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Security Cameras Types: A Complete Guide

Last Updated: 17 July 2020

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What is CCTV camera?

What are CCTV cameras? You might ask. The Closed-circuit Television camera is an electronic surveillance device used in keeping watch of your house and valuables. They often give real-time footage of what is going on in your surroundings and transmitting it to a specific location for you to watch. They can be wired, used indoors, have NVR or even be an outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR. Still not sure what is surveillance camera? It’s simply the cameras put at designated places that transmit what is within their coverage to your security system They are made in different designs with distinctive features to make your property safer. So, if you’re wondering what types of CCTV exist, then you’re in the right place.

Different Types of Security Cameras

What is Bullet Camera?

What is Bullet Camera

This camera type got its name from the long but abated cylindrical-like shape that has a striking resemblance to a big cartridge. This type of surveillance camera is used outdoors where a long-range of view is required or indoors where the same is also needed. The bullet camera is not only common but also very easy to detect due to its conspicuous design. This can catch intruders’ attention without much thought and can make them turn away from your property or in some cases, it’s destruction. Although the shape alongside the varifocal lens of this security camera brings about a more focus view which makes it a perfect security camera type for your company and industry. It also passes as a home security camera to keep watch of the entry and exit points against intruders or burglars. Although, you might need more than one to make up for its small fixed view.

The bullet cameras, since they are generally used outdoors are mostly dust and weatherproof; especially at the tip, which has a small cover for protection against bright light. It also has a night vision to keep watch over the night. The bullet camera can be mounted either indoors or outdoors on the ceiling or wall of your property. This camera type can make the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.

What is Dome Camera?

What is Dome Camera

Do you prefer a less conspicuous security camera? The dome is a very discreet type of CCTV. The camera is protected by a dome-like casing, hence the name. It is the best type of home security camera that can be used indoors. Even though the dome camera has a wider viewing range, the casing used for this security camera type makes it very hard for you to know specifically the direction the camera is pointing. Good news right? It creates confusion for intruders which might make them have a second thought on intruding. Aside from the fact that this is one of the best-hidden cameras, it can also stand against vandalism making it hard for burglars to interfere with its operation.

Another advantage of the dome security camera is that it doesn’t only have night vision, but in most cases, has a motion sensor built-in. It cannot only be used indoors but outdoors and comes in the two camera systems; that is, it can be in NVR or as an outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR. Like the bullet camera, the dome camera can either be installed indoors or outdoors on ceilings and walls. It is a very good type of security camera for home.

This is the best-hidden camera type that is ideal not just for your home but for restaurants, hotels and even casinos with its 360-degree rotation that can cover all angles.

What is an IP Security Camera?

What is an IP Security Camera

When looking for the convenience of use, this type of security camera is the one to root for. The IP security camera shares live feed from the security camera to the Internet for easy accessibility. What this means is that with this type of security system, you can access what is going on in your home through the camera anywhere in the world. To make the online footage more reliable, the videos are automatically compressed.

Furthermore, understanding that the chances of you sitting behind the screen all day is close to impossible, the videos from the feeds are stored on NVRs (Network Video Recorders) or in software where you can look through at your convenience. This type of camera system is versatile as it comes as wireless, wire-free and wired and these three forms work perfectly as an IP camera system and you probably understand what is Wi-Fi camera doing here. The beauty of this type of CCTV is it’s easy installation and low maintenance since it doesn’t require a computer station or complex cables.

This type of camera is most suited for business owners that do not stay often on-site. When away, it can be your eyes from wherever you are and since the footage can be stored and viewed on laptops, PC and smartphones, you have no restrictions. Keep watching at your convenience. Also is a type of home camera that can be installed to watch kids when your babysitter is around.

What is PoE Security Camera?

What is PoE Security Camera

The PoE security camera is the type of surveillance camera that uses a single Ethernet cable for video and also to power it. Compared to the analog system, it is easy to install. It is the most suited NVRs that have PoE ports. One reason the PoE camera stands out is it can help you effectively manage the network traffic by preventing video data from messing up with it. Due to the Ethernet used by the PoE camera, the best image quality as it supports higher bandwidth. Not only this, but this camera type also allows you to capture close-up images like facial features and small details appearing on your camera feed. This type of camera is best used at airports, hotels, and casinos.

Types of Security System

What is NVR Camera System?

What is NVR Camera System

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) uses an Ethernet network cable in transmitting data. Using this camera system, the cameras are connected through a local network, Wi-Fi and sometimes direct recording. They’re often used for a surveillance system that is monitored remotely either from your smartphones, PC, or tablet. They are very much compatible with IP cameras and since these two are great innovations in the surveillance world, it offers the chance for you to add new cameras that might have better features than the one you already have.

Unlike other camera systems, the NVR can record both audio and video giving you eyes and ears on your property. Moreover, with the NVR camera system, you tend to get a more flexible system; since they make one of the best wireless security camera systems as well as wired without cutting down on the excellent image quality. Also, there are relatively fewer cables needed as one cable serves the power, video, and audio; but what it has in fewer cables, it makes up for in complex software installation. If you are looking for a camera system with high resolution, that has face identity or can pick little details on its feed, then the Network Video Recorder is your best bet at this.

What is a DVR Security System?

What is a DVR Security System

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) security system simply records analog cameras using coaxial cables. In other words, as the NVR is meant for IP camera recordings, so is the DVR for analog or coaxial-based camera types. Though, there are certain improvements in some outdoor wireless security camera systems with DVR.

This camera system isn’t only less expensive, but also very easy to install compared to its other counterpart. However, don’t let this fool you, the DVR has quite a several cables needed and this increases as you add more cameras; one cable for the camera and the other for the video. This, in turn, means the camera system must be closer to where it’s cameras are; that can prove to be a great disadvantage. Also, the outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr cannot record audio; it can only be used for observing even though it’s image quality is quite lower compared to the NVR. Since the DVR transmits via coaxial cables, it can pose a big issue in harsh weather like heavy rain, snow or wind. While the DVR is a perfect fit for analog cameras, it is not a very innovative system for top-notch surveillance like the NVR.

What Security Camera Should I Buy?

If you’re just setting up the security camera for your home or office, it is best to consider the Network Video Recorder (NVR) as you can easily find your way around it. Even though the NVR is a type of security system that can be a little bit more expensive than the DVR, it’s worth the very high level of surveillance it has to offer especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

In addition to this, the dome camera coupled with this camera system can be all you need for perfect surveillance. It isn’t only one of the best hidden cameras, it also features anti-vandalism so you don’t have to worry about intruders disrupting its work. Similarly, it has a very wide viewing range with a 360-degree movement.


The world of surveillance has greatly improved with cut-edge technology and innovations coming out. These camera types and their systems are made to suit specific purposes to make your property secure. Also, the security camera can provide adequate documentation of happenings around your house just in case you need proof. So why not pick one up to feel safer?

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