materials called polypropylene and duroplast. For polypropylene toilet seats which is the most common, the selling point is its cheapness although it tends to break easily. Duroplast toilet seats on the other hand are very durable and they are known for being able to withstand harsh chemicals. However, when disposed, they are considered harmful to the environment.

Plastic toilet seats are very cheap so it’s a perfect option if you’re on a low budget. Another major advantage is that they’re very easy to clean and maintain and that makes them a hygienic choice. A downside to plastic toilet seats is the fact that they become exceptionally cold during cold weather which can make them very uncomfortable to sit on. They are also less durable than their wooden counterparts. However, they don’t cost as much and you can replace them as soon as they need to be replaced. Plastic is also a common material of the best bidet toilet seat.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden toilet seats are not as common as their plastic counterparts, however, they are beginning to gain some traction. They can either be made of solid wood or molded and can have a high or low gloss finish. They have different colors and they are usually made of bamboo or natural wood. A major advantage is that you won’t have a problem sitting on a wooden toilet seat even in the coldest of weather. They also have an aesthetic advantage and they give the toilet a touch of class and distinctness. On the downside, wooden toilet seats can be easily damaged if they are cleaned with inappropriate cleaning materials. However, they are largely durable as long as they are maintained properly.

So in answering the question “What is the best toilet seat material?”, we would say that largely depends on your budget and how you want your toilet to look.

More Toilet Seats Types

We also have other toilet seat types and we will be exploring some of them below.

Heated Toilet Seat

Heated Toilet Seat

This type of toilet seat became very popular among the Japanese and now has a foothold in the United States as well. For those who live up north, this might be the best type of toilet seat for you, especially during the cold winter months. Note that heating is also one of the extra functions of the best bidet toilet seat as will be discussed further in the article.

Soft Closing Toilet Seat

You’d appreciate this type of toilet seat better if the loud slamming noise of toilet seats have ever woken you up from a beautiful sleep. Soft closing toilet seats prevent such noises and all you have to is drop the seat and everywhere remains as quiet as it was. Many times, for regular toilet seats, you have to bend over and drop it quietly to reduce the noise. However, this can be hard for people especially old people who find it difficult to bend over. A soft closing toilet seat is the perfect option for such people. So, if you’re getting the best bidet toilet seat to make things easier for old people, make sure it’s a soft-closing toilet.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet Toilet Seat

A bidet toilet seat is also known as a smart toilet seat because they have thoughtful toilet functions. They can easily be installed on any residential toilet and they enable users to wash with water. So in picking the best bidet toilet seat, you must make sure whichever product you go for can perform that function and complement the use of toilet papers. Whilst making your choice of the best bidet toilet seat, you should also look out for extra functions including heating, adjustable water temperature, and night lights.


This is a very important step in choosing the best type of toilet seat and we’re glad that you’ve taken it with us. We do not doubt that this article will help in guiding your choice of toilet suits suitable for your needs. If you just got a new home or you are looking to renovate, we are positive that you’ve been armed with enough information to make wholesome choices.

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