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Types Of Mattresses Available On The Market

Last Updated: 25 February 2021

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What type of mattress is best for me? The market today is filled with just that – endless options that are all based on individual tastes and preferences. This is also the case in the mattress industry – you bet there are more options than you are thinking of right now. Some of them don’t have such desirable properties, but to some, it is exactly these properties that draw them towards these mattress types. After all, one man’s meat often tends to be another’s lethal poison.

This said we aim to make you aware of the best budget mattress the current industry has to offer. We know that price is a major factor in making purchases for many people but this does not mean we will make any compromises on the quality. We firmly hold the notion that you should get the best value for whatever purchase you make. You shouldn’t just get a mattress; you should get one that’ll give you the stately experience for the longest time. Without further ado, what is the best type of mattress for long baby-like nights with zero regrets? Let’s dig right into it.

Innerspring Mattresses Pros and Cons

Innerspring Mattresses Pros and Cons

Do you have any relatives who took part in the WWI or WWII? You probably do and they already conked out years ago – mad respect to those heroes. These are the ones who experienced the full weight of the enterprising innerspring budget mattress. These started making their appearance back in the 19th—Century, however.

Their inner structure is somewhat impressive especially the latest models and is basically what describes what is an innerspring mattress. Once you get through the padding layers, you will encounter a layer of mattress springs and the box-spring base. The metallic spring system forms the support basis for these kinds of mattresses. Those who’ll jump at the mention of the innerspring mattress are mostly drawn to the bouncy effect. The downside here is that after a while, it may start producing squeaky irritating noises due to wearing out of the metal structure.

There are different types of innerspring mattresses in the present day. They are primarily differentiated by the spring system. They include:

  • Bonnell Coils: Picture an hourglass – this is exactly the shape of the springs in the Bonnell coils and they just happen to be the most archaic of the innerspring beds. They are then interconnected with a mesh thus providing balanced support. Some, however, end up complaining of pressure points that work to their disadvantage.
  • Pocketed/Marshall Coils: The coils here are individually wrapped. This independence, unlike the former, offers a higher degree of contour combined with pressure point relief.
  • Offset Coils: These were invented from the Bonnell springs with longer durability and better sleep quality. Compared to the Bonnell coils, they offer a better deal in the long run in terms of the budget mattress.

One factor often overlooked when purchasing innerspring mattresses is the coil gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the coil, thus, the firmer the mattress!

Foam Mattresses Pros and Cons

Foam Mattresses Pros and Cons

One may think that foam technology has been overrated by marketers and producers. Nonetheless, you won’t know its value until you have experienced the magic of foam. If you enjoy being cuddled and wrapped in, then this is your best type of mattress. But before we even analyze the pros and cons of these types of mattress, you need to first understand what is a foam mattress.

NASA realized that their pilots often suffered the risk of high impact during their flights. It was then during the 1960s that they started experimenting on viscoelastic tech in a bid to come up with the perfect fix. One thing added up to another and the memory foam mattress emerged. This was however not that direct as the technology was first experienced in other industries before the bed producers noticed it. The footwear, prosthetics, safety helmets, furniture, and automotive manufacturers found it particularly useful in increasing the user’s comfort. Currently, airplane seats are even made of memory foam as are wheelchairs.

It is not the top pick for many environmentalists due to the chemicals used in its manufacture. The most detailed ones – the 100% foam mattresses – don’t especially fit in the category of the budget mattress and you’ll have to incur great numerous costs compared to other choices. That notwithstanding, foam offers you a lower motion transfer especially if you have a spouse – your partner doesn’t have to wake you up when moving out of the bed every night.

Moreover, it also has reduced mites and allergens due to the chemicals used in manufacture. It’s particularly ideal in offering high-pressure point relief thus is best for proper spine alignment. Enjoy its benefits without wear for as long as 10 years.

Hybrid Mattresses Pros and Cons

Hybrid Mattresses Pros and Cons

What type of mattress do I need? Well, if you are thinking budget mattress, think hybrid mattress. If you haven’t come by this word in your biology class, you’ve probably seen in it one of those Sci-Fi movies. Hybrid essentially refers to the combination of two or more species to form a single entity. This has been seen in the case of plants, animals and now – the best queen size mattress of the hybrid variety.

“What mattress is right for me if I find myself torn between two picks, for instance, foam and innerspring?” Two decades ago, answering customers this question was quite a challenge and they usually ended up going home with something that did not please them in the long run. Now, there are more choices in your basket of goods. Hybrid mattresses are especially good as they allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

This combinability feature ensures you get a budget mattress that will sustain you for a long period. You can get an innerspring system made mattress combined with memory or foam. Depending on your sleeping position and sleeping needs, you can get a very soft pick or a firmer mattress. Most tend to use the coil system to offer support. Sleepers thus end up experiencing pain and ache relief as they enjoy firm support.

Nonetheless, only get this budget mattress from qualified manufacturers. Some are quite misleading in the actual material used to develop the mattresses. Check out mattress type comparison reviews to get a feel of the established providers.

Latex Mattresses Pros and Cons

Latex Mattresses Pros and Cons

Price is not the only factor to consider when analyzing the different types of mattresses. Portability is also an issue with some being very comfortable but too heavy for consumer’s tastes. The latex mattress falls under the heavy budget mattress category. It is relatively cheaper when compared to the advanced fiber mattress and all-foam counterpart. Nonetheless, it is more expensive than the coil mattress since it is made of more supreme technology.

Latex comes in organic and inorganic alternatives made from the lab. They have a bouncier feel and ensure better pressure relief but they do not sink in and envelop you as do the memory foam. What’s more, depending on the technology used to manufacture the mattress, it can offer cool nights for those who hate nighttime heat. Off-gassing is kept at a minimal with this mattress type and does not necessarily require constant flipping and rotation.

The technology used can be generally categorized into Dunlop and Talalay latex. The thick rubber sap is added as a single pour on the top surface after being whipped, molded and baked. This brings about a softer top surface with a denser bottom. The Talalay latex mattress tech takes this a step further and vacuums air out before adding the mold. This creates columns which improve breathability and thus better airflow for cooler nights.

Some hybrid options for latex include poly-foam latex hybrid and innerspring latex hybrid. Your investments will, however, not have gone down the drain should you go for an organic pure latex. Your nights are what matter and you should not be complaining of back pains due to poor sleep. Did you know the average human spends 1/3 of his life in bed?

Pillow Top Mattresses Pros and Cons

Pillow Top Mattresses Pros and Cons

This is a combination of a top smooth layer of padding on top of an airbed or innerspring bed. The padding material can be made of different elements including memory foam, cotton, wool, latex, and fiber film. This offers an exceptionally sumptuous, luxurious, cloud-like feel which even adjustable beds don’t offer. The likelihood of you sleeping hot especially with a memory foam top rapidly increases.

The best pillow top mattress is easily washable and maintains its shape for a long time. It also bounces back after pressure is applied and thus comfy for most. However, most of them tend to fall on the firmer edge than the softer option.

They also tend to be quite pricey and regularly produce a certain undesirable odor. You thus have to be specific on the kind of material you get. With these types of mattresses’ pros and cons, you should already be formulating an idea of the kind of bed you’d want for you. There are still more options for you to pick from.

Waterbeds Pros and Cons

Waterbeds Pros and Cons

These kinds of beds, just like the airbeds, take the ‘environmentalist’ notion a notch higher. With the way technology is progressing, it soon seems that come 2030, we will be sleeping on the air – the galaxy is the limit!

Developed by Neil Arnott, a Spanish physicist in the 1800s, to minimize back sores, it seems to have hit its goal. Present waterbed tech allows electric connectivity to regulate the water temperatures. This also enables one to change the firmness levels to desirable conditions. It has been known to cause your back to become more limber. It’s an amazing budget mattress that comes in all sizes depending on our bed – even the best king size mattress.

Even if you get to regulate the wave action with this kind of bed, it has its limitations just like the rest. For starters, it is darn hard to set up and requires tons of patience and a keen eye to ensure all the edges are aligned. Moreover, once it’s fully set-up, you shouldn’t expect to move that bed unless you are in a family of 10! Thus, the bed has to be strategically positioned to avoid much movement since you will have to draw out all the water if ever you need to move the bed.

Should this mattress type get a puncture or a tear, this is essentially the end of it. You won’t sleep on a wet bed, will you? Consequently, electricity bills will pile up if you regularly use the ‘control heat’ alternative. If you are, however, comfortable with all these, we would recommend trying this budget mattress.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Me?

This is a hard question to answer. It’s akin to answering you what candy bar you should buy. Sure, we’ll give you a list of opulent options, but then your taste buds will have to and finally answer that question.

Likewise, we have given a detailed list of different types of mattresses. Now you are in a suitable position to explain and describe what is spring mattress and how is it different from innerspring latex hybrid mattress. With all the given properties, it is important to consider your sleeping position as of prime importance before you make that purchasing decision.

For instance, you may be in a rush to go for a budget mattress without considering your sleeping options. You may end up getting a cheap firm mattress and you usually find yourself in the sideways position when you wake up. This is what brings about aches on joints and the back due to improper alignment of the spine. Alternatively, you may be a tummy sleeper and settle for a soft all-foam mattress – this will have the same effects as the former. Since your tummy and front-side will sink in meaning your back is irregularly positioned for long hours over a considerable time duration. This kind of unease is likely to even cause stunted spinal growth and earlier backside problems.

As you see, deciding on a bed is a more technical decision than most thought. It isn’t rocket science, but you need to put a lot of thought into it to ensure you even have better sleep resulting in more productive days. Whether you settle on the best twin mattress or a relatively larger budget mattress, just make sure the material type is what is best for you.

Wrap Up

Other than these factors, you also need to consider the warranty period of your mattress, whether they have a return policy and the durability period. Different companies will offer different prices and different policy plans. It shouldn’t be hard settling on this though – just the touch of a button and you get to see the highly-reviewed mattress retailers and wholesalers. Some of these will even offer doorstep deliveries for their foldable mattresses. You can get more tips like this from HandyHomeMaster and learn how to make your house a home!

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