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Types Of Sprayers: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated: 10 November 2020

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Whether you are painting at home or undertaking a DIY project, you essentially need a paint sprayer. There are several types of paint sprayers for the professionals as well as amateur painter who paint rarely. So, we have come up with the types and list of the best paint sprayers so that you may perform like a pro. Moreover, there is a comprehensive list of pesticide spray types that can make your farming experience a way better.

Types of Paint Sprayers

Let’s look at different paint sprayers to help you identify the right paint sprayer for your project.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers

If you do not have a budget constraint and going to commission a professional painting project, then Airless paint sprayers are the best choice. They are useful for novice painters who want to paint with perfection. These sprayers are famous for the pressure they offer, which helps you to complete big projects in less time.

There are different types of Airless paint sprayers. You will just have to push the paint out, and that will come out in the form of the stream, helping you to do your work conveniently. These professional paint sprayers can easily paint large walls just in few minutes. That is why they are a bit expensive. However, if you need them for commercial and professional purposes, they provide great value for money.

The only downside is the overspray that may end up making thick lumps or streaks on the walls and causing inaccuracy in your painting. That is why it is not suitable for household items and furniture etc. These sprayers are better used indoors than for an outdoor purpose because they may create a lot of clutter.

HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP stands for ”High volume, less pressure” which means that you will have to exert less pressure to increase the paint volume. This is how they are different than the Airless paint sprayers, although they also atomize the paint like the Airless ones. These paint sprayers are best paint sprayer for the extremely sensitive jobs and precision painting. You need to offer accuracy and finishing like over your cabinets, cupboards, other furniture items, and the wooden designs.

However, these sprayers are not suitable for large projects because they take a lot of time to paint a wall. But the hitch here is clogging. The paint blocks in the narrow tubes and needs to be cleaned thoroughly on and off to avoid clogging. Some models come with special features so that you can clean the tubes and tips effortlessly.

These sprayers are great for households and come at a relatively low price.

LVLP Paint Sprayers

If you need a reliable sprayer offering a reasonable performance at an affordable price, then LVLP paint sprayers are a perfect fit. They are the best equipment to paint small DIY projects. They are a useful tool for those who are amateur or learning painting because they are very easy to use.

LVLP stands for ”Low volume, Low pressure” They need very low pressure to operate and paint the considerably large walls or furniture easily. They cost you very cheap and compact enough to take a small space in your cupboard or storeroom. As you know, these paint guns use very low pressure, but they do not work well with all types of paints, especially those with a thick texture. That is why they are not suitable for the professionals, but you can benefit effectively if you are an intermediate level painter.

Gravity Feed Spray Guns

This sprayer is not different because of the functionality but the design that is highly-appropriate to paint cars. They work the same as the HVLP sprays and offers a very smooth finish with a little or no mess. They are suitable for cars because they paint very precisely. If you want to add accuracy and smooth coats to your automotive working, then Gravity feed spray guns are the best types of spray guns.

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

It is a simple sprayer gun that constitutes of a sprayer and an air compressor. It is one of the types of sprayer gun that is extremely user-friendly and a choice of most of the beginners due to its simple operations. The old-fashioned sprayer is suitable for the work needing high-volume painting. But if you want to paint with accuracy and finishing, then you must choose any of the above types to get matchless performance.

Types of Agriculture Sprayers

There are several types of agriculture sprayers. Some are listed below.

Low-pressure Sprayers

Like its name, the sprayer just needs a little pressure to shower the insecticides appropriately. You can buy a tractor-mounted, truck-mounted or trailer-mounted sprayer according to your usage and the amount of spray to be showered. They are one of the best types of pesticides sprayer.

High-pressure Sprayers

These sprayers shower the insecticides with great pressure. They are rather expensive large. They are equipped with certain features that allow you to spray tall trees and plants.

Air Carrier Sprayers

The sprayers spread the pesticides using air. They are also called air-blast sprayers.


Foggers are not the sprayers. They are equipped with the electrical motor. They shower liquid insect killers that are converted to the vapors by the motor.

Hand-Operated Sprayers

Hand-Operated Sprayers

They are compact and user-friendly. They are appropriate to spray the small affected areas conveniently. These types of spray guns are suitable for the household or small gardens etc. They are the cheapest type among the agriculture sprayers.

Final Word

Do you want to buy an agriculture spray or the reasonable paint spray? Go through our quick buying guide where we have listed all the sprayers you may need for any reason. We hope one will definitely grab your attention.

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